Let’s see some free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds that you can use for cloud computing presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint. To join the cloud buzz, here we will show you some free cloud PowerPoint templates that you can use if you plan to make a cloud PowerPoint presentation or cloud PPT. This is a very simple cloud PowerPoint template with cloud image in the slide design and clean light blue background. This is another simple but elegant cloud PPT template design for presentations based on cloud computing services and solutions.
This is another simple template with a Windows Live look and feel but that is very suitable for presentations on the cloud. Jerusalem: Dav Moran, one of the Israel’s successful pioneers has cofounded a $100 million VC fund to invest in local startups working in the field of cloud computing, the internet of things and artificial intelligence.
Dov Moran’s company M-Systems invented the USB stick and expanded the use of flash memory that today drives most electronic devices, is the managing partner of Grove Ventures, which on Thursday announced an initial closing of $30 million.
The fund quoted that it is backed by global investor base from Japan, China, Taiwan, Europe , Israel and the United States , including strategic entities and financial investors. Singapore City: The Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin has already been a prominent investor in Asia but his spending is about to increase significantly after a new fund he is heading up made its first close. In a letter to “friends of B Capital”, Saverin and Raj Ganguly ( prominent investor who worked with Saverin on his previous Velos fund) wrote that the first close has seen the fund pull in nearly 60 percent of its target money — that means it is likely to close out just shy of $250 million once fully stocked.
Privacy, Bendall said, was a fundamental right, however, while fundamental, privacy was not an absolute right, as the Information Privacy Act 2000 (Vic) explicitly acknowledged.
Referring to cloud computing as a “juggernaut” Bendall said it was “impossible to stop with individuals, business and government embracing the technology with open arms.” “Cloud computing” is the term used for information technology infrastructure that hosts data or applications in the “cloud” – that is, it refers to offsite, geographically remote software or data storage accessed via the Internet.
Linking privacy concerns with cloud computing, Bendall told the Local Government Forum in Melbourne that while use of cloud computing services in government was more or less inevitable because of the huge advantages that cloud computing offered – cost, scalability, convenience, and technical support, it was important that privacy concerns be recognized at the foundation and built into the systems. Bendall said the main threat was the organisation’s lack of control, especially if the cloud provider was based overseas. In relation to data security, it was essential to ensure that the cloud service provider met certain minimum security standards which the organisation was obliged to comply with, especially if there was a data breach. Can my organisation audit the cloud provider to ensure they are complying with their obligations? Since privacy laws only applied to personal information, some organisations proposed de-identifying anything containing personal information so that it could be stored on cloud servers. I think Bendall’s comments are somewhat useful in that they do highlight some of the privacy risks of cloud computing, and come as a timely reminder not to leave privacy out of any cloud computing discussion. Probably makes sense to use a leading cloud provider like AWS or Salesforce, given they are safe harbor and subject to European privacy laws which are commonly regarded as superior to local Australian privacy laws. Good question Ron, it’s fantastic you have the resources to out invest multi $bn cloud providers to ensure your server is more secure, redundant & scalable!
Could you just confirm there is no way you could have any of my data under management please? But if you want to go behind the scenes; if you want to gain insight into what’s really going on, you’ll need to become a Delimiter Member and gain access to our premium content, listed below. Occasional jottings of an incurable entrepreneur on the business and technology behind cloud computing.
Let us take as a give that nobody wants to do something as painful as reducing costs (or for that matter, cutting off a dog’s tail).

Lot of different businesses are completely based on the cloud and even Pinterest achieved its great hype and success to Amazon Web Services that allow small and medium businesses and startups to run applications on the cloud and scale. There is space for the presentation title at the top left corner and also a subtitle in the bottom of the cloud slide design. You can download this free cloud PPT template with clouds in the PowerPoint background and space for presentation title. You can download this template for free especially if you need to make presentations about cloud computing on Windows 8 and Windows Server environment at enterprise level.
You are welcome to download these templates for free and share them in Twitter or like it in Facebook. Saverin has started B Capital, which in-turn has closed  an initial $143.6 million according to media reports. That way, organisations that used cloud computing could be certain that personal information was protected, even while enjoying the benefits that cloud provided. It was also part of the due diligence for organisations selecting the appropriate cloud service provider. How will personal information the cloud provider holds be destroyed or retrieved, bearing in mind any requirements under public records or archives legislation? And using an off-shore provider for sensitive information storage is the height of stupidity – you would be just asking for your data to be accessed by any half-competent hacker, or agent of a foreign government (such as the US). I highly highly recommend you educate yourself about IT security, for your own benefit and that of your employer and all their customers. However, if you do find yourself in a situation where you need to take a painful action, it is better to do it well than poorly.This document discusses a series of observations on the most effective ways to reduce costs in a startup. There were also risks where de-identification was not done properly and a person could be re-identified easily with sophisticated data matching techniques.
Right now, there aren’t many government cloud computing projects that can serve as case studies for how privacy can be done right in the cloud. We need a few more of those — and less fear-mongering in general about government use of cloud computing technologies.
For the non-salary items like rent and travel, come up with a realistic cost reduction amount.Restructure the bonus costs and timing.
Determine how much savings you can get from changing the bonus plansDelegate the salary reduction decisions. For the salary reductions, come up with a departmental target based roughly on the percent of budget allocated to each department, then let the department heads be responsible for recommending which salaries to cut in their department. For eternally optimistic, growth oriented entrepreneurs, cutting costs and laying off people feels like a betrayal of your deepest values. For companies without revenue, the rule of thumb cut costs to keep the company alive for another 12 months without additional funding.As painful as it is to make this kind of deep cuts in the organization, it is much more painful to make a series of shallow cuts. The analogy is that it is better to cut the dog’s tail only once, rather than having to cut it off several times. These kinds of spreadsheets are useful for fine-grain budgeting but bad for the kind of fast, what-if analysis needed for cost reduction.Start with the top-down budget and then create a detailed list of the savings that are going to be made to get to the new budget number. Once you have a clear top-down picture of how the costs are going to change, make the appropriate changes to bring the bottom-up detailed budget into alignment.
If you try to work from the detailed budget you will get bogged down and lose momentum in the process.

Reduce non-salary costsIn a typical startup, there are usually not too many non-salary costs to start with and limited scope for reduction.
This usually requires a good relationship with the landlord and a reasonably flexible lease, so think ahead when you sign that lease!Be careful here of making promises you cannot keep.
Cutting the travel budget in half may seem like a good idea during cost cutting but may not prove feasible if every sale requires travel to the customer. Restructure bonus costs and timingOne of the most promising cost reduction areas is bonuses. As a rule, 80% of bonuses go to executives, so in practice this means some serious discussions about the nature of a bonus plan. The starting point in the discussion to decide whether it makes sense to pay bonuses in a company that is unprofitable. If so, that means that the VCs are funding the bonus plan and the executives are reducing their incentive to run a profitable company.The best bonus plan is one which pays annually, based on the company achieving its goals, including sufficient profit to pay out the bonuses! They are also very helpful in conserving cash when the company doesn’t achieve its revenue goals.
Delegate decisions to reduce personnel decisionThe CEO and CFO decide what the cost reduction targets are, the VPs for each area decide who is affected. The ranking should be based both on hard skills as well as soft skills (attitude, contribution to team morale).
In addition, the ranking should take into account value for the money – is this person performing at the level they should given their cost?In general, a cost reduction should not drive a change in strategy. For example, deciding to eliminate the sales team and use only indirect channels is something that should be decided as part of a rethink of the entire strategy, not as an opportunistic cost reduction. People who contribute to the spirit of a company can be even more important than people who bring strong skills to the company. Work quickly but do the right thingRegardless of how good you think your secrecy is, your people know something is going on.
Talk to your companyAfter you announce the reductions, call a company meeting to tell them what has happened.
This is not a cheerleading session, but a chance to let people ask questions and a way to keep a feeling of togetherness during a difficult time for the company. In the week after the reductions, go out of your way to communicate the strategy of the company, to give people a vision for how the company will restart the growth process. The current budget calls for total costs (expenses + cost of sales) of $2M for the next quarter. Simply making the bonus contingent on profit can reduce the break-even point for the company by 210 - 300K or 15% of total costs, depending on whether the whole bonus is contingent on profit or only 70% of the bonus. Note that if the profit-sharing bonus is not paid in a given quarter, it can be deferred to the next quarter, giving the company a huge incentive to have a big Q4.5.
For the salary reductions, come up with a departmental target based roughly on the percent of budget allocated to each department. It is up to each executive to propose salary reductions to reach their target number, then negotiate these reductions with the CEO and CFO.

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