In short, it is a place which is at the other end of your Internet connection and where you can access your applications and services, and store your data securely. You can access your applications and cloud services wherever you are: all you need is a terminal with an Internet connection.
The cloud is ideal for business softwares such as customer relationship management (CRM) applications, since users must access it on any device wherever they are and whenever they need it. Professionals from around the world equipped with an Internet connection can access the cloud computing (cloud computing).
It generates considerable decrease in management costs and improves productivity in order to sustain and carry forward your business. AMS2 state of the art data center supports shared private networking with many exciting features. It was announced by the digitalOcean this week that they are going to start a modern state of the art data center in Amsterdam city – it will be highly featured and capable of providing shared private networking.
This AMS2 data center would increase the capacity of servers and shared private networking capabilities of the company in Europe and across the globe. The details of how to activate the shared private networking was also given in the statement. At the meantime, this cloud computing service provider disclosed some futuristic ambitions of the company – according to the statement, the company is planning more security related features such as IPV6, charts and graphs of private networking use in the near future.

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This transformation is reflected in the sales of computer hardware: in 2015, an estimated 270 million desktops and laptops will be sold, against 325 million tablets and nearly 2 billion smartphones. Stay within budget and be ahead of the completion cycle time is not a problem because it is possible to control all these items online. It is now possible to expand your business and develop without buying expensive software programs or licenses.
It requires IT organizations to adjust current working processes along with established technologies. File storage, database replication, private communication between host to host and many other security related features are the salient ones to name. Previously, this kind of feature was available through New York datacenter NYC2; it is the first data center of DigitalOcean that will provide these kinds of facilities to its European customers directly from within the European area. The shared private networking capabilities will provide additional features and capabilities to the customers such as database replication, private communication between host to host and file storage.
According to the details, the customer should select the private networking checkbox during the process of creating the new droplets from the creation screen. Also, the company is planning to start more cloud data centers in European as well as other regions.

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This data center is second after NYC2 data center capable of such rich features and capabilities.
This is second datacenter of DigitalOcean cloud company – AMS1 is already operating in the city.
Another important feature of this shared private networking service is that the bandwidth used for private communication would not be counted for the account bandwidth.
Meanwhile, already created droplets can also be enabled to shared private networking features through settings on the control panel.
The UK market of cloud computing is being explored to start another state of the art data center.
It is not necessary to spend much money on hardware, software or licensing rights since they are updated online automatically.

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