Cloud computing, as we all know is a method which helps us deliver documents, data, applications, and emails via the usage of the hosted internet servers.
Cloud computing is often confusing and might take some time for you to understand the features and advantages. Those using Cloud computing are well verse with the fact that the usage helps them reduce energy consumption by more than 10%. By making use of cloud computing properly, you can even help reduce noise pollution, as you can work from home which saves you the fuel and even the pollution. As long as you use Cloud computing, you don’t need to be worried about backing up all you data into hard drives and carting them along for work etc. Backing up your data might be the most useful tool you may find on the cloud computing service because even when you are editing or creating a document and the lights go boom…You will easily be able to recover the file within just seconds of being logged onto your account.
Don’t worry in case you think that anybody could see or go through your files, because the solid security systems allow only you to view and edit the data. Hide All IP: The Ultimate Software for Browsing Safely from Anywhere in the World & Accessing All websites! Before you choose the right cloud storage solution for your needs, it can help to understand the basics of the service. Cloud storage is a combination of online backup and data management that can be accessed through the internet.
Once your data is stored in the cloud, you also have the option to offer access to other people by providing them with log-in details. Desktop computers and traditional computing may have started a revolution in communication that was possible only in the pages of fiction but the introduction of tablets and smartphones has only accelerated the process. There is no doubt that smartphones and wearable devices are the best promoters of mobile cloud. Security: Data leakage or data breaching is one of the prime aspects that needs to be resolved at the first place. Longer Data Processing Time both at Data Center and on Device: Functions like simple web search or finding the places of nearby attractions is quite simple.
Network Speed: Network speed is a definitely a major headache for vendors, promoting mobile cloud computing.
Problems with Battery Life in Mobile Devices: The new age mobile devices are excellent, except the battery life.
Problems due to lower bandwidth, processing, memory and storage issues: If compared with the traditional computing devices, the mobile counterparts lack 3 times processing power, 8 time less memory space, 10 times low network bandwidth and 5 times less storage space. In order to address these challenges comprehensively, initiatives from mobile cloud vendors and mobile device manufacturers should take a holistic form. It will be extremely unrealistic to expect that all these issues will be solved immediately. Yet, a decade back none of us expected smartphones would not only become viral but also give us the comfort of pocketing a PC.
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The Internet offers a wide range of cloud services that enable you to free up the disk space on your computer and access files from anywhere in the world.
Amazon Simple Storage Service or the Amazon S3 is best suited for Web developers and not for users who are simply looking for a place to upload and store their files.
If you are not a developer and don’t want a paid service;  if you just want a virtual drive to store your videos, music, photos or documents, you can use the Amazon Cloud Drive service. 4shared is a cloud service based in Ukraine that allows you to upload and download various types files. A typical cloud storage system architecture includes a master control server and several storage servers. Windows live SkyDrive, which was launched as Windows Live Folders, offers the maximum amount of free storage space. Originally known as Humyo, the website is now known as SafeSync after it was taken over by Japanese security company Trend Micro. The perfect tool for project management, Binfire helps you collaborate in real-time with features that include an interactive whiteboard and built-in chat module to help you mange communication on a project better. YouSendlt is a service that lets you send and share heavy files using a secure FTP connection. RapidShare is a cloud service which is mainly used to download heavy files using a single link.
If you want to collaborate and also access your system remotely, TeamViewer is a very good application to start you off. It helps us access and edit information on various platforms like android, PC laptop, tablets etc.

Well, Cloud computing if utilized properly can save you money on simple tasks which can at times be quite expensive.
Most cloud service providers are investing in environmental friendly data centers which give them a greener business alternative to the traditional IT approach.
Offices can be easily made smaller as half the workers can work from home itself and therefore a lot more space can be saved in the process. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to browse the myriad of different options available to you and choose the one that best fits with your individual circumstances. In other words, a cloud storage service is a place to keep copies of your most important and sensitive documents by storing them in data centers that contain hundreds of servers for storage. Hackers grow bolder every day and are constantly inventing new ways to circumvent your security, throwing viruses at your computer. Because the back-up versions are not located in the same place as the originals, they can’t be affected by a fire in your building and can’t be stolen by those thieves.
You can use this option to share your holiday photographs with your spouse or work on a database with your colleagues – and all of you can do so from any location, using any device that can connect to the internet and open the relevant files. Welcome to the second decade of 21st century, where mobile devices are all set to reshape lives and redefine the future of enterprise mobility.
The authentic market research sources are predicting that mobile cloud technology will help generating billions for the IT market by the end of 2020.
One of the best ways to solve this problem is to design and manage a cloud serve database with extreme caution. However, when it comes to downloading content or application that is content rich, the process becomes quite time consuming.
While most of the mobile devices are still reliant to HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access), the introduction of fiber technology is actually showing why most of the applications are taking longer execution time in a cloud platform. Clearly, such infrastructure not only extends the time for real-time data downloading and sharing but also may lead to storage crisis. He is a web-marketing enthusiast, with particular attention to the dynamic search engine trends and Social Media Marketing. While some allow you to simply upload and download data, others allow you to view your files online and share them with others, and some services even let you open and edit your files in the cloud from anywhere in the world. Your files can be neatly classified in pre-existing folder structures and the service offers 5 GB of free space. A premium account will get you more storage space, larger file uploads, and faster downloads .With a free account, you can upload files of up to 2 GB, up to a total of 10 GB.
On the whole, you stand to gain the benefits similar to other cloud services, but the segmentation helps you to upload and search files with ease. While users of the free services of Humyo can continue with the original 10 GB of server space (5 GB for pictures, videos, and music, and 5 GB for other files).
You can also create project miles tones, tasks and sub-tasks with dependencies to ensure better project management. It works on a freemium model wherein the basic services are available to you free of charge; you will have to pay for using any additional features. You can share files, collaborate documents in real-time and get optimized connection with your PC depending on your network channel. Using Cloud computing, one can work from home using the VoIP and other Cloud access to their servers.
No longer do you have to but huge hard disks and carry them everywhere in order to access all your files. So you no longer need to be worried about anyone stealing your data or spying on your work. The data center might be anywhere in the world, but its location makes no difference to you: wherever it is, your data can be accessed just as easily. The natural world is unpredictable and can aim floods, fires, tornadoes and earthquakes your way without a second thought, damaging your hard disk. Your data is backed up automatically and, unlike with physical storage mediums such as USB sticks, are not at risk from many of the same dangers as your hard disk. As the time continues to change, we are observing the increasing demand for a real-time data-sharing medium that not only is cost-effective but also doesn’t draw any ‘don’t cross’ limit over data storage.
Apart from slow network speed, there are several other aspects that are in action here such as, signal problem, processing capacity, geographical factors etc. Both vendors and device manufacturers realize that cloud is the future and mobile will take the leading role in shaping the change. You can mark your virtual folder as private if you don’t want anyone snooping around your data. The entire bouquet of Google products offers 8GB of space in total, which includes your images (Picasa), documents (Google Docs and spreadsheets), archives, and email (via Gmail). Apart from uploading and sharing files of any type, you can also create status reports to keep your team members up to date with project details. The personal account offers 5 GB of free space with a 25 MB file size limit, and up to 50 GB of storage on a fee.

If you or your company requires a full featured, large file transfer service, then YouSendIt can fulfill your needs. You can use several free tools to ensure easy uploads and tracking of files to your account. While there is a free version with a minimum usage plan, you can opt for a Business plan with a one time charge of Rs 28,500.
All you need to do is upload your files or you can even set the upload to be scheduled after every few hours that way you wouldn’t have to do the uploading manually. The security systems use Secure Socket layer https connections which ensure that no third party can view you stored data. Once stored, your data is secure and safe and can be accessed from any device by connecting to the cloud storage through the internet. Even spilling your morning coffee over your computer tower can contribute to a hard disk failure that will render all your hard work inaccessible and instantly destroy photographs and documents that you could never possibly replace. The mobile cloud platform, which is based on a simple idea, but a far more complex system than traditional computing, is the best answer to the demand. Yet arrival of this ‘future’ is not happening really, no matter how hard we are trying to look forward and stay optimistic.
This problem can put users into tight situations, especially in a scenario where real-time data sharing is happening. Currently, Amazon S3 offers the US Standard, EU (Ireland), US West (Northern California), Asia Pacific (Singapore), and Asia Pacific (Tokyo) regions.
You can upload music, videos, images., archive files, office files, c-books, executable programs in a variety of formats, and unlike the Amazon Cloud drive, you can stream media files live.
You can connect to the website with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, but there is no Android support as of now.
Moreover, you can mark files as private to ensure that they are not deleted or modified without your consent. With a desktop client and various plugins, it makes sending large files to clients, colleagues and friends easier. The Premium plan carries a one-time charge of Rs 57,100, and a Corporate plan comes with three channels priced at Rs 1,08,200. You can also allow other people to log in and view your files and folder and by doing so share your data with family, friends or work colleagues. It is quite natural to expect that they are already aware about shortcomings of the existing system. You will be assigned a key closest to the region you reside While the service is not free, there is no prescribed minimum fee either; you pay for the data space you use.
It is a excellent way to free up space on your system or if you want to share legitimately purchased files across machines. The video sharing cloud service Youtube, however, is not restrained by any file storage limits, but there is a video duration limit on free uploads. You can use tools like Windows Live Mesh to drag and drop files onto the SkyDrive from your system directly. While a paid account may soon be in the offing, the free version currently available offers 10 GB of storage space, with a file size limit of 200 MB. Paid services offer faster and more secure file downloading options, better collaboration options as well as third party application support like integration with Google Docs, Micros oft Office, and Adobe Photoshop for viewing and editing data online. If the leaders of cloud market really wish to achieve the projected goals, then they must find answers to these challenges and that also as early as possible. However, it is ultimately a trial and error method till you receive the satisfactory result and there cannot be any definite answer or timeline determination. However, the built in music player and video player that lets users stream media online without downloading it to the local drive is available only to US citizens for now. Other features include file version history, one active project with dashboard, folder access for all team members, milestone and task creation, secure status Tweets, whiteboard, alerts, online file viewing and file locking features.
You can also use the Upload2Me free tool to upload files to RapidShare directly from your website. However, if you have a free account and you don’t access it at least once a month, you will lose all your data permanently. Any file uploaded using a free account is deleted after 90 days of upload; you can use the RapidShare Link Checker to find out if a link is active or broken. The business account offers 500 GB of space and is charged at $15 (Rs 695) as per your usage per month. While users of the free account can download only one file at a time, you can buy Rapids that convert your free account into a Pro account. With RapidShare Pro, you can avail of 50 GB of safe storage space, unlimited web traffic for uploads and downloads, a license to sell and share your original files and gain access to the RapidShare Anti-Waiting Lounge, where users can spend their waiting time playing online games.

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