Manipal, Feb 2 (IBNS): Air Force School Hebbal, Bangalore won the Teenovator of the year first prize at the national-level competition for innovation by students at Manipal University here on Saturday. Bharatiya Jain Sanghatan  Junior College, Pune finished third and earned a prize money of Rs 1 lakh.
Teenovators is a national-level platform provided by Manipal University, with support from INK, to the young minds in schools across the country to showcase their creative and innovative skills.
Eight of the best teams are brought to Manipal University for the final round following a screening process spread over few months.
This year 400 schools participated and eight were selected for the grand finale held at the Innovation Center in Manipal Institute of Technology.
The finalists exhibited their projects at the Innovation Centre in Manipal Institute of Technology.
The five judges and three mentors grilled the participants about their projects, which according to them were of a very high standard.

They were happy that Manipal University was providing the platform for the youngsters to innovate and exhibit their skills. The Bangalore school had won the first prize in 2013 for their project on how to maximize life of a mobile battery while in use.
The piezoelectric materials are fixed in the shock absorbers and coupling dampers of a train and converting the electric signals thus produced by running trains. The students have conducted a study on this subject and have come out with certain recommendations of controlling crop growth with electromagnetism. Kiran Datar, Former Advisor Government of India, National Knowledge Commission, Maulishree Agrahari, CEO, ICT Skills Development Society, Govt. Addressing the audience at the event, Kiran Datar, Former Advisor of National Knowledge Commission, Govt.
Ashish from Air Force School Hebbal said Teenovators gave them a good platform to showcase their innovation and ideas.

Garden High International School, Kolkata were second and bagged a prize money of Rs 3 lakhs. Consolations prizes of Rs 50,000 each went to St Columba's school, Delhi and Iqbalia International School, Hyderabad. Teenovators 2015 has been a great learning experience and a great platform to showcase our innovation and ideas.

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