Videogames are moving further into the Internet cloud with new devices and services unveiled at the big Consumer Electronics Show this week.
One major step came from computer graphics giant and chipmaker Nvidia, which announced agreements with six cloud gaming companies to deliver games to global broadband companies. This will allow gamers to play on any screen — including smart TVs, PCs, tablets and smartphones.
The platform can serve more HD-quality game streams with improved speeds, according to Nvidia.
Ubitus meanwhile unveiled a separate agreement to bringing console and multiplayer games to Google TV.
The move to cloud gaming poses challenges to the traditional model of console games where users purchase a specific product. According to Forrester Research, some 66 million US households will access the Internet via game consoles, Blu-ray players, or connected HDTVs by 2017.
Also, with the high latencies we are seeing here, it will make much more sense to just buy hardware and save on bandwidth, then you can play Call of Duty Whatever. Amazon Game Studios has just released The Unmaking and, in doing so, has entered the cloud gaming business.
Cloud gaming is an innovative phrase that just coined around 2000, when G-cluster, the original pioneer of cloud gaming demonstrated the technology on Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3. With the development of computer technique, the whole idea is polished and further developed by thousands and millions of engineers, right now, cloud gaming is gradually accepted by normal players and the cost to utilize it is not unacceptable.

Currently, a creative cloud gaming platform developer Kalydo in an interview discussed their opinions and ideas about this newly born technique.
Richard van Barneveld, Global Business Director in Kalydo, told us the philosophy behind the success. They are now supplying service with 150 million sessions served in over 15 countries worldwide. The main issue in the cloud gaming companies is to deal with the compatible problems which means to stream any game to any device.
In the future, besides dealing with the multiple technique issues and commercial problems such as: streaming mobile to mobile devices, they will pay more attention on, depending on their statistic and analytics, what the customer's need. Forrester’s Jitender Miglani said consoles are still playing a role but one that is changing in gaming.
No sense in trying to shoot someone if it is going to take a few seconds to see the result. I prefer to own my games…install them on my laptop that I take with me to remote places without my trusty ADSL connection so that I can play offline when I want to.
From then on, Video game developer Crytek began research on a cloud gaming system in 2005 for their game Crysis. Kalydo is a special company which uses "file streaming", just send the package when players need it, instead of "video streaming", which needs a huge server capacity. Meanwhile, they also offer analytics system to measure the complete conversion funnel in and outside the game.

The solution is to reduce distribution costs and increase user experience - not only by offering instant playability, but also by reducing the number of steps to start playing. Even on my desktop with my wired connection I’d really prefer to bypass the silly online platform altogether to gain access to my preferred games (which are almost always essentially single player only games). A feat which is difficult to accomplish by the latest gaming consoles and impossible on mobile platforms. On February 27, 2011, Gaikai, which allows game publishers and others to embed free streaming gameplay trials on their web sites, launched its open beta with games from Electronic Arts including Dead Space 2, Mass Effect 2, and Sims 3. Comparing to "video streaming", there are several benefits for "file streaming" such as: no latency issues, a low cost, low bandwidth requirement, and possibility to stream client games to the browser and social networks. If they can further reduce the distribution costs and enhances user experience by offering instant playability and simplifying process to play, then the cloud gaming will have a bright future.
The cloud is just another tool or technology (and not a goal) for improving the user experience.

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