You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Henri's Cloud Nine has the nation's largest selection of Jovani and Sherri Hill Prom and Homecoming dresses! In 1609, world-renowned Italian scientist, Galileo Galilei, introduced an elementary telescope to the growing astronomy community which sparked interest into the mysterious night sky for centuries to come.
When I first read the introduction and saw the first images of the Celestron Firstscope Telescope, I knew that I’d have to get my hands on one. So who would be the kind of person to wander around NEAF confronted with telescopes worth tens of thousands of dollars, but would be the one to take off to neverland with a kid’s telescope that cost less than $50? From the moment I laid eyes on the little black sonotube covered with the most famous names in astronomy, I was charmed. Tammy was a professional astronomy author, President Emeritus of Warren Rupp Observatory and retired Astronomical League Executive Secretary.
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Federline also has two sons with Britney Spears, Jayden James, 6, and Sean Preston, 7, and two other kids, Kori, 11, and Kaleb, 9, with Shar Jackson.
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Four centuries later, in celebration of the International Year of Astronomy 2009, Celestron offers the portable FirstScope Telescope. They are a unique little altazimuth reflector – a tabletop model that bears a strong resemblance to the dobsonian design. The mount is absolutely made out of enamel covered pressboard and its bearing is basically a big locking nut… But, hey. While all premier Celestron dealers will offer the FirstScope at the same price, you’ll get a discount for being a Universe Today reader if you enter our name in the Club Affliliation section if you chose to order a Celestron FirstScope from OPT. She’s received a vast number of astronomy achievement and observing awards, including the Great Lakes Astronomy Achievement Award, RG Wright Service Award and the first woman astronomer to achieve Comet Hunter's Gold Status. This will be the perfect gift for my friends, all who love the sky but never wanted to spend what they considered a lot of money for a nice starter ‘scope. Britney Spears popped the question to Victoria Prince in Las Vegas, and plans to marry her there – possibly this weekend as well.
Christmas Troll Dolls, Halloween Troll Dolls, Easter Troll Dolls are all brand new, purchased directly from the manufacturer during their years of production. Our fashion brand, Adorable Kids Dress Up, features our own designs as well as products from other vendors. The FirstScope pays tribute to Galileo Galilei and many of history’s most notable astronomers and scientists by displaying their names around the optical tube.
Despite what you might think, it holds up to dew, cools down to ambient temperature like a dream, and really has its advantages – like not dinging easily.
While reflex sighting along the tube isn’t too hard to do, I can also see where that could be extremely frustrating for someone a bit more new to the game. We honor the contributions of these men and women, who brought us one step closer to understanding the universe around us.

I will stress to you repeatedly that you are not going to see majestic sweeping spiral arms on tiny galaxies – nor are you going to resolve globular clusters or reveal intricate planetary details. The focuser is surprisingly quality, well-machined, and is going to withstand use and abuse. But, what you can expect from this telescope is far, far more than Galileo saw 400 years ago. Wide stereo panoramas of crowded galaxy fields in Virgo, Coma Bernices, and Leo or starclouds of Sagittarius, Scutum, Cygnus, sign me up.
It has excellent clearance from the secondary and more than sufficient enough backfocus to allow for a wide variety of eyepieces. When put on a steady surface, the Moon will display its tortured surface and Jupiter its moons.
For low power sky sweeps, this combination of fast optics and a wide field of view at low magnifications is ideal for picking up large, faint MW nebulae (e.g. Bright, open star clusters will become things to marvel over and the Andromeda Galaxy will look like it truly is next door. A 4mm is simply too much magnification for a scope that size, but when testing it on a larger, more stationary target (like the Moon) I found it wasn’t too bad.
Again, surprising quality because the eyepieces and focuser alone were worth what the telescope cost!

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