PALO ALTO -- HP today announced that Google Cloud Print users can print directly to any HP ePrint-enabled printer from any Google Cloud Print supported app on any computer or smartphone. HP’s portfolio of web-connected and cloud-aware printers for home and business are the first to support Google Cloud Print out of the box. The combination of Google Cloud Print and HP ePrint printers makes printing from any web, mobile or desktop app that supports Google Cloud Print more intuitive, accessible and useful by eliminating the need for a print driver or PC connection to the printer.
Users simply add the unique email address of their HP ePrint-enabled Photosmart, Officejet or LaserJet Pro to their Google account, which provides the ability to print easily and securely from Google apps to the selected HP printer.
To much anticipation, the internet search giant, Google, unveiled its cloud-based printing service almost an year back but due to some proxy problem, the cloud based technology wasn’t fully implemented. Joining the connection of HP with Google Cloud Print, Google content printing has been as easy as possible. You can send a print job to the printer you’ve chosen when you want—whether the printer is in front of you, in another room or across the country. Khizer Hayat Farooq, BlogDNA's Contributing Editor, is committed on bringing in the very best from the world of Apple, Google, Microsoft, Android, digital start ups, growing trends, social networks and new initiatives from digital firms. HP's new ePrint service sounds great: You can print from anywhere to one of HP's ePrint-enabled printers by sending the job via e-mail. The ePrint service's cloud-based infrastructure is convenient and cool--but is it reliable?
We set up two ePrint-enabled models in our lab: the HP Envy 100 e-All-in-One and the HP Photosmart eStation.
Although you can send file attachments as big as 5MB to print on the destination printer, we decided to keep things simple, sending just a brief e-mail message.
Of the 46 ePrint jobs we sent to the HP Photosmart eStation, only 37 printed--about an 80 percent success rate. HP says that our experiences are unusual, as are those of the many beleaguered ePrint users who have posted their frustrations on its support forum.

HP is also supposed to send you an acknowledgment e-mail when one of its servers receives your print job.
We all understand that cloud computing is a lot like its namesake: way up there somewhere, largely uncontrollable and unpredictable. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. In a recent announcement, the company said Google Cloud Print users can print directly to any HP ePrint-enabled printer from any Google Cloud Print supported app on any computer or smartphone. Apps supported by Google Cloud print currently include Gmail for Mobile, Google Docs for Mobile and Chrome OS, and will expand to include third-party apps. To roll out an update for the users, HP today announced that all HP ePrint-enabled devices would now support Google Cloud Print apps on a range of mobile devices.
Marking the collaboration, users only need a cloud with no drivers, no PC connection and no additional software, while making ePrinting possible. You can add your HP ePrint-enabled printer (HP Photosmart, HP Officejet, HP Officejet Pro, HP LaserJet Pro) to your Google Account with the printer’s unique email address.
And you’ll have virtually the same experience as if you were physically connected to the printer. Instead of a driver or a direct connection, cloud computing allows you to send your job through an HP-managed server to the printer. Each ePrint-enabled model comes with a unique e-mail address--a deliberately long and complex alphanumeric string, the better to protect the printer from spammers and other security risks.
To HP's credit, most successful jobs took just one or two minutes to print; the longest took 30 minutes. Our Hotmail-via-BlackBerry problems are a known issue: HP's servers mistake the e-mail for spam. We didn't always receive an acknowledgment, but when we did, it came anywhere from instantly to almost 2 hours after we had sent the job--sometimes long after the job had printed.

With this functionality, users simply need to add the unique email address of their HP ePrint-enabled printer to their Google account in order to enjoy the ability to print via the cloud.
When you’re ready to print, simply select from the list of printers associated with your account.
Print your favorite vacation photo to the closest printer to you for quick-and-easy sharing.
You can also restrict the models to accept print jobs only from specific senders' e-mail addresses. Macworld intern McKinley Noble stayed up to send jobs through the night, while freelance writer Jon L. HP acknowledges that this sending scenario is common, and notes that it is still finding combinations of the client, device, and printer that don't work. In our tests, ePrint worked most of the time, but bigger and smaller kinks could thwart your ePrint efforts. Most of the ePrint jobs he sent through his iPhone printed quickly--within a minute or two. Our sending devices included several cell phones--an iPhone, an Android phone, and a BlackBerry, all using the handsets' e-mail clients to send from Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo--as well as a couple of traditional desktop computers, one on site and one remote. Checking HP's support forums, he found a raft of HP users who were having the same sorts of problems. The biggest failure was one tester's repeated attempts to send ePrint jobs via Hotmail using BlackBerry's e-mail client; it worked only once out of 12 attempts.

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