China, with having close to one-fifth of the world’s population, is the major pirating culprit.
We are a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that synchronizes cutting-edge IT advancements with business objectives, such as being cost-efficient.We harness technology’s empowering capabilities by closing the information gap, and ensure that you reach your full potential. Socioeconomic factors underscore the purchasing trends, with a majority of users located in the developing world resorting to acquiring pirated software.
We marshal strategies of synergy that will combine smart and next-generation technologies with your business strengths to bring winning results.Our passion puts us at an advantage because our drive is anchored on the ability to resolve, and give you the leading edge in any market condition. Behind China, the study found that Nigeria, Vietnam, Ukraine and Malaysia closed out the top five as having the highest propensity to acquire pirated software materials.The definitional scope of piracy included downloading programs from peer-to-peer networks like Vuze, and buying single licenses for multiple devices.
The Washington-based Alliance includes software leaders –such as Apple, Microsoft and Adobe – and actively work on their behalf to protect copyright infringement and intellectual property, and who suffer $59 billion globally in 2010. By engaging in a value-added partnership, you take the best step in stabilizing and solidifying your position in a volatile business landscape.We offer insights that will acclimatize your business with the latest trends and prevent the paradigm of innovation from outpacing you. Just to gain a more intimate view on the impact of piracy, Steve Balmer, Microsoft’s CEO, says that Microsoft loses close to 95-percent of their market share in China because of piracy. As a mission-critical business component, technology is the cornerstone for day-to-day operations.
These piracy stats were troublesome.Pirated software, while they lure people in under the guise of being the ultimate cost-efficient tool (by being free), they present major security breaches and can compromise entire company data.

We combine business acumen with innovative IT to give you a competitive edge in an aggressive and fast-paced market. Fidelity IT Solutions, a Toronto-based computer service provider, will transform your IT infrastructure by injecting integrity, high-level security and ensure that your business is compliant with local and international copyright laws.Fidelity IT Solutions will implement an auditing process that will manage not only your assets in an effective manner but address your organization in a top-to-bottom manner and through forensics to ensure optimal performance, productivity and mitigate risk. Fidelity IT Solutions, a Toronto software integrator, we will:(i) Identify your Software Assets (ii) Verification of Software Assets (iii) Identify gaps between software installations and licenses you’ve purchased and whether or not you have rights of usage (iv) Rectify existing gaps, and elevating your software license environment up to par (v) Record the findings in a centralized location, and create a Proof of Purchase profileWe will ensure that your organization is protected from viruses, malware and spyware, and we will offer round-the-clock support for your Small to Medium sized business needs. That is why our principles are an integral and foremost part of our platform, and we carry them in all matters of business.
With nearly half of the global population engaging in routine acts of copyright infringement through various mediums, such as purchasing pirated goods on the black market or open market, or downloading them on peer-to-peer networks. We take no shortcuts in the auditing process, and perform the upgrades and updates that will crystallize your status as a genuine and authentic software user.Located in the Heart of the Silicon Valley of the North, Fidelity IT Solutions can be your outsourced IT provider. By adding value to your existing product, as we offer cutting-edge solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Whether you have 10, 25 or 100 computers, we will deliver fast and effective IT support that will optimize your systems and reduce downtime. In keeping to our philosophy, we are self-committed to see you succeed by engaging in an enduring partnership, as we integrate the latest technologies that will get you ahead.Tags: IT Security, Piracy stats Spread the word! We are here to facilitate the day-to-day running of your business by managing your computing, internet and IT concerns so that you can focus on your core business.Offering our expertise along multiple platforms of innovation, Fidelity IT Solutions transforms IT advancements into business value by automating activities, enhancing workflow, and increasing transparency.

Written by FidelityIT+ The author didn't add any information to his profile yet.Let's Talk. We spearhead focused improvement initiatives and drive scalable development in core areas of information technology.Are you a Toronto business and want to enjoy the multi-levelled & multi-layered benefits of Outsourced IT and boost your business prospects?
Then partnering with Fidelity IT Solutions will give you the Toronto IT Solutions you need by strengthening performance, overcoming market challenges and reaching new milestones.We integrate the right IT solutions in a cost-effective manner. Businesses gain the leading edge by partnering with us because we allocate resources to perfecting our expertise, as we invest in cutting-edge R&D and next generation technologies. Delivering the leading edge, our discoveries and breakthrough findings trickle-down to your business.We will transfer our knowledge to you, which will re-energize your business with new perspectives and out-of-the-box ideas that will aid strategies of expansion and bring about peak performance. To show its effectiveness, we deliver measurable results as we provide performance scorecards and in-depth reporting on all progress made.Experiencing the spill-over benefits of partnering with us will gives businesses insight into technology’s latest trends and developments, that will help propel business growth and take you to that next level. Fidelity IT Solutions is a leading managed service provider (MSP) and outsourcing IT for small business and medium-sized enterprises in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

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