Introduction cloud computing - slideshare, Introduction to cloud computing by dsp-ip sir it is very im nt getting about power management in cloud computing using green algorithm. If you simply install Office 2016 on a single desktop, you could be excused for wondering what Microsoft has been doing for the last three years. Office 365 Planner & DelveOffice 2016 introduces two entirely new applications to support teams. Those preferring to stick with the traditional purchase licensing model can get Office 2016 (one-time purchase without upgrades) Home and Business for $230.
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I guess it really boils down to how many computers you have and if you think you will still be using office in lets say 5 years! Of course the subscription users will also be getting various upgrades over that time, which is hopefully worth something. If the Office 2016 versions of the apps get as many upgrades as the Office 2013 ones did on Office 365 it will definitely be worth it. As I see Office 2016 going more cloud based, I am glad I did what I did even more, because I just don’t trust the cloud.
If your company or organization is in the process of migrating its applications and data to service platforms hosted in the Cloud, congratulations! Many of the security threats in Cloud Services are pretty much the same we can find when using physical data centers. As responsible of our client’s network security, we must be prepared to identify each one of their work environments, and be ready to use the correct security tools available for each threat scenario (physical, virtual and both types). Search for vulnerabilities, system configuration errors and early detection of malicious programs. Using dashboards and reports which settles all the information in a clear and accessible way. Another major headache related to data vulnerability and Cloud Services, is credentials stealing. To help to early detect this vulnerability, it takes to install double-factor authentication processes to access to Cloud Services, and carry out constant network monitoring so to detect unusual activities. Additionally, it is very important to keep a close monitoring of users who are authorized to access to the network, same as their permissions and accessibility privileges which have been granted to them. Same, the inclusion of any kind of mobile devices to our networks through applications that handle sensitive data related to the commercialization of services and products; may install third-party applications that do not meet security protocols, nor do guarantee the reliability of their encryption systems.
Yes, if you had not guessed, your own users are often those who commit the most errors that put at risk the security of your information systems and Cloud Services, since they have natural access to data and applications of your company. Accidents can be caused by mistake or by ignoring certain security protocols, but it can also occur intentionally, from personal dissatisfaction or untrustworthy.
To avoid such threats, it is necessary to implement a strict policy of confidentiality in employment contracts by specifying stringent legal provisions, identifying possible problems in the process of notification when a personnel change occurs, and maintain constant supervision and renewal of credentials access to Cloud Services.
It is also necessary to keep strict controls in the process of keys and data encryption, segregation of functions and minimizing the access given to users of the most vulnerable systems.

Whenever we are exchanging technologies, we are exposed to significant threats, especially in Cloud Services.
To avoid such threats, it is advisable to implement a strategy of defense in depth, including the installation of double-factor authentication on all hosts, having systems intrusion detection based on networks and hosts, applying good practices to grant the minimum privileges to authenticated users, ensuring network segmentation and implementing patched procedures on shared services. It is highly unlikely that a permanent data loss occurs because of the service provider in the Cloud.
There are many ways in which data can be lost, as for example, deleting or modifying data without having backup. The number of interactions that have place in Cloud Services also increases the data risk due to the system’s architecture.
Wallpaper that displayed are from unknown origin, and we do not intend to infringe any legitimate intellectual, artistic rights or copyright. Other than a bit of a facelift, and some admittedly welcome added features that we first reviewed in the Preview version (and won’t re-hash here), for the most part it looks and acts like Office 2013. Hopefully this is a temporary thing, or maybe it is unique to my case, but thought I’d pass along the note as a heads up for upgraders. I was able to install the ISO of Office 2016 on a machine that had Visio 2013 (which was not possible with the O365 version of O2016). If you have 3 computers & smart phones, there is really no comparison, the leasing is the way to go. We also will explain why you should act immediately, so to detect and minimize them before they may strike you. Also, it is highly recommended to install and use network access controlling tools which helps to deeply defend computing resources, storage and networks. But yes, it happens that, although there are being developed very secure applications - such as those used by large online stores-,  there also are being produced less secure, improvised and even domestic applications. Even, there may be employees who no longer work for the company and still have access to logon in your Cloud Services.
Providers of Cloud Services share infrastructure, platforms and applications, so if it occurs a single attack to any of these layer, the other would be irreparably affected. Rather, these disasters often occur by the action of black-hat hackers attacking companies and data centers in the Cloud, discovering and exposing their vulnerabilities.
One way to avoid such disasters is to distribute data and applications across multiple zones, make a constant backup data, and having tools that allow data recovery.
For example, if you are going to upload information to a service in the Cloud in encrypted form, you must safeguard and protect the best possible the encryption key. To prevent these problems, it is important to have encryption keys, counting on reliable software systems, and implementing strong authentication, authorization and audit protocols. If you are the legitimate owner of the one of the content we display the wallpaper, and do not want us to show, then please contact us and we will immediately take any action is needed either remove the wallpaper or maybe you can give time to maturity it will limit our wallpaper content view. Available to organizations with Office 365 business subscriptions, it uses the power of Microsoft’s servers to allow users to get an automated view into what is likely to be important to them.
Yet, we can’t help warning you about the importance of knowing the most significant threats that could undermine -and even completely damage- all your efforts.

Then, it is advisable to install powerful programming interfaces (API) to control access and secure data traffic through efficient encryption. All of the content we display the wallpapers are free to download and therefore we do not acquire good financial gains at all or any of the content of each wallpaper. The new version features brand new team-only apps Planner and Delve, as well as Sway, an innovative new presentation creation and sharing application.
It implies expanding its platform presence from just Windows to online and mobile, and its moving its revenue model from product licensing to cloud-based service subscriptions. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis, LLC.
Like Delve, it then uses Office Graph to create user-specific, interactive dashboards of project status.
Office 2016 represents Microsoft’s most aggressive effort to date to make these major changes.
For organizations that have standardized on Office, there is plenty to like in its newest incarnation.
It isn’t designed to replace the heavy-lifting style of project management done by Microsoft Project. But for busy team members, it’s a quick way to keep track of their involvement in many different projects. The good news for organizations, especially those that are long-time Office customers, is that they no longer have to choose between the power of Office and the flexibility of the cloud. While Delve provides a people-focused dashboard of all Office-related activity, Planner provides one based on projects and tasks.In functionality, Planner is very similar to some other existing services, such as Trello, but because it has the advantage of being deeply integrated with Office Graph, it may become the favorite among those organizations committed to Office. With Office 2016 combined with Office 365, Microsoft is giving them the opportunity to have both.
Unlike PowerPoint, it doesn’t rely on a slide-by-slide metaphor, and also moves much of the responsibility for layout style to the application.
Although part of Office 2016, the Sway application is available from the Windows 10 app store, and for the iPhone and iPad. It is also part of Office Online.Sway presentations are easy-to-create, colorful, and look cool.
Microsoft doesn’t have the best track record for long-term commitment to its creative tools (remember Expression, Movie Maker, or Live Writer?). For Windows 10 users on tablets or phones, the mobile versions of the applications make it much easier to work without a keyboard or mouse.

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