In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. When it comes to a business environment, some businesses choose to implement Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), where the business subscribes to an application it accesses over the Internet. In the USA of course, cloud computing is already big business with estimates that 80% of large companies in North America are either looking at using cloud services—or already have. Cloud computing is the enabling technology that is allowing a new generation of software to develop. With South Africa’s bandwidth growing at a fairly rapid pace we are not going to be far behind. The use of cloud computing is gaining main stage in today’s business environment and for right reasons.
IAAS- Infrastructure as a service is a cloud model in which an organization outsource there hardware infrastructure to the cloud, they can outsource all parts of hardware or some like compute, storage or network.
PAAS- Platform as a service is a cloud model in which you outsource your development platform to the cloud, meaning you don’t have to manage the operating system and development libraries, you don’t have to manually configure new machines to share the load, you just have to manage your application code and all other layers beneath that will be managed by the cloud provider. SAAS- Software as a service is a cloud model in which you don’t have to manage anything you just have to use the software. At Isintu, we help you choose and implement the best mix of these cloud model to optimize the performance of your business.We perform a cloud transition analysis of your organization, which is a process in which we perform need analysis of switching to cloud, feasibility, costs, benefits of moving to cloud.
We have a lot of experience with top cloud providers like Amazon, Rackspace, Google App engine, Windows Azure, PHP fog, cloud foundry etc. This trend is continuously growing and industry experts believe that it will continue to grow and develop in the near future. Among the advantages of cloud computing, the major one is that it is considered probably the most cost efficient method to use, to maintain and to upgrade. Licensing fees for multiple users can prove to be very expensive for the establishment concerned when it adds up to costs of company. Besides, for the ease of the company, there are many options like single payment, pay-as-you-go and other scalable options which are available to make it very reasonable for the company. As far as the advantages of cloud computing are considered, storage of information in the cloud provides you almost unlimited storage capacity for your company data. Hence, backup and recovery adds up to advantages of cloud computing to make the entire process much simpler than other traditional methods.
In the cloud, software integration occurs automatically and this is a very good advantage of cloud computing.
Access to information is very easy in cloud computing, you just have to register yourself once in the cloud and you can access all the information from any part of the world, where there is the facility of an Internet connection.
This convenient feature is among the advantages of cloud computing as it lets you move beyond time zone and irrespective of the geographic location.

However, the amount of time taken here will also depend on the technology that you require for your business.
Cloud computing is much more reliable and consistent than your in-house IT infrastructure; the thing is you need a managed service platform. You can benefit your organization from a massive pool of redundant IT resources and quick fail-over mechanism as well, that means if a server fails, then the hosted applications and services can be transited easily to any of the available servers at that time.
Cloud computing offers simplified and enhanced IT management and maintenance through central administration of resources, SLA backed agreements and vendor managed infrastructure. You just enjoy a simple user interface that is web-based, for accessing software, services and applications without the need for any type of installation and an SLA ensures the guaranteed and timely delivery along with the management and maintenance of all your IT services related to cloud. Computing resources are increasing day by day and this gives you a competitive edge over your competitors, due to the time that you need for IT procurement is approximately and virtually almost nil. Earlier due to upfront costs and provisioning time, it was not possible for the companies to deploy critical applications but now they can, through various advantages of cloud computing.
Cloud computing allows you to leave the doubts about technology and just focus on your important business activities as well as its objectives.
People present all over the world can access the cloud and for that, they just need an internet connection. Your access to business becomes much easier as you have access anytime, anywhere and you can change direction of your business without the fear of absence of serious people or about any financial issues at stake. Advantages of cloud computing also stretch and grow without the need to purchase all those expensive software licenses or programs that is being required by other companies for storage and security of their data to fulfill business needs.
There’s also Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), where a business can create its own custom applications for use by all in the company. Today’s businesses want to deploy new applications as soon as possible and in most cost effective way. There is a huge cost saving in outsourcing your hardware to the cloud, since you pay for only what you use, that’s why more and more businesses are moving to the cloud.
Software is configured according to your use and delivered to you over internet, like Google Apps for business which give an email, calender ,Google docs and other office apps to use for your business for a fixed cost per user. Our experts have in depth knowledge about the cost structure of these providers and there performances, so we help you choose the best according to your business needs.
Companies are reaping benefits by the advantages of cloud computingA whether they are big or small or having any sort of shape. However, if used properly and according to the necessity, working with data in the cloud can benefit all types of businesses in the industry.
If we talk about the traditional desktop software, they add cost to companies a lot in terms of finance. Cloud computing comparatively, is available at much cheaper rates and it can lower the companya€™s IT expenses largely.

When the company has nothing to think about the increasing cost, it will start thinking about the benefits of employees. Hence, you dona€™t need to worry about running out of storage space for your data or to increase your current storage space availability for the new data. Also backing it up is relatively much easier than storing the same on some type of physical devices.
It means that you dona€™t have to take additional efforts for customizing and integrating your applications according to your preferences, it takes care of itself. So, it enables you to handpick just those services and software applications which suits best to your particular enterprise. Your access to information is in your hand all the time and without the tension of carrying important information in physical devices. You just opt for this method of functioning and your entire system can be completely functional in just few minutes. Most of the service providers offer a Service Level Agreement to guarantee you 24 hours service for all 7 days of the week, throughout the year with their availability percentage to be 99.99%. This reliability is needed by the companies making it one of the most needed advantage of cloud computing. Your IT infrastructure maintenance and updating are eliminated, since all resources are now maintained by the service provider of cloud computing. Now your company can deploy it as mission critical applications which will provide you significant business benefits and that too without any upfront costs and minimal provisioning time. This advantage of cloud computing can also help you to go for marketing of newer applications and services in reduced time. As your need for personnel training is less while working on cloud and that too requires a minimal learning curve on hardware and software issues, which can be managed easily. It goes back to the days of graphic power point presentations that would represent the gigantic server-farm infrastructure of the Internet as nothing but a puffy, white cloud, accepting connections and sending out information as it floats. Everything you need is physically close to you, which means accessing your data is fast and easy (for that one computer, or others on the local network). The end result is the same: with an on-line connection, cloud computing can be done anywhere, any time so long as there is connectivity. This almost unlimited storage advantage doesn’t limit you to think about storing additional data for future use.
Moreover, most of the cloud service providers are competent enough to handle the recovery of information, in case a problem occurs.

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