There are still many people out there who don't have an iPhone and want to jump into the smartphone game. There are some customers who just don't like Android, and the thought of adopting the Samsung Galaxy S 4 smartphone is anathema. The iPhone 5C was supposed to be a midtier handset to compete against products like Nokia's Lumia line and Samsung's second-line products.
It's no surprise that Apple quickly sold out its initial stock of the gold-colored iPhone 5S. The company says that the feature will allow for more security and could enhance the overall protection of data.
The chip is faster and more powerful, and thanks to its 64-bit architecture, it will allow for applications to load and respond very quickly.

The device comes in a wide array of colors for customers to choose from, and in most cases, they're quite nice. According to Apple, that feature will allow the device to analyze movement constantly and allow for applications to respond in kind. However, the handset comes with a camera that can match just about any device on the market. The device has a nice design and is about as powerful, thanks to the A7 processor, as Samsung's option.
The device is good-looking and appeals to customers who want a special, stylish experience.
Apple is trying to push the gold version hard, and as of this writing, it seems to be working.

Both devices are nice products, and they deliver an experience with iOS that folks won't find elsewhere. This eWEEK slide show looks at both devices to determine what features make either handset a standout for different customers.

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