Business service providers, also called business process outsourcers, or application service providers, offer a wide range of useful services to businesses worldwide. Pervasive can help manage trading partner data feeds with a single, central, reusable workflow process, cut customer on-ramping time by as much as 80%, and bridge firewalls to reach trading partner systems seamlessly.
Information Management highlights a CareMedic® case study where using Pervasive Integration Hub, they were able to support their growth and improve efficiency while handling over 1500 trading partners. BSP's have to manage data feeds, sometimes hundreds, or even thousands of data feeds, each with their own quirky formats.
Pervasive gives you the wide variety of connectivity you need to handle any quirky format a customer is likely to hand you.
So, instead of having to rebuild 100% of the customer's mapping, processing, data scrubbing, and validation process from scratch, Pervasive gives BSPs the power to reuse what already works, and only do the small amount of customization that particular customer needs. When your data loads get to big for any one machine to handle, DataRush allows you to scale out to an unlimited number of machines in a cluster. Agents are small footprint, completely silent, automatically managed integration engines that can push data across firewalls. Companies like ADP and Benefit Concepts have been using Pervasive integration to get their jobs done for more than ten years. High Data Reliability – Robust error detection included, and the logging thread tracks the status of the last successful step and allows the user to restart from that point. Benefit Concepts won the 2010 InnovatioNEXT Healthcare award for their use of Pervasive Integration Hub. Logistics service providers require data, tons of it, in an amazingly disparate variety of formats and widely dispersed geographical locations.
Whether you need to make sure cement trucks arrive at their destination when the work crews need them, and before the cement hardens, or you need to make sure soldiers have enough food and water in a field deployment, we can help. Pervasive helped many companies through these same difficulties, and realized there was a need for a solution.

High Data Reliability - Robust error detection included, and the logging thread tracks the status of the last successful step and allows the user to restart from that point. As a direct marketing service provider, you know that the quality of your contact data, and the accuracy of your analytics are the key to off the charts response rates.
For small trading partners, complex data interchange formats just aren't within their capabilities. The option of manual entry into a website that automatically changes that information into the proper format for them can be an ideal solution.
A more modern, more secure and more compatible browser with today's websites, Edge will need more features to fully fit in at work -- but will be worth the wait. In fact, many businesses have standardized on older versions of Internet Explorer for line-of-business applications that rely on ActiveX, VBScript, Browser Helper Objects or specific document modes in IE. As a result, many companies have had to continue using IE while also providing a second, more modern browser that employees can use for most of their online work -- like Chrome.
After years of trying to address that trend by ensuring backward compatibility in new versions of IE, Microsoft has changed its approach in Windows 10 by introducing a new default browser: Edge. Edge is based on a stripped-down, heavily rewritten version of Microsoft's Trident rendering engine that drops Microsofta€™s CSS vendor prefixes and technologies like ActiveX plugins, and adds support for both HTML 5 standards and the vendor prefixes used on many mobile-optimized sites. If businesses are going to have a dual browser policy, Microsoft is hoping that they will choose to have both browsers come from Microsoft. The press likes to focus on shiny new things and the shiny thing of the moment is Windows 10. Whether your company processes insurance claims, manages payroll or benefits, provides business intelligence, or a hundred other services that corporations need to run smoothly, the pattern of integration headaches you all face are very similar.
Ethos cut client on-boarding time from 30 days to 5 days and saved over $90,000 on maintenance.
You can require your customers to use a standard format, but half the time customers don't get it right even then, or you may be required by your business model to accept data in whatever form customers give it to you.

Every customer who has put the Integration Hub into place has cut their customer onramp time at least in half. The Pervasive data profiling and matchmerge de- duplication engines, Pervasive's two most data intensive applications, are both built on the Pervasive DataRush extreme high performance automatic multi- threading, multi-core parallel processing platform. Pervasive allows you to exchange data with customers via data files and FTP sites, but it also gives you the option of integrating directly to client applications across the web. Pervasive Integration Hub™, a packaged technology and services solution, was created specifically to help BSPs. Easily manage files through an automated process of retrieving customer data, transforming it according to specified business rules and formatting parameters, and loading it into target repositories and processing applications all through an easy-to-use GUI.
Easily manage files through an automated process of retrieving customer data, transforming it according to specified business rules and formatting parameters, and loading into target repositories and processing applications–all through an easy-to-use GUI. Older versions have persisted for compatibility reasons even as Microsoft has tried to get users and enterprises to upgrade to more recent releases. Chris Jackson, software architect at Microsoft, said in a talk at TechEd Europe 2014 that, as of October of that year, roughly 70% of enterprise Web apps had to be run in IE5 Quirks mode (a technique for maintaining backward compatibility with older websites). Internet Explorer is still present, but it's relegated to a legacy browser that will get only security updates, not new features. It runs as a universal app, so it's in the most restrictive sandbox Windows has, with no binary plugins or add-ons except for Flash (which is automatically updated), all of which should improve security.
80% of every customer onramp at a particular busines service provider is exactly like every other customer.

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