11:49 am September 16, 2011 By Julian Horsey Amazon has announced that their Amazon Web Services has received and advanced Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) Government Security Accreditation. Which is a key endorsement for Amazons Cloud services and their security and is more advanced than the one originally held. The new accreditation is the fifth Amazon has obtained for its web services featuring the Elastic Compute Cloud infrastructure-as-a-service platform. Other cloud operators such as Google and Microsoft also have FISMA certification for their cloud infrastructures. Microsoft's new cloud service -- known as Azure -- has multiple implications for managed service providers and the IT channel. These are most of the services in the new MSFT BPOS (Biz Productivity Online Suite) program as well thats being released in November to the partners.
Hey Stu: I'm in transit from Australia to NY but will give the email a look over the weekend. If Azure is not a hosting platform for applications (other than their own), how do you see ISVs benefiting from Azure?
I'd love a list for the UK - I've got a list of around 800 MSPs which I've scraped google for.
No one said that migrating to a cloud computing solution was simple, but a new study commissioned by Cisco reveals that many IT experts are finding the challenges downright painful. The problem, as reported on in this Market Watch article, is not about cloud migration, per se, but the difficulties of migrating key business apps to the cloud without having the right network strategy in place. Over 1,300 IT pros in 13 countries (including Canada) took part in the 2012 Cisco(R) Global Cloud Networking Survey, which gathered information cloud-services adoption rates and examines the challenges, especially on the network level faced in the cloud migration process.
If they could only move one application to the cloud, 25 percent would choose storage, followed by enterprise resource planning applications at 20. All India Jobs is one of the top fresher job sites in India with over 1000 companies listing jobs online. The other data centers of Microsoft are located in Quincy, Washington, Chicago, San Antonio, Texas, Southern Virginia and Dublin, Ireland.
Mead said “Wyoming is a good location for a data center as it has affordable energy, redundant fiber optics and a cool climate.

The data center will help Microsoft host its product in an extensive way and not just sell software to its customers.
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Now the AWS security and compliance framework covers FISMA Low and Moderate, and government agencies can now easily procure cloud computing services from AWS at the FISMA Moderate level using the GSA IaaS BPA (blanket purchase agreements). It is expected to open by the spring of 2013 and will be employing around 40 people to work at this facility.
Microsoft is planning a $130 million additional investment in February to expand its data center in Dublin.
A spokesperson for Governor Matt Mead, Renny Mackay said that $5 million came from the governor’s data center recruitment fund which will help Microsoft in its infrastructure investment and improvement. Green House Data and Echostar are the companies which already have data centers in Wyoming”.
Apart from doing service offering, Microsoft has started selling its product Office 365, which offers hosted email and collaboration services.
Since 2005, The one an only world leading DCT forum rapidly gained popularity as a quality resource site for connecting valuable vendors and member services to our Data Center community. But the company also has had hosting setbacks in other areas (email certainly comes to mind).
You can find IT software jobs, bank jobs, bpo jobs, mba jobs, govt jobs, walkin for fresher, engineering jobs, railway jobs, medical or pharma jobs, internship jobs etc. The other $5 million came in from a government agency Wyoming Business Council, which is a partnership between the public and private entities.
Microsoft’s is hoping to further develop its own search engine Bing which  would require data centers to serve search results to user.

We now have over 24,000 active members, many visits daily to analyze about the data center industry. Also we provide latest placement papers for freshers to practice for mnc company written online exams. The figures for other districts were not immediately known.Vehicle, mobile phone and computer accessories, surgical equipment, furniture, timber, glass and plywood products, and tiles and sports goods are among the commodities on which tax is evaded the most.
The commodities were imported in bulk through air and sea ports, often by understating the quantity of goods in the bill of entry to pay lower import duty. High-end establishments which offered personal services, such as costly hairdressing salons and beauty parlours, are also under the scrutiny of tax inspectors. Think of it as Microsoft's answer to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Amazon Web Services. And in other ways, Azure is Microsoft's answer to Ingram Micro's Seismic services for MSPs. I'll offer a "definite maybe." Skeptics point out that Microsoft's core expertise is developing software -- not running data centers and hosting applications. And it's a safe bet Microsoft's XBox Live team has taught the Azure folks a few lessons about the right -- and wrong -- way to build cloud services. Ideally, MSPs will be able to plug their customers into multiple back-end cloud services (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc.). We're already seeing companies like Vembu linking their managed storage software to Amazon's S3 service. But remember: It took about seven or eight years for Microsoft to build its Windows NT and BackOffice businesses.

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