In a survey of business users by SpiceWorks, 61% said they are currently using the cloud or plan to in the near future. Another very interesting part of this survey is the difference in preference by the employees and IT professionals. SmartFile is a business file management platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.
Strictly API based (no interface) file management tools for agile developers that need a quick way to send, share, and host.
When we last left The Cloud, our strange visitor from another planet, we learned that he has always been there, behind the scenes.  But recently he has taken off his disguise and is really coming forward to the aid of people, businesses and corporations all over the world.
The performance power of a computer is not based just upon the speed which it can get things done – but HOW much it can get done.  In simple terms, this is determined by the amount of space available to complete “computing processes” (eg. One of the major advantages of cloud computing is that it offers virtually unlimited storage compared to what is available on your computer’s hard drive, in-house servers or external storage devices.   This not only expands the ability of a business to complete more complex computing processes, but it also allows them to store and maintain massive amounts of data.
When it comes to the budget of your business, The Cloud lets you do more for less.  You will save you money on storage and software updates because the server will do the job for you and because you won’t need to purchase physical storage to extend capacity and for mobility such as hard disks, CDs, USBs, etc.
When you have The Cloud on your team, you have an efficient and streamlined method for working on group projects. In addition to file sharing, there are many cloud-based project and business management solutions available that can help you from start to finish – simplifying things like scheduling, assignment and organization of tasks, record keeping, billing, budgeting and much more. But it’s not just on the Global Horizon and in Big Companies where The Cloud is making a difference for the environment.
Businesses who use cloud based solutions can experience a reduction of power usage because most of the “computing” is done on company servers. Cloud-based options help reduce the amount of physical printing that needs to be done – not only saving trees, but saving money too.
If you are seriously interested in learning about Cloud Computing, you may want to attend the annual Cloud Computing Expo.
Outside of my freelance work as a writer, I provide business consulting, web design and online marketing services for small businesses – from one small business owner, to another. With these files sharing services, instead of emailing these files back and forth to each other and wondering which file is most up to date, you can use one of these services to remotely access files from any web browser and ensure that the files you are working on are instantly accessible to other members of your team. Each of these file synchronization services provide a variety of features and some offer features others don’t have. To share files between your own computers just install the DropBox app on each computer and save files to your DropBox folder.
What’s nice about SugarSync is that you can share any folder on your backup through SugarSync.
These services are synchronize your files through the Internet (or the cloud), however there are a number of software that keep your files and folders synchronized direct to your computers or external storage devices.
Microsoft Office 365 offers cloud computing with a number of affordable plans for businesses of all sizes.
Microsoft needed to make big changes after the poor reception of Windows 8 and the rise of free alternatives like Google Drive. Office 365 Business Premium combines the Business and Business Essentials into a single package. Larger companies will be better suited to Office 365 Enterprise, which includes all the features of Office 2013 with added protection and security features. Moving Office to the cloud is a big step for Microsoft, but with new technology you normally have to accept bugs and performance issues.
The biggest frustration with Office 365 is OneDrive online, where performance can be patchy.

It’s a little frustrating, but not a major blow unless you rely on the web apps for your workflow.
The Office 365 business packages are incredible value – especially with Lync, SlideShare and Exchange Online bringing a host of features that help businesses create and share content more effectively. This is an article contributed to Young Upstarts and published or republished here with permission. We auditioned several remote access products over the last week and have settled on Splashtop Business. Deployment is OK and computers can be grouped and you can make specific deployment packages.
I have also told LogMeIn that we do not wish to renew and I have changed the card information in our LMI account to gibberish, in case they try to renew us anyway. I'd love a list for the UK - I've got a list of around 800 MSPs which I've scraped google for. For most, it’s an unknown and mysterious place where files are stored and somehow accessed through their computers, tablets, phones and other smart devices. We all know that our personal preferences often influence some of our decision making at the work place. There are many cloud file sharing solutions out there that fit the needs of many different people and businesses. Green IT, or green cloud computing, is getting more attention with recent studies reporting greater carbon efficiency, increased cost savings and improved operations efficiency.
As an entrepreneur who has been through the struggles of learning how to succeed when resources were limited, I understand what it is like to build a small business from the ground up.
I also look at, below, GoodSync, which synchronizes files between computers – no online storage. DropBox is pretty simple, you download a an applet (small program) to your computer (or app to your smart phone).
With Dropbox one folder is designated as the Dropbox folder, but if you want to share a folder called photos that is in your MyDocuments folder you must bring it to your Dropbox folder.
The paid version gives you a lot more features including faster file size uploads, full text search of files and many, many more features. Her work has been syndicated across a number of media outlets, including The New York Times, and MSNBC.Kristen Nicole published her first book, The Twitter Survival Guide, and is currently completing her second book on predictive analytics.
It’s a major overhaul for the recognized platform which a multitude of firms already rely on and the business packages in particular aim to make file sharing and collaboration easier in the workplace. Office 365 needs to find the right balance between advanced features and solid performance if Microsoft can expect business owners to keep paying up. This gets you 365 Business Essentials, which only covers the online Office Apps, 1TB of cloud storage and 50GB space for emails.
It also comes with Yammer integration for businesses with social collaboration needs and the option to buy the Project Online service. And although the first editions of Office 365 aren’t flawless, Microsoft has done incredibly well to make the transition so smooth. The online application doesn’t always load first time and the file sharing functions aren’t as intuitive as you would like.
Performance isn’t perfect, but it’s an impressive first effort from Microsoft and the subscription process means you’re always inline for updates. I told him I hope he's not on comission or under a quota because I could tell he couldn't make any sales at these new prices.
But for experienced businesses, it is a place where files can be shared while adding to increased efficiency and production.

With security, compliance, reliability and ease of management being the biggest headaches, SmartFile is a great solution that addresses all of those. I maintain the design and development of SmartFile's website along with other social profiles. My formal training is in Psychology and this background gives me a unique perspective on the world of marketing and behavior. Your files are on your local computer (or server) and also stored online – so they are backed up. This program connects the online DropBox service to a shared folder(s) on your computer’s hard disk. With the folder sharing feature, you create folders inside a main YouSendIt folder on your desktop and then provide access to these folders to other members of your team, they can access your shared folders via the web, a mobile device or computer. Moving up the ranks is Office 365 Business that comes with Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access, Publisher and Lync. Office 365 Enterprise E3 costs ?14.70 a month per user with an annual commitment upon sign-up. Much of this carries over to the web apps too and even creating a Word document online can be sluggish for older or lower spec devices. The native apps work as you would expect but the offline OneDrive app makes sharing files from devices a breeze and you rarely need to use the online apps to create documents. On the few machines that we need remote printing from, we are setting up Google Cloud Print. The main concern that these business users had was security issues (73%), legal liability (49%), reliability (48%), and management headache (36%).
87% of employees preferred DropBox, while only 28% of IT pros agreed with that preference. 37% of IT Pros prefer a more secure source that isn’t as widely popular with personal file sharing users (the most popular option among the group). Make sure your IT pros are the main influence on your company’s cloud file sharing decision and keep SmartFile in mind. I have been a work-at-home mother since 2002 and absolutely love the freedom that being self employed provides.
What they do allow you to do is open files on devices that don’t support Office so you can view, share and even edit them – ideal for Android devices in business meetings, for example. You actually have to ring them and raise a ticket and ask for auto renewal to be turned off. On your other computer (or another authorized user) this file will appear in the synchronized DropBox folder. There is no monthly fee as your data is not stored online and your storage is only limited by the size of your storage devices. GoodSync costs $30 for the Windows version, $40 for the Mac version and $40 for the mobile version. This week, I wanted to take a closer look at recent news involving LogMeIn (LOGM), a remote access software provider located in my neck of the woods (aka Boston).
Called them and the best they could do for us was to offer us the new Central Pro for $661 ($200 more than we pay now) for 1 year and then it would go up by 50% a year until it was the retail price. So this year it would cost $200 more than we pay now, next year $991, the following year $1487, then $1499 (if the price stays where it is now - which I doubt seeing what they have done now). So to get less than we have now our costs would be $4638 over 4 years vs $1760 we paid for the last 4 years.

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