Biar lebih paham lagi tentang cloud computing itu sendiri, saya kasih gambaran sederhananya. Infrastructure as service, hal ini meliputi Grid untuk virtualized server, storage & network. Platform as a service, hal ini memfokuskan pada aplikasi dimana dalam hal ini seorang developer tidak perlu memikirkan hardware dan tetap fokus pada pembuatan aplikasi tanpa harus mengkhawatirkan sistem operasi, infrastructure scaling, load balancing dan lain-lain. Para investor sedang mencoba untuk mengeksplorasi adopsi teknologi cloud computing untuk dijadikan bisnis seperti Google dan Amazon yang sudah punya penawaran khusus pada teknologi cloud. Bisa dipastikan ke depannya cloud computing ini akan menjadi sebuah trend, standar teknologi akan menjadi lebih sederhana karena ketersediaan dari layanan cloud. Komputer akan menjadi lambat atau tidak bisa dipakai sama sekali jika internet bermasalah atau kelebihan beban. Tap A FishWelcome to Tap A Fish - Feed the fishes to make them strong, help them survive the alien storm. Cloud computing has embarked on a tech inspired journey to help SMBs and big entrepreneurs gain appreciably in the enterprise mobility world.
In short, it is a type of computing that finds its fuel from shared computing resources, thereby emancipating the businesses from the compulsion of having personal devices or local servers to use various applications.
It is a cloud computing model in which software providers enable the users to access software applications remotely.
The best example for SaaS is that of Salesforce that enables authorized users to access its customer relationship management (CRM) system through internet.
As per Gartner, the SaaS enterprise application market is all set to go beyond 21 Billion UD by 2015. Unlike SaaS that hosts completed cloud applications, PaaS cloud computing model provides development platform for both the completed and under progress applications. The model also ensures multifarious benefits for the service seekers that include reduced operating and maintenance cost, enhanced mobility, and so on. No prizes for guessing that IaaS model allows the consumers to directly leverage computing infrastructure components such as physical or virtual machines, firewalls, load balancers, block and file-based storage, various computing resources, virtual LANs and much more. From technology point of view, IaaS model has been among the most successful ones since it leads to significant reduction in application hosting and maintenance cost among other major benefits. Finoit makes capable efforts in simplifying complex enterprise business processes of its global clients. To know more about cloud computing services we offer at Finoit, feel free to contact us at the earnest. Siya is a social media enthusiast with a background as Web and UI designer, and is Social media manager of Finoit. Sign up and receive the latest news, reviews and trends on your favorite technology topics.
This entry was posted on Sunday, August 7th, 2016 at 9:57 pm and is filed under Certification and Education, Programming, Software Development. Paul Krill is an editor at large at InfoWorld, whose coverage focuses on application development. Seperti yang ada di Wikipedia bahwa cloud computing itu adalah gabungan dari pemanfaatan teknologi (komputasi) dan pengembangan berbasis internet (awan).

Contohnya, jika sebuah perusahaan membutuhkan aplikasi CRM (Costumer Relationship Management). Dalam contoh di atas, perusahaan Microsoft telah menyediakan aplikasi CRM yang dapat langsung digunakan oleh perusahaan yang membutuhkan tadi. Lingkaran-lingkaran sebagai media aplikasi yang menjembatani sumber daya dan cloud-nya adalah internet.
Dan juga Microsoft dan IBM tidak mau kalah dalam hal ini, mereka juga sudah menginvestasikan jutaan dolar untuk hal ini.
Dan juga perusahaan yang menyewa layanan dari cloud computing tidak punya akses langsung ke sumber daya. The best thing with this technology is that it frees businesses from investing much on infrastructure, hardware and software resources. It negates the need for installation, setup and maintenance of software by service seekers at their end. Among the other major SaaS providers include Gmail, Yahoomail, SAP, Oracle, Appdynamics, XDrive, and so on. Moreover, the model will also be the reason behind delivering 85% of the latest software applications to the end users by 2015, according to Montclair Advisors. Some widely known IaaS providers are Amazon EC2, Flexiscale, Windows Azure, Rackspace, GoGrid, Joyent, etc.
With the inception of cloud computing, even an individual who finds it hard to develop, host and run an application for use by consumers now finds it easier to transform his ideas. We can also work persistently in providing quality applications that could be leveraged as one of the components of the cloud computing service models. She has deep inclination towards writing about emerging technologies,Web and Mobile app development and other technology related stuff. Cloud computing merupakan sebuah metode komputasi dimana kemampuan TI disediakan sebagai layanan berbasis internet. Kenapa perusahaan itu harus membeli aplikasi itu, membeli hardware buat server dan harus menyewa tenaga ahli TI khusus untuk menjaga server dan aplikasi itu?
Perusahaan yang membutuhkan itu tinggal menghubungi perusahaan Microsoft untuk menyambungkan perusahaannya (dalam hal ini melalui internet) dengan aplikasi CRM & tinggal memakainya.
Let’s discuss them one after another followed by their impact and penetration across the globe.
They can gain access to these applications, better known as on-demand software through mobile phone, web browser, etc. The type of software these provide include CRM, email, data sharing, data processing and billing, etc.
It is best for use by small and medium businesses that develop and sell their own applications but find it a costly affair to own a programming environment at their end.
Businesses find it easier to deploy their applications using this model as instead of approaching a hosting company or managing data centers on their own, they have to simply choose an IaaS provider and start getting virtual services for selected resources. Notably, Amazon captures the lion’s share of the global IaaS market as is obvious by this pie chart published on Cloudcow in 2012, followed by Rackspace and Verizon as the post talks about Google’s entry into IaaS domain with its commitment to provide raw computing power to companies through internet. Observing the current status of this vibrant trend, it is easier to anticipate its bright future provided that service vendors keep on offering cheaper and more feasible cloud solutions that almost anyone could access easily, efficiently and remotely.

We provide bankable web and mobile solutions that end users may access comfortably on their desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Kita hanya perlu menghubungi penyedia layanan listrik, yaitu PLN untuk menyambungkan rumah kita dengan jaringan listrik dan kita tinggal menikmatinya saja.
Dan pembayaran dilakukan per bulan, per triwulan, per semester, per tahun atau sesuai kontrak yang dibuat. Jika server vendor rusak atau punya layanan backup yang buruk, maka perusahaan akan mengalami kerugian besar. Customers can avail services from all these providers through either pay per use model or subscription model. Hence instead of bearing the expenditures of managing the entire IT environment, they seek assistance of the programming models, tools, web server, database execution environment for programming languages, frameworks, and operating system, etc., from a PaaS provider remotely, at a fixed monthly cost.
Jadi, perusahaan yang membutuhkan aplikasi CRM tadi, tidak perlu melakukan investasi awal untuk pembelian hardware server dan tenaga ahli TI. News and World Report.Java is frequently used in high school advanced courses, so the transition to Java in college is a natural one for students.
Spring, also featuring dependency injection, has been leveraged for years asA another option for developing Java applicationsA besides using only the Java EE platform. Itulah salah satu manfaat dari cloud computing yang dapat menghemat anggaran suatu perusahaan. Applications can be accessed on desktops or mobile devices, such as tablets, and Heroku cloud deployment is supported. This is how C++ and Java came to supplant Pascal, a popular language for teaching programming in the 1980s. It has a simpler syntax than Java or C++, allowing novices to start writing programs almost immediately. WebSockets can be enabled in JHipster via the Atmosphere Framework for asynchronous application development with Java.
At the same time, it can be scaled up for heavy industrial usage -- it is widely used in the financial community for data analysis, for instance.Although informal, such a survey can be valuable, in that the language used to teach computer science can influence how students will come to view programming in their professional years, Guo said.
Upcoming minor releases of JHipster will focus on stability and compatibility between all options provided by JHipster.
Surveying the top universities can also reveal broader trends in education.Other popular languages for teaching include MatLab, a mathematically oriented language often used to introduce scientists and engineers to programming. Older, and arguably more-difficult-to-learn, languages such as C and C++ are still used as well, though increasingly they are being taught alongside Java and Python.Also seemingly ebbing in influence are functional programming languages based on Scheme, which have long held sway at a small but ardent number of computer science departments.
Schools such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of California, Berkeley, however, have phased out Scheme in favor of Python.Joab Jackson covers enterprise software and general technology breaking news for The IDG News Service.

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