Leaving aside the obvious considerations of the physical security of a data centre, what considerations are there for the logical, remote and application data security in the cloud?
An SaaS provider has to design a security to protect data such as usernames, passwords and poorly configured databases. In the last 10 years UK software spend has increased by over 50% - is your estate under control? IT Asset Management and IT Security require discovery and inventory of the software in the IT environment as a foundation. We are 100% focussed on delivering an unparalleled managed service for Software Asset Management globally. Mobile devices with their small and sleek form factors have limitations on the internal storage available on them. The two prominent cloud services currently are Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), each with their own approaches to cloud security. Download firewall logs from the web console like you would with physical firewalls into an Excel spreadsheet or use an API to push it to a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) product. You can use it for both personal and commercial projects BUT you must not use it for abuse. Employ an outside security company to run Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) against your virtual data centre – your cloud provider can do this for you. SaaS providers should be able to provide the last results of compliance, regulation and previous audit reports. Our proven track record of delivering hard cost savings, quantifiable risk mitigation, license optimization and vendor audit readiness is second to none - coupled with an impressive customer satisfaction and retention record.
Vying the huge potential in online storage space, many cloud storage services are providing free storage to lure new customers.With free cloud storage services you can store your videos, music, movies, photos and files in the cloud for free and access them from anywhere on the go through internet.
Suppliers are compelled to ensure they operate tight security practices with the latest encryption. Your data is safe with the cloud storage providers and you don’t run the risk of a crashed or stolen hard disk.
Listed below are the top 10 best free cloud storage services.Top 10 Best Free Cloud Storage Services1.
Dropbox provides 2 GB of free cloud storage to every user and you can also earn upto 16 GB of additional free storage by referring Dropbox to your friends.

Google Drive: The cloud storage service from the search giant Google provides you with 15 GB of free storage which is shared among its various services like Gmail, Google Plus etc.
Box: While Dropbox is popular among individuals, Box is popular among business and enterprise users. With a personal account you can only upload files smaller than 250 MB to the cloud which is a major inconvenience if you are looking to store movies or large files.
Copy: Barracuda Networks, the computer data storage company has made a foray into the cloud storage space with Copy. Copy provides 15 GB of free cloud storage to every user and you also get a whopping 5 GB free space for every friend you refer. But, with the free account you miss out on the best features of ADrive like 16 GB file uploads and also have to bear with the ads on Android and iOS apps.6. Bitcasa: Bitcasa is a cloud storage service that lays emphasis on the privacy of your data.
Bitcasa provides 20 GB of free cloud storage and you can access your data from 3 different devices.7.
In its attempt to gain a foothold in the industry and drive hundreds of millions of its customers to OneDrive, Microsoft is giving away 7 GB 15 GB of free cloud storage to its users. You can get an additional 5 GB by referring your friends and 3 GB more by enabling photo backup.8. SpiderOak: This is one more cloud storage service that lays more emphasis on your data privacy. SpiderOak provides a meager 2 GB of free cloud storage which can be expanded upto 10 GB by referring friends (you get 1 GB for every friend you refer to the service).9. Tencent Weiyun: Tencent is a very huge Chinese internet company that is offering a whopping 10 TB of free cloud storage to every new user! Qihoo 360 Yunpan (Cloud Drive): Qihoo 360 is a reputed Chinese internet security company that offers loads of free cloud storage space.
The Qihoo 360 Cloud Drive used to offer a whopping 36 TB (36864 GB!) free cloud storage space.
Stop worrying about privacy and use this Chinese cloud storage service to dump non-private stuff. So, share your opinion about these services and also are there any other services worth mentioning here?

I’ve used Copy, then after time got not comfortable with their security and privacy, specially after I read their Privacy terms, I immediately quit. February 22, 2015, 14:33Copy had some issues back in 2013, but all that stuff has been fixed since.
Reply Link James February 23, 2015, 03:32Actually, all of the issues that I described happened in November of 2014. A person named Leland Ursu at copy was willing to give my password to someone else in November. From what i have seen so far, it’s the best service out there (unlimited referral storage, no upload size limit, owned by Barracuda, better than box and onedrive) . You start out with 20gb of free storage if you sign up from a referral link, and each peron you refer gets you 5gb more. Those providers who guarantee 100% security of your files should be your first priority Reply Link spooky October 2, 2014, 16:23I was wondering which of these services is ideal as the storage for torrent or download. You can stream music from it, the desktop app allows you to paste a shortcut into your Copy sync folder and Copy will backup everything that the shortcut links to. Their Privacy Policy makes it sound like nobody will see your data unless it’s the FBI with a court order. I used it and logged in and found all of my stuff was gone and someone else was using the account. Apparently you can send an email to them and ask for a manual reset to any account that you want and they will do it. Anyway to cut a long story i was asked to install two different media players, both of which have bad reputations.
So I’m using the site still, but will be interested to see if i get asked to install anything again.

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