The inclusion of cloud computing has gained a steady progress in to our business world where professionals are relying more on cloud services to add dynamism, flexibility and scalability to their set-ups.
Various trades and businesses now have operational processes which are ingrained with integrated IT solutions for saving on time and resources as well as adding certain flexibility and knowledge benefit to the exercise. Public clouds slice up acloud to accommodate many users who have chosen the service, whereas private clouds grant exclusivity to an individual company or a business group to suffice the set-up’sIT requirements. Cloud Services in Dubai present a variety of operational alternatives with private, public and hybrid models along with its service options. Above all, outsourced cloud services enable the companies an exclusive flexibility, reduced time to market and TCO without the resource and time hassle, making it an ideal option for today’s enterprises.
A private cloud when used for storage thus grants predictability and exclusivity taking away some amount of expandability.
As the #1 Enterprise OS, Oracle Solaris 11 sets the standard for running your business reliably, securely and efficiently.
Oracle Solaris 11 is the critical piece to provide the highest levels of performance in your data center with cost efficiency. Most companies prefer private clouds over the public ones in order to be secure and safe at a small cost of reduced scalability in certain cases.

Most prominent benefits of cloud storage for companies come to the fore as ease and flexibility for accessing data. Nobody except the business enterprise which owns the cloud can touch it as against the public cloud.
It empowers the users to know every possible facility as well as limitation as regards the usage of the storage. The cloud management service outsourcing is picking up as companies realize the complexities of managing one on their own. It efficaciously avoids the unnecessary time consumed while managing the complexities of looking after the infrastructure, security requirements, varied configurations and so on, as it hardly creates any worth as regards to strategic use of the technology. Fully integrated features like Oracle Solaris Zones and network virtualization enable rapid provisioning of highly dynamic public and private cloud environments. Oracle Solaris 11 raises the bar on core enterprise values guaranteeing business investment with binary compatibility, and continuous availability through Oracle Solaris Cluster and hardware fault management. Companies now maintain limited physical hardware infrastructure, as most of the data resides on public or private clouds. Companies who want to have complete control over their data without having to invest in physical storage equipment can benefit from signing up private cloud services.

Companies prefer to take advantage of outsourced services instead of spending their valuable resources and time in trainings.
Administrators can securely provision applications from development through to production environments with simplified software lifecycle management.
Cloud storage makes it easy for organizations to maintain remote back-ups of the useful data, thus reducing the disaster recovery costs to a large extent.
This introduces a certain amount of ambiguityfor businesses who want to have predictable usage of cloud for infrastructure and storage. Gain key cloud advantages of agility and lower maintenance costs in your business by utilising Oracle Solaris 11.

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