Learn how to evaluate Cloud Service Providers and identify the right IaaS provider for your business needs. Download this report for detailed cloud service provider selection criteria and contracting options. What are the various IaaS models and how does each model function within our current business structure?
Manon Buettner is an accomplished infrastructure architect, data center and cloud analyst and practitioner with over fifteen years of experience designing, selling, and implementing cloud solutions, data center selection and migrations, and network enablement for midmarket and enterprise businesses, as well as for telecom and service providers. Participants will attend a wide range of educational sessions on the company’s products, which include business management applications like Sage One, Sage 50 U.S. The opening keynote was led by Sage North America CEO Pascal Houillon, and included presentation by many key executives, including Sage Group global CEO Guy Berruyer.   Houillon and CTO Himanshu Palsule walked through a number of new products, including cloud-connected services which work with existing ERP products, mobile applications for a wide range of customer needs and platforms, and solutions for accountants and consultants. Houillon mentioned numerous enhancements to the Company’s cloud accounting program, Sage One made in the last year, including bank reconciliation and data integration.
The two most impressive technology demonstrations were a voice recognition mobile app and data on how clients are using the applications. This data is presented in a graphical format from the Sage Partner Portal, and is available for use today. During the convention, the company announced a number of new products and enhancements, including Sage Enterprise Intelligence for Sage ERP X3, Sage Intelligence Bundle for Sage 100 ERP, Sage 300 ERP, and Sage 500 ERP, and Sage Inventory Advisor. Sage North America CEO Pascal Houillon has brought a greater focus to the company during his tenure. The company has also enhanced its Sage Intelligence reporting and business intelligence application, and created a number of new product offerings, including Sage Mobile Sales and Sage Payment Services.
Microsoft Dynamics GP paves the way as an evolutionary and cutting edge ERP solution, especially in the new era of affordable, cloud-savvy technologies.
The HTML5 Web Client enables heavy use of GP on any device by only delivering the top, visual layer to users, while the heavy computing is done at the server level.

The new web client is the result of one of Microsoft's long term development goals that has been completed in stages through the past few GP releases.
If you need help upgrading to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP, or if you would like more information about the benefits of upgrading, please give us a call. By Turnkey Technologies, Inc. - Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics ERP and Dynamics CRM Partner of Missouri, Illinois, Oklahoma and North Texas. Ryan Sandness at Microsoft has created a nice video at the Dynamics Corporate Performance Management blog. You can use current version of GP for a 30-day test drive with this free Dynamics GP small business accounting software trial. The convention, which brings thousands of Sage customers and business partners together every year, is being held at the Gaylord National Resort just outside Washington, D.C. Edition (formerly Sage Peachtree), Sage 50 Canada Edition (formerly Simply Accounting by Sage), Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90 ERP), Sage 300 ERP, Sage 500 ERP, and Sage X3 ERP. The voice recognition app retrieve customer data from an ERP system using natural language queries, including credit limit, unpaid receivables, and address information.The mobile tool also integrated with web-based mapping functions to provide directions from the users location and was able to initiate a call to the customer’s phone number.
This application is arguably one of the most impressive “big data” projects in the accounting technology space to date. Sage Inventory Advisor is a cloud-based tool which helps businesses to project and forecast sales and inventory needs, and is accessible from both mobile and traditional web browsers. Under his leadership, the company launched Sage ERP X3 for enterprise customers and Sage One to provide an online accounting and project management solution for entrepreneurs. The company has created commercial cloud hosting programs for a number of its products, including Sage 50 US, Sage 50 Canada, Sage 100 ERP, and Sage 300 ERP.The company’s restructuring resulted in a number of significant changes, including realignment of the company’s development efforts under CTO Himanshu Palsule, and the creation of groups focused on enterprise customers, mid-market customers, small business customers, and entrepreneurs.
With flexible licensing and deployment models, GP is capable of fitting the needs and budget of any size business - from small shops to large enterprises – with zero compromises to complete ERP functionality for end-to-end financial management. The big news for this release will be the new HTML5 web client, which will render Dynamics GP forms as HTML5 web pages.

There are beginning of the period balances, period activity, and end of the period balances that have to be correctly queried and reported.
Buettner works closely with dynamic enterprise IT teams to identify business and technical requirements, introduce relevant solutions, and manages complex co-location or managed cloud services searches and deployments. The client information application, called Sage Advisor, uses data mining techniques to extract and share information on the features they use in their solutions to their business partner. At last year’s conference, Houillon announced the company’s plans to sunset support for a number of products, including DAC Easy Accounting, Sage 500 ERP, and others, at a date no earlier than August 2017.
Sage North America has also divested a number of products since last year’s show, including ACT! This is causing much excitement among Dynamics users, because it means they will be able to fully use the Microsoft Dynamics GP web client in its entirety from any device that supports HTML5 web browsers. With various license types, choice of deployment, and now the ability to fully utilize GP on any device, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 will continue to be the most appealing and easily-adopted ERP solution for businesses taking the next step off of QuickBooks or other entry-level accounting software. You also have to make judicious use your chart of accounts to accurately account for transactions that will make cash flow statement reporting easy to do. You still need to make sure that the accounts you use will give you the correct information. Users will be able access the powerful functions in Dynamics GP from their Android tablet, OSX and Linux, and on any browser that supports HTML5 (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc…).

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