Information Technology is excited to announce Cloud Printing on campus for all EKU students. Each student is allocated $25 per semester for printing in computer labs or through cloud printing.
Google has updated its Cloud Print service, adding full support for Windows (XP, Vista and 7, anyway) and making it easier to share printers.
Cloud Print was first made available in 2011, and essentially allows you to access your printers from phones, tablets, PCs and more, wherever you happen to be. The second element, Google Cloud Print Service, is a Windows service which makes it easier to share your printers via Cloud Print. One small complication is that you’ll need a copy of Google Chrome to install and use either of these packages. The entire system is still in beta, though, so there’s plenty of time for this situation to improve.
Google recently released a new Beta project that allows you to connect your printer through Chrome and print from anywhere.

As part of another new project, Google has announced a unique and interesting format to print anything that’s connected to the web for the upcoming Chrome OS, and possibly any other platform, your iPad and Android included.
Say you had a PC running Chrome OS, and you wanted to print a Google document you’ve been working on. What this would allow a user to do is not only print a document, but bypass the driver issues that will be presented within the new Chrome OS, which would hinder sales as well as products that could be connected to your Chrome OS PC. The second issue raised is being comfortable knowing that not only what you do in a Chrome OS PC is in the cloud (technically meaning at the mercy of Google) but having to print the paper that you were working on from the cloud, will now be sent to the cloud again, only to be sent back to the user’s printer. Cloud Printing provides a student an alternative to buying a printer or having to visit a Computer Lab. The service has previously been accessible via Chrome, but this new release makes it available to any Windows desktop application. Choose Print from any application, select the Google Cloud printer, and a Chrome window will open where you can log in, assign and manage the print job. If you’re already using Cloud Print on PCs then the latest releases are a big step forward, and downloads of Google Cloud Printer and Google Cloud Print Service are available now.

And if it proves successful, you can definitely expect that many of these drivers could have cloud variations of them, turning Chrome OS and Google’s various web-based products into true cloud-based computing. Google has released the code and documentation to developers, as part of the open-source Chromium Project for further analysis and development. Students save their documents to the cloud, visit a Cloud Printer, swipe their ColonelOne Card and select their items to print. Once this link is established to Google’s servers, you could print a web page or document from your computer (or iPad), even across the globe, to the appropriate printer which is supposedly decided on user settings.

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