Cloud Computing and Enterprise Software Forecast Update, 2012 You are using an outdated browser. SAP is using the Bain adoption model in their vertical market presentations today.Despite the predictions of the demise of enterprise software, forecasts and sales cycles I’ve been involved with indicate market growth. Mobility and cloud computing are the catalysts of rejuvenation in many enterprise application areas, and are accelerating sales cycles. An analysis of the ten enterprise software markets and their relative size and growth are shown in the figure below along with a table showing relative rates of growth from 2011 to 2016.

The following graphic shows the industries graphed by Annual Growth Rate (AGR) and Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR).
Cisco is also predicting that by 2016, three out of five data center workloads will be processed in the cloud.
Previous positions include product marketing at Plex Systems, senior analyst at AMR Research (now Gartner), marketing and business development at Cincom Systems, Ingram Micro, a SaaS start-up and at hardware companies.
The following video provides an excellent analysis of the Top Trends behind the Cisco Global Cloud Index (2011 — 2016).11% of companies are transformational, early adopters of cloud computing, attaining 44% adoption (as defined by % of MIPS) in 2010, growing to 49% in 2013.

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