Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. You’ll notice here we aren’t using the Retrieve method but the CreateQuery which will allow you to construct and execute queries with LINQ.  There are limitations to CreateQuery as it has been specifically optimized for working with Azure Table Storage, but you can review all the supported LINQ operations available. Although we are specifying a Partition Key as part of our query, because this is crossing Partition boundaries, this has the potential of being a fairly inefficient queries depending on the number of entities per partition as well as the number of partitions involved. This is only a high level view of some of the Azure Storage architecture, but a detailed paper is available for ground level details. All our queries up to now have all either required the Partition Key, Row Key or both.  But the Partition and Row Key are usually not the only two properties on a table entity. Including a Partition Key with every query can drastically help with performance.  This is even more noticeable for data under heavy load. Exponential Retry Policy will force the period of time between retries to grow exponentially in such a way that the above example will fire the first retry at 5 seconds, 10 seconds between the next retry, then 20 seconds, and so on, until the max number of attempts has been reached. A common question asked is how to know if a operation failed and a retry was attempted?  There are a few options available.  One is to use Microsoft’s Enterprise Transient Fault Application Block easily accessible through Nuget and attach to its event handling and built in ability to know about transient faults when they occur. The problem with this approach is the readability of the code itself being that all execution is handled by the RetryPolicy.  The good news is that we can create a custom policy by implementing the IRetryPolicy Interface that will allow you to handle how you want a retry to occur or extra logic such as logging. The current retry policies available do not retry on HTTP status codes 4xx, 306, 501, 505.  Therefore, if you do write your own custom retry policy you will want to make sure to handle these as well. Azure has provided a helpful write up on Concurrency for their Storage Services, including some suggestions if requiring a pessimistic concurrency mechanism for your table. As a refresher for those that didn’t read all the intricate details found in the previous article on Blob Storage, a Shared Access Signature is an HMAC SHA-256 hash composed from a number of query string parameters that specify details such as the specific resources, expiration time of the granted access and the permissions granted, just to name a few. The client then could use this Shared Access Signature to ultimately create a CloudTableClient which would be operating under the restrictions placed by the Shared Access Signature.
There’s no doubt that the internet has changed the face of education over the last two decades. Online education’s explosive popularity is due to a number of factors, not the least of which is the convenience of taking courses on your own time and from the comfort of home.
Providing more computing power via virtual servers for less cost than investing in more infrastructure.
While the cloud may not be a cure for skyrocketing educational expenses, the tools and capabilities that it offers can help keep them in check.
Under federal laws, much of what happens in higher education qualifies as personal and confidential, and is therefore protected by privacy laws. This is important for student’s seeking an online master’s in computer science, who may be working on projects that could form the basis of a future business or development opportunity and do not want to lose their intellectual property.
One of the challenges of education is keeping materials and learning up-to-date with current trends, technology, and developments. Environmental sustainability is a significant concern on college campuses these days, with some students choosing schools specifically because of their green initiatives and commitment to sustainability. Cloud computing has become a part of everyday life for most people, whether they even realize it or not.
Our vision is to create awareness and to help find innovative ways to connect our planet in a positive eco-friendly manner. The Lighter Side Of The Cloud – Boredom TrackerBy David Fletcher Please feel free to share our comics via social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest.
What You Need To Know About Choosing A Cloud Services ProviderSelecting The Right Cloud Services Provider How to find the right partner for cloud adoption on an enterprise scale The cloud is capable of delivering many benefits, enabling greater collaboration, business agility, and speed to market.

Staying on Top of Your Infrastructure-as-a-Service Security ResponsibilitiesInfrastructure-as-a-Service Security It’s no secret many organizations rely on popular cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft for access to computing infrastructure. 5 Things To Consider About Your Next Enterprise File Sharing SolutionEnterprise File Sharing Solution Businesses have varying file sharing needs.
Adopting A Cohesive GRC Mindset For Cloud SecurityCloud Security Mindset Businesses are becoming wise to the compelling benefits of cloud computing. How To Humanize Your Data (And Why You Need To)How To Humanize Your Data The modern enterprise is digital. Using Big Data To Make Cities SmarterUsing Big Data To Make Cities Smarter The city of the future is impeccably documented. Fintech Investments Are Seeing Consistent GrowthThe Financial Services Cloud Fintech investment has been seeing consistent growth in 2015, with some large moves being made this year. Cloud Computing Myths That SMBs Should KnowCloud Computing and SMBs Cloud Computing is the hottest issue among IT intellects of Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). Cloud Computing Services Perfect For Your StartupCloud Computing Services Chances are if you’re working for a startup or smaller company, you don’t have a robust IT department. This will allow you to run your remote applications leveraging Microsoft Azure platform either fully or in a hybrid set-up. Shortly, we’ll talk more about how to handle partition sizes as well as some of the requirements for queries that cross server partitions, such as use of continuation tokens. As soon as you started writing queries that utilize the entity properties you will have moved into the realm of inefficient queries. This is defined as the first constructor’s parameter deltaBackoff.  In addition, we can specify the maximum number of retries. In fact, by some estimates more than 80 percent of college students expect to take at least some — if not all of their courses — online. Much of online education’s growth is also attributable to the cloud, which has created opportunities and efficiencies that make online learning an appealing and affordable option for both students and universities — and it continues to change the learning landscape for the better, particularly those studying in the technology disciplines. A four-year degree at a private college can cost well over six figures, leaving students with extreme debt after graduation.
Rather than purchase expensive textbooks that are quickly outdated, students can access cloud-based texts for much less, and access them on multiple devices. Most cloud-based education applications can be accessed on any device, meaning that students aren’t required to purchase expensive computers or other equipment for their studies.
SaaS models allow students to purchase subscriptions for cloud-based versions of software, which is often more affordable than a traditional license. The cloud offers opportunities for students to work together in ways that weren’t possible in the past. Storing important documents on a personal computer or maintaining hard copies increases the risk of a FERPA violation. At the very least, for students studying computer science, IT security, or other related fields, cloud-based environments give them more hands-on, real-world experience that can be valuable in a future job search. Computer science students expect to have the most current resources and tools to ensure their degree is marketable. Employing cloud services is a major part of green efforts; not only does using the cloud reduce the need for resources paper and ink, but cloud servers can be run more efficiently than typical on-site computing tools. It’s already changed higher education in several ways — and will undoubtedly continue to do so as we move into the future. You’re Not AloneExperiencing Cluster Flux?  The growth of Hadoop over the past decade has proven that the ability of this open source technology to process data at massive scale, and allow users access to shared resources is not hype.

Large, multi-regional businesses need to synchronize folders across a large number of sites, whereas small businesses may only need to support a handful of users in a single site.
When adopting cloud, they need a high level of confidence in how it will be risk-managed and controlled, to preserve the security of their information and integrity of their operations. It relies on accurate and timely data to support the information and process needs of its workforce and its customers.
Like any other computer-orientated technology, Cloud Computing has some misconceptions and myths that often kick-start arguments among the two opposing groups: Cloud Supporters and Cloud Opponents. Its services are growing exponentially and, at this time, it’s a fluid model with no steady state on the horizon. I thought it only right that I should therefore share some of that information with those who couldn’t attend, that and it’s a subject I don’t often write about but is pretty cool and often forgotten about.So what is Microsoft VDI and RDS?Well VDI is a fairly generic term meaning Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. As you can see you can deploy RDS in 3 ways Session based – Deliver a session to an end user Pooled VMs – Deliver a full VM from a shared poolPersonal VMs – Deliver a dedicated VM to a userSession based is according to the stats the most popular. Full Azure obviously means hosting your servers in the cloud whilst the hybrid allows you to retain your on-premise servers whilst leveraging Azure for delivery of your applications.
Thousands of people have earned degrees without ever setting foot on a campus, and the number continues to grow. Most universities are looking to trim budgets and operating costs wherever they can to ease that burden, and the cloud is part of that effort. In fact, many universities offer students access to cloud-based software for free or a nominal fee, giving them access to the tools they need without spending hundreds of dollars on licensing fees. Teachers and students can have discussions, work on group projects, and share resources more efficiently through cloud services.
Using a secure cloud service to manage class work, grades, and other student information help reduce the likelihood of a violation.
With the cloud, instructors and program developers can make real-time updates to the curriculum, add new resources, change textbook options, and do everything possible to allow students access to the most recent and relevant information.
By locating servers in a data center, institutions can lower energy consumption and costs, thereby reducing their overall carbon footprint. Construction or advertising firms require sharing and collaboration with very large (several Gigabytes) files.
Emerging neighborhoods are quickly recognized, public safety threats are found via social networks, and emergencies are dealt with quicklier. In fact, more than half of universities believe that the cloud can help improve efficiencies.
Within the realm of computer education, the cloud allows students to create and share projects, which teaches both technical skills, but also supports problem-solving, communication, collaborative learning, and project design, all “soft skills” that are in demand for IT professionals. That doesn’t mean that university cloud services are impervious to attacks, but the security protocols used for online education applications and storage are generally much more advanced than typical consumer security. If you are familiar with RDP (I imagine most of us are) then you are effectively using the technology in a session based way. And of course, the cloud allows students to learn from others in geographically diverse areas, but it also improves access for students who might otherwise have barriers to higher education. Another session based option is Microsoft RemoteApp.Virtual machine based combines with a hyper-v virtual host and allows you to use a standard ‘gold’ image to deliver to your users.

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