This spacious luxury can accommodate up to 9 passengers: owner's master with 2 queen size beds and private bathroom and 3 guest cabins with twins beds and private bathroom.
The interior styling has a classical features and will be executed in clear mahogany wood and white lacquered. Paul Allen is one of the biggest philanthropists in America who has spent over 600 million pounds on charities since 1990.
In spite of the harsh battle against cancer Allen has been fighting for a while not only is he planning on continuing with his yachting hobby, he is also believed to be (together with Virgin Chief Sir Richard Branson) the first one to build a commercial spaceship. All three master cabins has a separate dressing room and specially fitted with Satellite TV, DVD and music system. The 57 year old millionaire gave instructions to a yacht broker from Florida to offload the vessel and chose this yacht broker to offer this yacht at the open sales market.

This man who is also the owner of The Octopus – a giant in the yacht family of amazing 414 ft length is ranked among the nine largest yachts in the world, has recently been ranked as the 37th wealthiest person in the world whose fortune amounts to 813,5 billion pounds. The master cabin has king bed, sitting area with sofa, chairs and coffee table and desk with work station. Stairs up to huge fly bridge sun and shade deck with lounging and dining for 10 and control station.
This yacht is ranked among the 26 largest yachts in the world and is fully equipped with up-to-date assets including heli-pads on the stern of the ship. These rankings in the Forbes have been going down for some time due to his wrong investments, one of which is the investment for Charter Communication.
Down a few steps to the left is the master bathroom with 5 head steam shower, private WC and duel sinks and spacious closets.

Its 2300 tone-weight vessel has the capacity of catering up to 20 guests and its staff has 30 members.
From the living room down a few steps to the right to the fourth queen cabin with private bath with 5 jet shower.

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