Government has insisted that the cause of the erratic power supply is down to vandalism in Nigeria and not debts owed to gas supplier, West African Gas Pipeline company (WAPCo). A resurgent power crisis has put government under pressure after it appeared to have petered out in the beginning of the year.
A possible explanation surfaced after a letter from the managers of the 678 kilometer pipeline company began circulating in the media. The letter, dated June 16, says there is “non-payment of the sum of US$101.736 million” overdue invoices. Cloud solutions provider, Rackspace Hosting has announced its Australian data centre is open for business, joining a list of international locations. Rackspace Hosting has announced that its Australian-based data centre is open to local businesses seeking to tap into the company’s open cloud technologies. Mark Randall, Director of Rackspace Australia and New Zealand, believes that the opening of this new cloud data centre will meet a local appetite for these cloud-based offerings. The data centre, located at Erskine Park in Western Sydney, becomes a part of Rackspace’s international footprint, which includes other facilities in Dallas, Chicago, Virginia, London and Hong Kong.

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YY’s IPO, the first of a Chinese company in the US since April, is a test for other Chinese companies who have encountered major investor skepticism in the wake of high-profile accounting controversies. Whether shares in YY will continue to do well depends on its growth and level of transparency going forward. Lufthansa is getting out of the IT business, in a deal whereby IBM will buy the German airline's infrastructure business and takes over its in-house IT. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Campbell has a keen interest in emerging technologies and their impact in the world of media and online retail. Shares in the social media and gaming platform were up 7% at $11.31 at the close of trading. Chinese companies are also hesitant to list overseas and are waiting instead for signs of new policies from the country’s new leadership team announced last week.

YY’s free online platform has 400 million registered users who talk with each other via voice, video and text.
Campbell is an indoor sports junkie, to the point of playing in a local dodgeball competition once a week, “just for kicks”. But now YY may have broken through some of that, inspiring other Chinese startups to follow in its step. We cannot assure you that this level of significant growth will be sustainable or achieved at all in the future,” the company writes in its prospectus (p. Other Chinese companies like China Auto and Shanda Cloudery had to scrap their plans for IPOs because of poor investor sentiment. If YY’s relationship with outside game developers falters and affects its pricing or selection, the entire business will feel it.

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