Google also released a Cloud Print API to enable 3rd party software developers to integrate this into their applications (Web and native). 5Network environmentTo use those services on an intranet, open Port 5222 (on the PCs and intranet). Login as Administrator, navigate to Function Settings > Printer, and click Settings under Google Cloud Print Settings. After you have registered your device to your Google Account, you can print with Google Cloud Print. This will allow you to upload the file you want to print to the Google Cloud Print service.
Note: The availability of authentication and job accounting features with driverless printing will vary dependant on the version of Google Chrome you are using.

And yes, as expected if your proxy system or the printer is offline, the requests are queued online till the print requests are served.
You can print anything off your phone now to your office printer which is buried deep in the office firewall too. This is the same as how Google’s automated programs figure out the best ads to show in GMail by studying the private email content. You need to enable Google Cloud Print connector in Google Chrome browser to connect printer available on your PC to Google Cloud Print.Enable to connect local printer to Google Cloud Print1. The proxy legacy printer support is only available for Windows PC’s at the moment with Linux and Mac support coming out soon.
In an environment where we’re starting to see less and less wires, Google is headed in the right direction with Cloud Print.

How many of you use Cloud Print frequently and what do you think of it so far?Filed in Web. Google Chrome users should able to use this feature once Google Chrome 9 (beta or stable) is available for download.

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