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If your school is Google Apps for Education or you have a Gmail account, then Google Drive has already been set up for you.
On the left hand side you will see your navigation tools: your My Drive Folder (with a drop-down arrow to access all the folders you create), your Incoming (for files shared with you), Recent (where you can quickly access the documents you’ve worked on most recently), Starred (you can mark important documents with a “star” for quick access), and Trash (where documents you delete are stored for 30 days or until you empty the trash).
The core suite of Google Apps within Drive allows you to create a Doc, a Sheet (spreadsheet), Slides (presentations), and Forms (a great tool that you should explore as you become a more advanced user).
You’ve probably heard the phrase “in the cloud.” What this means is that content is not stored locally (on a computer or other device) but rather it is hosted on the web. One of the most unique features of working within Google Drive is that you have the ability to collaborate with others on the same document in real time.
For example, if you want to share a document for input, but don’t want the viewer to make any changes, then “comment” is the appropriate level of sharing. Right now, Google Apps for Education users are allowed unlimited data storage, Chromebook Users 1TB, and individual users 5GB (you can buy more storage for a small fee). In addition to working within a browser, you can access Google Drive using a Smartphone or a Tablet with the Google Drive App for iOS or Android (free).
Google Drive is an incredibly flexible tool that you will find adapts to many of your digital projects.

While you can use Google Drive with any browser, I urge you to use Google Chrome (free for all devices), as it will enable all features and ensure a more stable experience with this tool.
The benefit of this is that you can access content from anywhere without having to have the actual device that created it.
To share within a document, select the blue “share” button at the top right of the document.
Those with access can read and leave comments throughout, yet they cannot change the text itself. To upload a file to Google Drive, click on the red “new” button and select “upload file” or “upload folder” and then select the file(s) you would like to upload. This gives you access to your files on the go and allows you to upload content directly from your tablet or smartphone. Click on the red “New” button in the top left and select the type of document you would like to create. You can share at various levels: with specific individuals (via email address), individuals within your domain (if you have a Google Apps for Business or Google Apps for Education account), individuals with the link, or publicly on the web. However, if you are using the Chrome Browser you can literally drag and drop files in the browser window! Once you have signed in or completed the account setup, you will find yourself in your Drive window where all of your files and documents are stored.

In addition to documents that you create within Google Drive, you can store your files (videos, images, documents, etc) in the cloud for your own access or to share with others. Additionally, you can give other users the ability to “edit,” “comment,” or simply “view.” This allows you to select the appropriate level of openness for specific documents. Just like documents you create within Google Drive, you can share these files with others (although editing privileges are often limited). I recommend that you bookmark Google Drive (clicking the star in your Chrome Browser) for faster access. To title it, simply click on the “untitled document” in the top left and then enter the new name. For example, you can take your vacation photos on your phone, upload them directly to Google Drive using the app, and then share them with others.
One of my favorite features about working within Google Drive is that all changes are saved automatically. You will be able to access the most recent version from any machine with a web browser and internet connection.

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