I’m finally getting the hang of curling my hair with my Cloud Nine hair straightener. When I researched straighteners and flat irons, I decided to buy a Cloud Nine straightener instead of a ghd. The Cloud Nine range of professional styling products puts pioneering technology at your fingertips. The wide super smooth plates and curved body allow you to straighten, wave or curl more hair, faster.
At only 6 inches in length it makes it perfect for styling fringes and retro pin curls as well as perfect travel size hair straightener. The O gives your hair big volume, body & heavenly shine via ground breaking heated rollers.

The Award Winning long, straight and super smooth barrel allows you to create super smooth curls. Its tapered and super smooth barrel allows you to create tight vintage curls, soft tousled waves and much, much more. My hair stylist use a Cloud Nine (she switched after years of using a ghd) and she believes the Cloud Nine straighteners are the best there is. The biggest thing you have to master is the angle at which you put the straightener in and when you bring it down to release the curl.
They usually wear them toRead More   Natural Hair Care TipsTaking care of hair is too necessary for all hair types. Now you can embrace your creativity and unleash the hair you've only dreamed of without the need for searing heat.

The innovative temperature control lets you create beautiful looks only applying the amount of heat you need for your hair type a€“ your hair doesn't have to suffer for your style.
The Magical Potion protects your hair against extreme heat-damage from styling, plus this magical mix of light and weightless conditioners means that drying time is reduced by an average of 50%.
The anti-static and anti-frizz properties of the Magical Potion ensure that hair is smooth, silky and under control whilst smelling wonderful.

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