Building a Book Shelf sample app with RooTo get started using PostgreSQL on Cloud Foundry you first need an account on Cloud Foundry. Once this is taken care of we are ready to create the web application with a controller for our Book class. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. In this second part of our blog series about the new Spring Boot Dashboard in the Spring Tool Suite we will move beyond local applications in your workspace and take a look at remote apps deployed to a cloud runtime.
The goal for us was to provide a similar experience as for local apps, giving you an easy way to interact, start, stop, update, and lookup log output of your Spring Boot apps on Cloud Foundry.
The basic actions work for one or multiple apps on CF in the same or a very similar way to how they work for local apps. In addition to the common actions that are suitable for local and apps on Cloud Foundry, there are certain additional actions specifically for apps on Cloud Foundry. If your application contains a manifest.yml file, this will be used to configure the application for Cloud Foundry. If you dona€™t have a manifest.yml file in your project, the deploy action will prompt you in a dialog for the basic information it needs to deploy the app.
Once the app is deployed, the boot dashboard will keep the association between the project in your workspace and the deployed app on Cloud Foundry (and will show this association in the boot dashboard).
Keeping this association between your workspace project and the app on Cloud Foundry makes changes to this app a lot easier. Once you have deployed your apps on Cloud Foundry, you often dona€™t need to work on everything locally at the same time.
As an early experiment, we built a specific feature into the boot dashboard that lets you use all your services and apps on CF and have them call individual services running on your local machine. They way this works is: You have a service discovery mechanism for your microservices in place. Clients to this service will now get this tunnel URL from Eureka instead of (or in addition to) the default instance of your service that might be running on Cloud Foundry already - and will call your locally running service instead of the one on CF. This mixed deployment scenario is obviously not useful for production or team environments, where multiple people are using the applications on CF simultaneously. The third part of this series will introduce you to the built-in support for the Spring Boot Devtools and how you can use them from within the Boot Dashboard to make quick modifications to your apps (even on CF) and how to do remote debugging on CF. Jeff here again and something I am really excited about is Watson is now available for anyone to use in Bluemix! She’s looking for a new hire that would be a good fit on her team but the company is so popular that she has a huge inventory of resumes to sort through. So do you that make sure you are in the dashboard and have your app open like the screencap below. If the replication was successfull it should show 117 documents for the talent-manager DB, is the number is lower, refresh the page, the copy hasn’t finished yet. Ok, so the app is basically done, we need to build our war file now, on the left side in Eclipse, open build.xml. If you are on Windows open up the command prompt, if you are on a Mac or Linux open up the terminal. It will then ask for your username and password that you registered with for Bluemix.There are two important files in this directory. The cf push command pushes our app to Bluemix, a bunch of text will fly bay saying its deploying and eventually it will say the app is starting and then it is up and running. Tool wear monitoring  is referred to the wear and tear suffered by a machine tool on the course of operation. As discussed earlier, one of the common metric for measurement of the quality of tool is to measure the vibration it is producing. With improved computational and predictive engines, time series data acquired during RTF can be given as input to a machine learning technique which can interpolate the current observation using Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines, Curve fittings or other techniques to find out RUL.
With cloud based articifical intelligence offered by Microsoft Azure, IBM watson, many a companies are looking for high precision accurate RUL by utilizing these cloud service providers. We started working towards RUL analysis a year back after collaborating with a Bangalore based company.
Now consider a large scale company with hundred or may be even thousands of assets, deployed in different units spread of entire geography carrying out several complex jobs.
The only way out for this is by using a cloud based machine learning technique, training it with RTF of different assets running planned constrained jobs.
Various players in industrial automation domain have their own platform perfected for particular type of industries over a period of time. GE's predix environment has been one of the hottest buzz in industrial IoT ( IIoT- as they say) these days. Our plan was definately to build a full stack RUL and Machine Tool Analytics framework with GE predix. Carbide tools have been selected for carrying out the machinability study of the Al-SiC metal matrix composites.
It provides long life in applications where other materials would not last or would fail prematurely. The hardness values and melting point temperatures of the carbide tool inserts are 2800 o C and 55-70RC. The insert used for present work is a C-type uncoated IC20 grade having 55 o Rhombic shaped, with 7 o back rake angle.
Tool condition monitoring was implemented through the analysis of vibration data that was captured by the data acquisition system. SignalCalc Mobilyzer core functions include powerful FFT measurements, high dynamic range, and extensive analysis tools. Professional Reports, easy data management with Signal Map, flexible display  of results, cursor functions for detailed analysis, and an unsurpassed intuitive user interface.
SRS analysis, Demodulation, Rotor dynamics analysis, multi-plane Balancing, Waterfall and Spectrogram presentations, and Throughput-to-Disk. Kistler Tri Axial Accelerometer Vibration signals are important for monitoring the machine condition in turning operation.
A Kistler accelerometer (8766A500BB) was attached to tool holder by tapping the sensorto fit in as show in Figure 3.10.
From the review of past TCM studies, tri axial accelerometer was employed to detect the multiple direction vibrations.
The accelerometer was mounted on the shank holding the cutting tool as seen in Figure 3.13.
The experimental data showed that vibration amplitudes varied with the change of cutting conditions. Section 3.4 gives an idea about the industrial setup of the process, components and their arrangements for machine tool health monitoring. We have provided some sample recording with this article which could be helpful for you to analyze the nature and complexity of data. The data essentially contains three columns that records x,y and z axis acceleration respectively. It is now clear that such data mitigation requires chunk wise data transmission where chunks are identified with a time stamp.
It provides a Microservice based architecture where each independent components can be developed and deployed individually. So you get a complete suit of tools needed for implementing an end to end data acquisition and visualization service.

So, a good way of achieveing your RUL framework would be to use Predix to collect your data and Watson or Azure to analyze them.
In this article, we shall focus on developing a Microservice with GE Predix to consume the data coming from the sensors. In the next chapter, we shall elaborate in detail about GE Predix platform in general and getting started with the application development in the platform. As you can see that predix is based on Cloud foundry which provides easy development and deployment to cloud.
The heart of Predix is it's connectivity services which is essentially a protocol suite tailer made for industrial IoT.
Predix provides asset services which includes meta data management ablut the assets and data acquisition services. Assuming that you get an account from Predix, you can use their Predix ready development environment called Devbox.
As, core of GE is cloud foundry, you need to insta a Cloud Foundry client in your machine first. Here is a summery of software (or apps as they say!) before you can write your first Hello world program in Predix.
When you call cf push command from your app directory, the buildpack seraches for .yml file. As our bridge app, that gathers data from end ( or edge) hardware and sends to predix cloud is developed with java's Spring framework, you need to set up your Java development environment for Predix. After service instance binding with the App, you can check the binding by going to your console and exploring your TS, which we have named as rupamTS. The other problem with predix is that even after you have created time series with your UAA, that binding only permits your time series instance to use your UAA but does not authenticate the time series based API calls. The first time you sign in to developerWorks, a profile is created for you, so you need to choose a display name. One of the promises of the Open PaaS is to provide choice both in languages and frameworks you can develop with and in the database services that are available to use.
But how do we know if we are running against a regular PostgreSQL install or vFabric Postgres? You will also need the companion product vFabric Data Director to manage the database instances.
If you missed the first part, please take a look it to get familiar with the boot dashboard in STS first.
Neither the design nor the implementation of the Boot Dashboard limits this to be the only supported remote target, it is just the first one that we worked on. Therefore you can add a Cloud Foundry section to the boot dashboard using the big plus icon in the toolbar. You can see the name of the app as well as the number of instances that are configured and that are up and running. The boot dashboard allows you, for example, to delete an app entirely from Cloud Foundry, or to easily jump to the web console. This typically contains the name of the app, the domain, memory settings, number of instances, and potentially a lot more. If you change the code in your workspace and press the (re)start button for the app on CF, the boot dashboard will automatically re-push the app (the changes) to Cloud Foundry. Usually you focus on certain parts of the application and sometimes you would like to use use even both: some services running on Cloud Foundry and some services running on your local machine in your IDE. That way you can focus on individual projects of your landscape and continue to use Cloud Foundry for the rest of your world.
Then search through all possible candidate and return a ranked list of candidates sorted by highest-to-lowest percentage of personality resemblance. Every machine tool suffers a fraction of wear depending upon the type of tool, nature of job and so on. A machine learning approch is one where known data is provided to a computation engine based on which the engine classifies the state of given input data or can run a predictive analysis about the change of state.
The vibration data is further accumulated through total acceleration in all three direction.
Our role was to analyze the data being acquired throug RTF and find a method that can suitably predict RUL. Creating a universial RUL analysis needs RTF for every type of job in each of the assets which is theoritically impossible in a production cycle. Then if real time observation series is given as input to this analysis, it should be able to generate the alert on RUL. With GE's years of experience in asset management, maintainance planning and asset monitoring, the industry is putting a huge bet on this PaaS ecosystem. We beg your pardon at the beginning itself incase there is a technical fault with the definations or the industrial process we describe.
A proper data acquisition process can extensively improve the sensibility for the detection of failures. Complete setups of data acquisition system with the conventional lathe are seen in Figure 3.11. Vibration signal were generated and amplified by the kistler amplifier and recorded by the 8-channel analyzer. The setup is essentially recording accelerometer data at a very high sampling rate ( like audio recording-22kHz)  and then storing it. As the volume of data is large, we need a special measurement to storage data mitigation service which is commonly known as data streaming.
We will show the service in action with a simple simulation framework powered by Intel Edison board so that you can replicate the data gathering process in lab, test the service, scalability, roboustness and then work on the real time integration aspect. At the core, the platform in itself is built on Amazon web services and your applications are hosted at Amazon web services via Predix. Also, if you are a started which in most liklihood you are if you are reading this article, then you would need plenty of sample applications provided by GE to understand how things works.
Create a New Service Instance: The subscribe button will take you to to a new UAA service instance creation page. Clone time series App: Starting with GE Predix time series is certainly not a straight forward affair. Which should look something as below( this shows our rupamTS with rupamUAA while creating the client).
Integrate services  You will want to integrate services to bring more data to MyVacations. Your display name must be unique in the developerWorks community and should not be your email address for privacy reasons. Now that we are running our databases in the cloud it makes sense to optimize them for that environment.
The fastest way to write a Spring application is by using Spring Roo which is Springa€™s rapid application development tool for Java developers. There is no need to provide any custom connection properties since we will be running this application in Cloud Foundry. I’m just going to create the Book class for now and will add the Author and any other classes some time in the future. We can’t start it now since we have not created our database and bound it to the application yet.
You can even execute some of the actions (like start and stop) across targets, if you select multiple entries in the boot dashboard across those target sections.

Either configure everything in the manifest.yml file or go without it altogether - at least for the moment. You can quickly iterate and work on the code locally - and test it while working with the other parts on Cloud Foundry. You can start your local Spring Boot app using a special action called a€?(re)start and expose app via ngroka€?. Then we analyzed the data in Matlab and created threshold based technique applied over various transformed domain to estimate the RUL. Further, This article is more or less a beginners manual for getting started with GE predix platform, understanding principles of RUL, creating simulation environment with prototyping platform like Intel Edison for IIoT and is not a fully featured end to end- complete stack of universial RUL system.
The images and descriptions are from a small scale industry in bangalore, India with whom we collaborated to carry out the experiements( name omitted on the request of the management).
The charge calibrator is connected to the measuring chain either in place of the sensor or in parallel with it.
If an online analysis of this data needs to be carried out, the data needs to be put in cloud at a very fast rate without dropping connection or losing out the values. The platform provides a secured data access and exchange from the word go using it's cloud based User and Application Authentication Architecture called UAA.
Predix manages the machines as Assets through sets of industrial standard tags that uniquely identifies a machine, it's geographic location, makers, properties and so on. These services can be consumed by mobile ready apps that are optimized for small form factors. When you bind your UAA service with the app, your program is going to utilize these subscribed services through the environment variable. This client needs the scope of the zone ids of the environment variables of the services that you want to authorize through this client.
This is great since we can now choose between the two most popular open source relational databases. This is exactly what VMware has done for Postgres by creating a version that is optimized for the virtualized cloud environment. This of course means that you need to install Roo and the Cloud Foundry add-on.Now that we have all the prerequisites in place we can get started. The boot dashboard offers you another option: you can drag&drop your Spring Boot application directly onto the Cloud Foundry target in the dashboard and it will deploy the Spring Boot app to CF. We will be working to improve this to allow more flexible ways of dealing with manifest.yml files and external changes to the config of your app, but that is something to be done in future releases of STS. One of the next runtimes that we are going to work on is Lattice, but other runtimes are very welcome as well. In my case the app name is talent-manager-awesome, so my file would then become what is below.This value comes from Bluemix, lets open the Bluemix dashboard in our web browser again. Our entire experimentation was based on a single Lathe machine and a single tool carrying out a constrained job.
Because it needed an entire change in protocols, sensors, UIs and companies busy with their production hardly had time for this. If you are an expert mechanical engineer with years of experience in production and maintainance planning, leave your valuable advises and comments and suggestions. If you do not get that soon( with every likelihood you wouldn't), write to predix team, raise support tickets, exchange some mails and then some other mails and finally you will get your account ( if you are lucky enough).
Actual Predix repo in Maven is a private repo that needs authentication by the Maven applications. Predix provides two security services: UAA ( user account and authentication) and Authentication Service. In our Microservice Java app, we are going to tap into this hook and expose a service end point. The service access grant needs to be performed by appending service environment variables in UAA scope, which needs you to perform with another Predix web app. PostgreSQL is is a very robust and reliable database that has been around for a long time so it definitely has been battle tested. At the same time the action will create a public visible tunnel to this app using the ngrok service. The tool needs a replacement when it can no more be used to produce jobs with certain level of accepted accuracy.
We realized that after sufficient knowledge about the data, writing a RUL analysis for a single Asset-Single Job-Single is not that difficult. So traditionally handful of industrial automation players have dominated the industry for decades. The UAA is the most basic step towards working with Predix as the other services are all authenticated through this.
The vFabric Postgres product is part of the recently announced vFabric Data Director, which is a new database provisioning and operations solution designed to deliver a Database-as-a-Service model for the enterprise. Let’s see if we can easily add a page to our web app to display some database information. As a result, you get a publicly visible URL that routes all its traffic to your local machine and to the local Spring Boot app that is running on your local machine. The Spring Boot Dashboard is open-source under the EPL and we would be more than happy to collaborate with you on additional features and adding support for more cloud runtimes to it. In industries, standard procedures are adopted to measure the wear and tear of these tools. Taylor's equation depends upon constants which are further dependent on the Asset type, manufacturer, specifications and so on. Now that manufacturing and production process faces tremendeous challenges, companies are forced to take a step back and review their automation and analytics process. This should hel the developer community to understand the data acquisition prerequistes in the induestry and will help model their architecture to suit such a framework. As we have already created our UAA instance by name rupamUAA, we have selected that while subscribing. The app is automatically configured to register with the remote Eureka using this publicly visible tunnel URL. Mostly these methods are based on industrial accelerometer sensors and high precision multi channel simultaneous data acquisition units. You need to create an encrypted password from this site, add it as credentials with your maven config file to be able to populate Predix maven repos.
So, is there any difference between vFabric Postgres and regular PostgreSQL from a developers perspective? It is often found out using Taylors equation which is normally dependent upon speed of cut, depth of cut, feed rate and composition of the material.
But many a times, the expected lifetime deviate from the calculated expected lifetime due to various production process that includes improper feed, inaccurate material composition that the specified one and so on. The changes made are internal and related to delivering the elasticity and performance required for the cloud.

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