Implementing a CRM application can be a challenging project especially for organizations with multiple complex departments. As a technological expert puts it – ‘’CRM is not just limited to being an enterprise application. Generally speaking, MNCs and other large organizations emphasize upon forming a well thought out implementation plan for CRM.
Note: When a CRM implementation lacks the required planning, it often ends up as a shelf-ware that is not adopted by the users. If you’re tired of constantly getting lost in the thicket of ideas, half-concepts and free-floating words that emerge from your brainstorming sessions, then you should think about using a mind mapping tool. Though the concept of mind mapping has been around for centuries, it was popularized in the 1970s by a British psychologist named Tony Buzan, whose own mind-mapping software program, iMindMap, is listed below.
If you want to save your mind map for later, you can create a free account by filling out your username, password, and email address.
You can change the shape of your mind map by clicking and holding to drag the branches around. This mind-mapping product was developed by Tony Buzan, the psychologist who popularized the brainstorming technique. If your preferred browser is Google Chrome, then MindMap may be a useful extension to add, especially if you do a lot of brainstorming and project management. MindMeister was designed for collaboration: you and your coworkers can easily alter mind maps together in real time, discuss changes using the MindMeister live chat service, and view previous versions of a given mind map. You can add branches to your mind map, and drag them around your touchscreen using your fingers. Prices range from $36 for six months for one user, to $162 for six months for five team members. With apps for both Android and iOS, along with Windows and Mac desktop versions, SimpleMind has got you covered, regardless of what platform you prefer to use. Fortunately, it is simple to use, especially on mobile devices, where you can easily move branches and nodes around and organize your mind map while on the go.

With comment threads for each idea, along with a built in voting system, Stormboard is a virtual whiteboard that’s perfect for real-time collaboration. Needless to say, it caught the attention of many bloggers who are regular at writing about cloud CRM, CRM customization and other aspects of enterprise customer relationship management. After all, it is not a joke to roll out a solution that caters to marketing, sales, customer-service and development etc.
CRM is not the silver bullet: Thinking that CRM itself will solve all the pain points of the organizations is wrong. Lack of budget alignment: There is often a monetary issue between the cost of the technology and the cost of the changes required to support the business’ processes. To identify the right approach, resources, and tools for the implementation, an assessment of the organization's CRM strategy, staffing, processes, and technology is required. Mind maps can be a useful way to get your ideas out there and see how they’re connected. All you have to do is open it in your browser of choice, click the “Start Brainstorming” button, and, well, start brainstorming! A free account gives you three mind maps, and the ability to export them and share them with colleagues. The price is a bit hefty: $80 for the home and student edition, and $245 for the Ultimate version.
To test it out, you can register for free with your email address, and if you like it, you can sign up for six months for $30. You can invite collaborators to help you with brainstorming, create relevant groups around certain mind maps, and import mind maps you made in other programs, namely Mindmanager and Freemind. MindNode offers a more tactile approach to brainstorming that helps to put you closer to your ideas. Along with helping you create visually compelling mind maps, Mindomo lets you divvy up tasks and share resources among team members. You can also create three maps, and manage one project for free just by entering your email address.

Inevitably, the implementer requires having a thorough understanding of the different processes, and products across the teams.  Ideally CRM implementation requires the alignment of staff training and business processes with customer needs. Such implementations are doomed to fail if there is no future roadmap involved to manage other aspects of the organization's mission.
Then only, can a successful CRM implementation take place which will result in consistent processes, cross departmental coordination, and enterprise innovation. In the last five year she has worked with various companies as CRM consultant to help them move their businesses to cloud.
Then, click on one of the plus signs on either side of the rectangle to add a thought branch.
You can also invite coworkers to collaborate on your mind map with you, and view past versions of it.
MindMap offers cloud support via Google Drive, DropBox, and Box, and works offline, so you can work on mind maps anywhere, and share them with whoever you want. It’s more freeform than other mind-mapping programs, letting you type out your ideas anywhere on the page.
Besides mind maps, it comes equipped with numerous other ways to organize and clarify your thoughts, including matrices, and fishbone charts. Her expertise lies in offering cloud CRM consultation, CRM customization and integration solutions to small enterprises. Coggle automatically assigns a color to each branch (which you can change by clicking on the branch to bring up a color wheel) so by the time you’re done, you have a mind map consisting of all the colors of the rainbow. CRM is a solution which when implemented with a well-thought out plan; delivers a high business value in a complex environment.

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