The future of cloud technology is set to disrupt the IT industry for the powerful benefits it offers to businesses. As an industry leader in the remote management field, at Interlex Solutions we work with small, medium and large businesses to promote the benefits of cloud technology and help implement it in their businesses. As businesses continue to learn more about the cloud’s efficacy and cost effectiveness, here are some of the biggest trends we see in the future of cloud technology.
Within the enterprise world, the future of cloud computing looks bright, especially in regards to addressing the issues posed by globalisation. The lack of a proper IT infrastructure in an organisation may cause it to stall on international projects and potentially leave them out of the competitive landscape altogether.
Cloud computing, however, offers organisations many benefits that will enable them to overcome these hurdles. Cloud computing is simpler: The bigger your organisation is the more challenging and costly it will be to centralise or upgrade your business technology. Increased data security: When files are stored digitally in the cloud, lost, damaged or stolen laptops are no longer as much of a concern. Cost-efficient services: When your business has been migrated to the cloud, any software upgrade or IT system overhaul is done much more efficiently and costs significant less than when done manually across every laptop and desktop in an organisation.
Cloud computing offers enterprises many powerful business solutions that will help them drive innovation and competitiveness.
Despite the numerous benefits that cloud technology can provide to enterprises, many businesses are still hesitant to migrate to the cloud because still they lack the capability and technical expertise to take advantage of the full benefits that cloud platforms have to offer. MSPs allow companies to immediately reap the benefits of cloud technology to ensure their business remains competitive in the marketplace. Predictable costs: With low flat monthly fees, MSPs provide superior enterprise-level IT service, maintenance and support including any revisions and software upgrades. More productivity: MSPs use certified IT professionals to handle all IT-related issues so that businesses can re-focus their regular employees on other core business-growing efforts.
Reduced risks: MSPs can significantly mitigate the risk of company data loss and disaster with enhanced data recovery plans that will protect your data and minimise any potential business down time.
Migrating to the cloud and getting the full benefits requires an in-depth technical knowledge of cloud technology and capabilities that only MSPs can provide. Although the enterprise world is certainly intrigued by the benefits that the cloud has to offer, the cloud itself is still in its early stages. But for companies who want partial cloud capabilities while still managing some IT resources in-house, the adoption of hybrid cloud computing may be the best solution.
With many IT employees already circumventing their own IT departments to access public clouds it is clear that the need for on-demand access to virtual machines or storage resources is real and employees don’t have the time to wait for their IT departments to provide these solutions.

Firms like Interlex Solutions provide hybrid computing services as a way for companies to enjoy the best of both worlds without having to skirt around their own IT departments.
The potential benefits that cloud computing has to offer businesses, large or small, are countless and very exciting. Interlex Solutions is Australia’s leading IT Support service provider for small, medium and large businesses. Under the terms of the agreement, the EU and China said they will strengthen cooperation to reach a global understanding – by the end of the year – on the concept, basic functionalities, key technologies and timeframe for 5G technology.
The agreement also stipulates that both parties will work to promote global standardization for 5G, in support of ongoing standardization work in relevant organizations such as the 3rd Generation Partnership Project and the International Telecommunication Union. The EU and China will also cooperate in facilitating the identification of the most promising radio frequency bands to meet the new spectrum requirements for 5G technology. South Korea and Japan have signed similar agreements with the European Union in recent months. The European Commission is investing 700 million euros ($784 million) through the Horizon 2020 initiative to support research and innovation in 5G technology.
Spanish telecom operator Telefonica and Chinese state-owned telecom operator China Unicom have signed an agreement through which they will share their international data center capabilities as a first step toward broader and larger-scale cloud cooperation. The cooperation across the cloud computing service segment will include, among others, infrastructure-as-a-service with virtual servers and multicloud solutions. The Spanish telco has a presence in 21 countries and a customer base of approximately 329 million accesses around the world. China Unicom provides a full range of telecom services in China, including mobile broadband, fixed broadband, GSM, fixed-line local access, ICT, data communications and other related value-added services. Industry leaders around the globe are looking for ways on how to implement the technology into their businesses so they remain relevant and competitive. Although globalisation offers enterprises many exciting growth opportunities, the increasingly complex IT infrastructure needed to do so presents a significant operational risk to organisations.
Cloud computing offers organisations a simple but effective solution to get everyone onto the same technology platform with access to all the applications, programs and files.
Additional security features such as data recovery, and back-up and encryption options also provide an excellent way to mitigate the risks of data loss. With the speed at which technology is evolving these days, the cloud platform provides the most efficient environment for faster, cheaper and safer IT services within any organisation.
This is why more companies are likely to hire Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to help organisations leverage the full potential of the cloud platform by managing these services for them. When you work with MSPs, your technology and data security are overseen by certified IT professionals.

As more and more businesses look to migrate to the cloud, we can expect the services of MSPs to be in high-demand for the foreseeable future.
So for many businesses like financial or pharmaceutical companies with lots of confidential data, the migration of their entire IT operations to the cloud may not be the ideal solution for them, at least not yet. Hybrid cloud computing enables companies to maintain control of their sensitive data in their own private cloud while also enjoying the public cloud benefits of leveraging costs and scalability. In fact, hybrid computing encourages employees to go through their IT teams and view them as their internal service providers. Although cloud computing is still in its early stages, it is already disrupting the IT industry in so many different ways.
Our managed IT support packages offer clients the option to partially or completely outsource their IT functions so they can focus on developing their business. Both parties also will explore possibilities in cooperating and implementing joint research actions in the area of 5G and to facilitate bilateral participation of enterprises in 5G research projects in China and the EU.
Both parties are committed to reciprocity and openness in terms of access to 5G networks research funding and market access, as well as in membership of Chinese and EU 5G associations.
Initially the agreement will focus on three major data centers from each operator with the inclusion of additional facilities over time. Telefonica has a strong business presence in Spain, Europe and Latin America, the latter region is where the company has been focusing most of its growth strategy. I have worked seven years for Business News Americas, covering telecoms and IT news in Latin American markets. These IT professionals have genuine technical skills and are highly proficient in cloud technologies and will ensure your IT requirements meet your business needs. For more information on how Interlex Solutions can help your business, please contact us now for a no-obligation free consultation.
Also, the European telco will be able to leverage the cloud capabilities of China Unicom’s data centers located across China in Langfang, Shanghai and Chongqing to enable end-to-end service delivery for its multinational customers.
I have also contributed with US-based magazine Latin Trade as the publication's correspondent in Argentina and with UK-based political risk consultancy firm Exclusive Analysis, writing reports and providing political and economic information from certain Latin American markets.

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