Technology companies face many common challenges, whether they are in semiconductor devices or equipment, digital devices or network infrastructure, software or IT services. Our consultants help CTOs and CIOs with major investment decisions that impact their company’s performance. We help high-tech clients execute value-creating IT strategies and deploy technology to optimize operations and efficiency.
We help consumer electronics players, device manufacturers, and software and online services providers transform their businesses. We help our clients make and execute informed, bold decisions in structuring their companies and portfolios to produce competitive advantage and lasting value. We help enterprise hardware, software, and services companies address the opportunities and challenges created by new business models and technologies. We help companies build marketing and sales capabilities, and develop and execute innovative strategies for sustainable growth. We help simplify and evolve manufacturing, supply chain, and distribution processes that lead to significant competitive advantage. CIOa€™s are tasked with the challenge of determining the best way to store massive amounts of data in a safe, easy-to-access, cost-effective manner. In this post, wea€™ve put our focus on cloud computing and compiled 20 statistics that every CIO should look to store in their memory for future reference or for ground to stand on when bringing a cloud proposal to the rest of their executive teams. While these stats dona€™t provide and exhaustive view of the current cloud computing landscape, we hope it showed its emergence in todaya€™s information technology landscape.
About Latest Posts Jack WoodsJack Woods is a regular contributor to SiliconANGLE, covering the cloud market. SIGN UP FOR THE SiliconANGLE NEWSLETTER!Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. Can the hype surrounding buzzy tech like Twitter, the Kindle and cloud computing get any louder?
The gist, as I understand it, is pretty straightforward: The promise of new technology moves much faster than the technology itself, which means that expectations get inflated, then deflated, before the technology eventually becomes mainstream (if it ever does).

Fur den Begriff Cloud Computing gibt es eben so viele Definitionen wie Anwendungsbeispiele.
Taglich nutzen wir im Arbeitsleben E-Mails, Internet und Intranet, um Informationen zu beziehen oder zu teilen. Mit BackUpPool Pro werden die Daten vollautomatisch gesichert und archiviert, sowie auf dem PC, Laptop oder zentralem Firmenrechner ruckgesichert. Geeignet ist die Telematik-Losung Flottenmanagement vor allem fur Unternehmen, die einen gro?en Fuhrpark bzw.
Gemeinsam mit SCHIFFL bietet T-Mobile die Moglichkeit von Mobile Device Management an, alle unternehmenseigenen mobilen Endgerate – vom Smartphone bis zum Tablet – in eine zentrale Verwaltung einzubinden. Our expertise and insights, developed through serving high-tech companies and large-enterprise IT users, give us a rich understanding of the dynamic nature of the technology landscape and the complexity involved in using technology to deliver real value and impact. Organizations can choose to purchase and deploy on-premises enterprise storage systems, store their data with an external cloud computing service, or they can form hybrid models by combining to two. As a CIO, the next time you approach the rest of the executive team to discuss cloud storage, take a few (or all) of these stats with you to back up your argument. No, pronounces tech consultancy Gartner Inc., which has a very official-looking chart to make its case.
Can’t tell you what methodology Gartner uses to assemble the chart, but I have a hunch that you could figure out the top of the expectations peak with a simple Google (GOOG) search. Should Amazon (AMZN) be psyched or worried that e-book readers have reached the top of the hype cycle?
Fast jeder von uns nutzt bereits Cloud-Dienste, jedoch ist er sich dessen oft nicht bewusst. Zudem bietet BackUpPool Pro von XCoorp eine einfache, sichere und gleichzeitig flexible Datensicherungslosung. Dadurch konnen Mobiltelefone sowie tragbare Arbeitsgerate ganz einfach per Webportal gesteuert, aktualisiert und gewartet werden. September 2013 fand im Wiener T-Center der Cloud Competence Day statt, bei dem T-Mobile gemeinsam mit seinen Partnern ein breitgefachertes Know-How an Cloud-Losungen prasentierte.

The pace of change is rapid and driven by the unrelenting velocity of technology, the emergence of new competitors, the evolution of customer needs and expectations, and business-model innovations that reverberate across the world. We help high-tech companies around the world innovate, improve operations, and deliver value—from early-stage companies to multinational software, hardware, and services providers.
Today, Gartner tells us that Web 2.0 is still another two-to-five years away from breaking big. It is a fusion of different media styles, different topics, different formats and different sources. Das Prinzip dahinter: Immer und uberall auf die eigenen Daten zugreifen und durch Cloud-Losungen die eigene IT-Infrastruktur zu verschlanken und somit Kosten zu sparen. Die Daten werden taglich verschlusselt uber das Internet auf einen Backup-Server ubertragen und komprimiert abgelegt.
Das Angebot von YellowFox reduziert Kosten fur die Arbeitszeit, Kraftstoff, Wartung und Verschlei?teile, optimiert Unternehmensablaufe, Auftragsabwicklung, Strecken und Fahrzeiten. Gezeigt wird unter anderem innovative Datensicherung fur Klein- und Gro?unternehmen sowie Logistikanwendungen, modernstes Flottenmanagement und Mobile Marketing. Our technology clients value our strategic understanding of their business and our operational ability to drive to concrete results across the entire value chain—innovation and R&D, manufacturing, supply chain and sourcing, and sales and marketing. Dieser Sicherungsvorgang muss nur einmal fur die IT-Infrastruktur im Unternehmen konfiguriert werden und lauft dann selbststandig im Hintergrund.
Ansagetexte von Sprachboxen konnen uber ein Webportal weltweit verwaltet und zentral geandert werden.
Die Backup-Daten stehen jederzeit bereit, somit ist immer der aktuelle Letztstand der Daten verfugbar, unabhangig davon, ob die  Mitarbeiter mit dem Laptop im Buro oder unterwegs sind.

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