Best Pre-Order Bonus ever goes to Lighting Returns Final Fantasy 13 - Get Cloud's Uniform and Buster Sword! Best Pre-Order Bonus ever goes to Lighting Returns Final Fantasy 13 – Get Cloud’s Uniform and Buster Sword! The package will include Cloud Strife’s SOLDIER 1st Class Uniform, his iconic Buster Sword, and the SOLDIER band. Europe will be getting an additional pre-order bonus that includes three samurai costumes: Shogun, Sohei Savior and Flower of Battle. 1st of all do you really think its gonna be good, I think this costume is making you think theres a chance of it being good lol.
Am I wrong saying this seems to be a desperation move by Square Enix to boost the games sales during pre-order window and launch release?

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When worn the costume will also make Lightning execute a special victory pose that imitates Cloud’s and the Final Fantasy VII‘s victory fanfare will replace the one from Lighting Returns Final Fantasy 13.
Still doesn't give me much confidence in Squares ability to make a good Final Fantasy game these days.
Offred’s costume represents loss of independence, then regaining freedom: layers of contrasting shapes and textures symbolize birth, death, fertility and blood. In my eyes, it’s downright beautiful, if only for attempting to look half-way feasible.

Square Enix has announced the pre-order bonus for the game and it includes the Buster Sword and outfit Cloud uses in Final Fantasy 7. I know Vanille and Fang had something going on which was kind of cool, but now dressing Lightning like a SOLDIER 1st class and her behaviour, kind of makes me wonder.
The structural, exaggerated silhouette of the Commander’s costume reflects his power, later broken down, peeling back to expose his hidden vulnerability.
This is the sort of ship NASA might design to shield astronauts from the Sun’s radiation.

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