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A quick search on Amazon shows that AirPrint-enabled printers can be had for as little as $60. To set up Google Cloud Print on an older computer, connect it to the older computer and install the Chrome browser.
If you want to other types of documents to a Google Cloud Print-enabled printer, you may want to try PrintCentral Pro.
Open the App Store and do a search for the name of your printer manufacturer to find the appropriate app. Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. Being able to print a document from your phone to your office printer from anywhere has long been a dream for mobile users and now, thanks to Google Cloud Printing, you can turn this dream into a reality. Once you set up Google Cloud Print you will see an option in the drop down menu on your mobile device that will let you print to your printer anywhere you have an Internet connection. You will need a computer running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 to make use of Cloud Print from Google, though Mac OS X and Linux support are coming. Step 4: Enter your Google login information to the screen that pops up and look and then look for the confirmation dialog shown below. Step 5: Manage your connected printers by going back to options where you will see a Manage Print Settings option. If you don’t see the option to print from Gmail on your mobile device check back in a few days as the option is being rolled out over the coming days. I have used Google Cloud Print for awhile now as a convenient way to print to remote printers occasionally. I'm TekGrl, Brandy Lawson — a common-sense problem solver who gets her thrills showing businesses how to elegantly employ technology so they can focus on what makes them money.
Chrome is a powerful browser, whether you’re using a desktop PC, smartphone, or tablet. On an Android phone, place your finger anywhere on Chrome’s toolbar and swipe to the left or right. On iPhone or iPad, place your finger at the edge of the screen and swipe inwards to move between open tabs.
When using a menu in most Android applications, you’d tap the menu button, wait for the menu to appear, and then tap the menu option you want to select.
To request the desktop version of a website in Chrome, tap the menu button and select Request Desktop Site. Chrome syncs your open tabs and other browser data between your devices when you log in with a Google account. If you enable the Reduce Data Usage feature, web pages you load will be routed through Google’s servers and compressed before they reach you. To configure these features, tap the menu button, tap Settings, and select Bandwidth management on Android or Bandwidth on iPhone or iPad. The desktop version of Chrome contains hidden experimental features, as does the Android version. Also, now that LastPass supports App Autofill without using their keyboard, you can just click the "Password" field and LastPass will populate from your Vault into Chrome. DID YOU KNOW?If a car was as energy efficient as a bicycle, it would get a staggering 912 miles per gallon. The iPad version, of course, doesn’t really need the benefit of full-screen browsing, but it can be very helpful if you’re on the smaller screen of the iPhone. Scrolling back down even a few pixels will bring the Omnibox back into view, letting you search or enter a URL.
This version, of course, will not use Google’s new engine Blink, as Apple’s rules on iOS prevent that, at least for now.
AirPrint adds native printing features to a wide range of applications, including Pages, Numbers and Keynote.
You can now specify how many copies you need (and whether to print double-sided if your printer has a built-in duplexer) and tap the Print button to output your file. Unless you bought your printer in the last few years, it’s unlikely it will have AirPrint built in. Setup is as simple as it can get: connect it to your printer using USB, and use a regular network cable to hook it up to your wireless router. There is a cheaper option than buying an AirPrint printer or a hardware add-on for your current printer, but it requires that you leave your desktop PC or laptop running whenever you want to print, since the documents are routed via your computer out to the printer.
The process varies slightly depending on whether you have a PC or Mac, but the theory behind it is the same on either platform.

Install it in the usual manner, and it will list each of the printers currently installed on your PC. FingerPrint shares any printers you have installed on your PC with iOS devices, and gives you access to their built-in functions.
Installing handyPrint adds a new pane to System Preferences, which is automatically opened at the end of the installation routine. It's well supported by leading manufacturers, who have produced Cloud Print-ready devices, in much the same way that many are pushing out AirPrint devices.
If your printer isn't listed you needn't replace it right away, as you can set up what Google calls a 'classic' printer to work with the service. You'll need to install the free Google Chrome browser on your PC or Mac if you're not already running it.
As you're already logged in, Google knows which account you’re using, so click the Add printer(s) button to authorise it to add your installed printers to the cloud.
Google Cloud Print lets you access multiple remote printers from connected devices right around the world. So long as your printer is turned on and connected to the Internet you can now print to it remotely from any PC or Mac, and from selected applications on your Android and iOS device.
With Google Cloud Print set up you can print from Chrome on the iPad and iPhone without any further configuration. After choosing the appropriate option, choose PrintCentral Pro from the list of available applications to handle the file.
To print to a Google Cloud Print device, tap the Choose button on the dialog’s Printers line, and then the '+' at the foot of the screen.
PrintCentral Pro bridges the gap between regular iOS applications and your Google Cloud Print devices, so you can print from any app to any remote printer with ease.
Sure, you can’t directly connect a printer to your iPad, but there are plenty of ways to print wirelessly.
If you’re interested in turning an old printer into an AirPrint-enabled printer, you can try turning any printer into an AirPrint-enabled printer. Buy one of these printers and go through its setup process to connect to your Wi-Fi network. It takes a little bit more work to set up because it requires a Google account, but it has other advantages.
Go through the Google Cloud Print setup process in Chrome to associate the printer with your Google account. Google advertises this paid app on their official list of apps that work with Google Cloud Print. You’ll find official apps like HP ePrint, Samsung Mobile Print, Canon Mobile Printing, Epson iPrint and Lexmark Mobile Printing.
With the announcement of Cloud printing from Gmail on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices the convenience is even greater.
You can see a sample of this in the screenshot above. You can even print your attachments such as pdf files and word documents on the go.
You probably have never given it a second thought, but if you ever wanted to save a web page as a PDF or print from your phone (no new printer required), you might want to think about using Chrome.
These tips will help you browse faster and take advantage of Chrome’s features on the go. These gestures only work on the Android phone, iPhone, and iPad versions of Chrome, not the Android tablet version. Tap a tab to switch to it, tap the X button to close a tab, or place your finger on an open tab and swipe to the left or right to close it.  You can quickly close all open tabs by selecting the Close all tabs option in the menu.
For example, if you’re viewing a desktop website and the main content column is tiny, double-tap on it and Chrome will intelligently zoom in to that part of the page. Preloading is on by default and makes Chrome automatically fetch the web page it thinks you will load next. Tap the menu button and tap Print to print to any of your Google Cloud Print-enabled printers.
I struggled with XMarks for a long time with sync issues, however I've moved everything into Chrome and just let it handle all of them. If you’re the kind of person who likes to save whole webpages, you’ll be happy to know that you can now save them directly to Google Drive from the app as a PDF. While we only ever write about products we think deserve to be on the pages of our site, The Next Web may earn a small commission if you click through and buy the product in question. Pair it with a keyboard and office suite and you’ve got a fully-fledged laptop replacement. It’s all very well being able to create and edit documents, but what about those times you need a hard copy of a vital email, printed directions for a forthcoming journey or a paper based recipe so you don’t have to tap and swipe your screen with pastry chef fingers? It was introduced with the iOS 4.2 update, and adds a print function to a wide variety of applications.

Make sure the one to which you want to print is checked, and use the options in the main pane to set up additional features like duplexing and colour management. It's an OS X application that enables printing via the Mac, which you can download from here. Click the switch in the sidebar to turn it on and it will immediately share all of the available printers installed on your Mac, again acting as though it were an AirPrint device. However, Google Cloud Print lets you print to any network-connected printer anywhere in the world from a variety of applications on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices, which means you can print just as easily from home as you can from the bus on your morning commute. Sign in to your Google Account by clicking the link on the Google homepage, then click the configuration button, which you'll find on the right of the address bar. Note that if you're printing to a a 'classic' printer, you'll need to leave your laptop or PC running and have the Google Cloud Print connector installed as well.
Choose Google Cloud Print as the output option and then tap on the printer to which you want to send the page.
Bear in mind that this isn’t officially supported by Apple, so it may not work perfectly. You’ll now be able to print to the printer from Chrome on your iPad when the computer is running and Chrome is open. I remembered this morning that I needed to renew my registration so I grabbed by phone and was able to easily complete the renewal online.
Not only can you print, but if you already have a Google account (Gmail) then you can do lots of other cool stuff like sync your bookmarks and open tabs that you are looking at on other devices. Touch the menu button, move your finger downwards until it’s over a menu option, and then lift your finger from the screen. To view your open tabs, either visit Chrome’s new tab page and tap the Other Devices option at the bottom-right corner of the page or tap the menu button and select Other devices. For example, if you’re reading a five-page article on you get to the end of the second page, Chrome will fetch the third page before you tap the link, so the page will load much faster when you do. I like this implementation a lot better than Safari’s awkward ‘tap a button to make the chrome go away’ system.
The same is true of the iPhone – particularly now that Office365 subscribers can use it to edit native files in mobile editions of Excel and Word. These were originally only produced by Canon, but each of the leading manufacturers now has a selection of compatible devices in its range. Don't immediately rush out and buy a new printer if yours isn't compatible, though, as there are two work-arounds that let you add AirPrint features to any regular printer. That means you can send word processed letters to a laser printer, photos to a high-quality inkjet, and drafts to a budget device with cheaper ink and a stack of low-grade paper.
You don't need to install any apps or drivers on your iOS device, as from that point on you follow the regular instructions, as above, for printing to an AirPrint device.
Your PC effectively takes on the role of an AirPrint device from this point forward, allowing you to print from your iOS device as normal.
In theory that should be all you need to do, but in our tests we found that it was also necessary to reboot our Mac. Clicking the link to manage your printers will now let you see each of the installed devices and manage the jobs being sent to each one. Select the option to Sign in to Chrome and use the same details as you did when setting up Cloud Print so that the iPad can see your registered printers. From here you can immediately print to any AirPrint already installed on your local network.
Once you’ve got everything set up, you can tap Chrome menu button, tap Print, and select Google Cloud Print. The Chrome app sends your request to Google’s servers, which send it to the Chrome browser on the PC, which sends it to the printer. When it finds one, tap the printer name to return to the Printer Options dialog and complete the process. Tapping the one you want returns you to the print dialog, from which you can complete the process of printing the file. Different apps have different features, and some manufacturers’ apps will work better than others. However, I recalled something about Chrome and printing, so I pulled up the menu (I use Chrome exclusively as my browser on my phone) and selected “Print…” and whadayaknow, I could print to any of my Google Cloud printers OR save it as a PDF to Google Drive.

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