Since your data is stored online, you can access your data wherever you are as long as you are connected to the internet. Since the cloud storage service not only stores your data but also data of large number of clients, the regularly perform backups so that your data remains safe. If you store your valuable data on a local hard drive, it can get damaged or stolen easily. If you are using an external hard drive to store your files, you may have to buy a new hard drive if you used the available space.
Data If you have added several files to your online storage, on all your devices the files will get updated automatically.
If you want several people to work on a particular project and make the work files available to various users, you can do it well through cloud storage service.
Devices that are used for backing up data such as external hard drives do not come for cheap. If you are using an external hard drive to perform backup manually, the process of selecting the files and folders can be quite tedious.
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External hard disks and other storage devices become unreliable after a couple of years as well.
You do not have to bother about any of these things when you are storing your data on cloud servers.
In the case of an organisation, opting for cloud storage solutions significantly reduce the amount of IT infrastructure you would otherwise require. Earlier, cloud storage service providers used to market their services as the most secure way of storing your data online.
The smart thing to do is to save only your less-important files online and keep the important ones stored securely somewhere else. Cloud Storage is a storage medium that many people use today, Because with the Cloud we can save the data anywhere and anytime, and we just need the internet to save our data.
If you one of the users that use Cloud Storage, you should attention to the following matters to protect data in your Cloud.
Most of us use a phone number or home address as the password, so this is not protect data or file that we have.
If things happen that are not desirable your personal data will not be Misused, and ultimately to Prevent harm to you, from the materials or other things can harm your self.
It is very important to know that cloud storage is a service where the data is remotely maintained , managed , and backed up , It allows you to store the files online so that you can access them from any location via the Internet , You can share the entire folder or the single file with other users easily that makes it absolutely convenient and easy for the users .
You have to know that All cloud storage services have desktop folders for Mac’s and PC’s , This allows you to drag and drop the files between the cloud storage and their local storage ,  You can avoid emailing files to individuals and instead send a web link to recipients through your email . It is very important to know that cloud storage can be used as a back?up plan by businesses by providing a copy of important files that are stored at a remote location and they can be accessed through an internet connection .
You have to know that businesses and organizations can often reduce the annual operating costs by using cloud storage , It costs about 3 cents per gigabyte to store the data internally . It is very important to know that with cloud storage services , You are no longer required to toggle the files between different gadgets which can prove to be complex and cumbersome , The files and the information can be accessed from different places provided that there is internet connection . You should know that when it comes to backing up data , backup tapes or external hard drives do not come for cheap prices , a lot of time is required for manually completing routine backups , Cloud storage does not require the traditional backup methods and offers plenty of storage space at low costs .

It is very important to know that businesses can benefit a lot by storing sensitive or confidential information on cloud storage services , Storing the files or the data locally presents businesses with more security concerns whereas the encrypted data on online storage services prevents the unauthorized use or access in an easy way . It is very important to know that the data on cloud storage is invisible from others for all purposes and it helps to keep the valuable space at the office or home from getting occupied .
You should know that cloud storage service helps protect the irreplaceable and precious files , The data which is kept by the users within the cloud services remain safe and secure from all types of unauthorized use or access . It is very important to know that the data accessibility is from any part of the world , It does not increases work efficiency  only but it also reduces the operations costs , having a cloud storage help to have remote data backups .
You should copy and paste instead of drag and drop to move the copy onto the cloud storage folder to retain the document’s original location . It is very important to know that several cloud storage services have a specific bandwidth allowance that costs  additional charges if you exceeds the given allowance , There is unlimited bandwidth that the companies should take it to avoid the  additional charges when looking for a cloud storage provider .
You have to know that when there is no internet connection ,  you will not access to your data , Most companies use industrial level security software that make it harder for the hackers to get at your data but the hackers may access to your date .
You have to know that cloud storage services allow the people to access the information from any place with an internet connection but  there are the chances of technical issues or outages that can never be disregarded when it comes to technology . It is very important to know that breaking the security adopted by cloud storage service is quite hard but it is not impossible , a compromise within any of the servers where the information of the users is stored can expose it to the hackers . You should know increasing the bandwidth to access the data , increases the operations costs , if your internet connection do not have a great speed , you will not access the data , downloading and uploading large documents is sometimes difficult as they take huge amounts of time .
If you want to make a permanent backup of your most important files, you can use a CD, Blu-ray or DVD disk to do so.
If you’d like to be able to update your backup files and folders, you might choose to use a USB stick or an external hard drive for your data storage. A recent addition to your backup storage options are online storage and cloud storage facilities. The major advantage of online data storage over hardware based storage is that your data is not at risk from the disasters that often befall technology. Though more expensive than hardware options because they tend to require a monthly subscription fee (although cheap and even free alternatives are available), online data storage is currently the most advanced and advantageous available. Whether you want to share only one file or an entire folder, you can easily do it with a few clicks. However, when it comes to online storage, you can ask the cloud storage service provider to give your more storage space whenever you want. For instance, if you have saved the latest version of a file on your PC, the same version will be available on other device like smartphone. If you wish to perform backups regularly, you will have to go through the tedious process again and again.
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Many users are jumping to the cloud storage bandwagon without really looking into the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing closely.
These days, most of the software applications are available as cloud-based applications as well. As already mentioned, the recent reports of data theft from cloud servers have changed this perception. In the last few months, sophisticated hackers have successfully hacked into the servers of big tech firms like Apple and Google.
Because most of us are now utilizing the facility Cloud Storage to save our data in internet.

You should make your password harder to be traced and don't use your name as a passwords or use your mother's name or handphone number. You can backup your data in other media storage to anticipate if your data is lost, and you can still return your data. They begin with the hard disk that’s already nestled within your computer tower, the primary place for your documents to reside once you’ve created them. The physical capacity of each one differs, but the idea is essentially the same: your data is burned into the disk on a usually permanent basis. Just like with burning to disk, you’ll need to do this manually, but the advantages of this type of medium include storage space and the ability to add to your storage as you need to. Each one differs according to the security measures put in place to keep your data secure, the amount of storage space available to you and the cost you’ll be charged for each gigabyte and the method you use to access your data.
You can’t spill your coffee over a cloud storage system and it won’t matter if thieves break into your building or the cat accidentally sets fire to your office. Instead of storing your data on a storage device at your home or office, you can remotely store your files and access them wherever you are able to access the internet. Storing your data online reduces the need to carry around a physical drive or hard disk with you all the time. So, when you are looking at the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing, it is difficult to consider data security as an advantage, as these servers are active online all the time, and hackers may eventually figure out how to access them. So, it is clear that you have something to worry about, if you are storing important and private data on the cloud. With the development of mobile devices it will grow very rapidly and can make a new breakthrough.
So use unique passwords and use symbols and numbers to your passwords to add a password strength.
Because data can easily be lost, whether through hacker attack or a fire or tornado, or simply because a hard disk isn’t the most reliable object in the wide world, there are also other options for data storage out there to complement your hard disk. With some online storage, you can use your web browser to interact with your storage and you can grant access to other people, wherever they may be in the world. It also makes your data accessible to you wherever you are in the world, as long as you have an internet connection – no more need to remember to pack your peripheral devices if you’re travelling for business and no huge email attachments to be sent back and forth to clients. On the other hand, basic online cloud storage space of about 5GB to 10GB is available for free of cost.
All you need to do is select the files and folders you want to back up and the service will automatically perform the backup.
There are now more discussions going on about the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing services available today, and the security options each of them provide. Just by logging on to your cloud storage account, you can access the entire data stored on the server.
But Cloud have advantages and disadvantages, the advantages is we not need many spaces, we just need internet to save data, and this is free.
And in security questions use unique answers, don't use the usual names you hear so peoples will be difficult to know your passwords.
Backup storage options that ask you to download and install special software sometimes include extra features and generally offer more storage space, on the other hand. The disadvantages is data can be accessed by anyone so here slit will be open to data theft.

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