In the past year, our AIC has further refined ActioNet Service Offerings to focus on the technology and service areas that enhance business transformation. The cloud brokerage and integration services tie together the underlying infrastructure, software and operational support functions.A  The benefits of this approach include improved efficiency with higher performance at significantly lower costs and enhanced customer service. Agencies want to fulfill business requirements, not buy, deploy and maintain expensive technology solutions with equally cost prohibitive ongoing operations and maintenance activities. The transformational shift starts with the right leadership to foster the cultural changes required to change the organization to a model of efficiency.A  These changes are neither easy nor do they happen overnight, but the initial steps must be taken quickly and without hesitation until the end destination is reached. The advances in technology and Service Delivery have enabled us to be agile, flexible and responsive with the ability to quickly prototype and deploy next generation services to customers in the field wherever they may reside. ActioNet works closely with our customers to define the roadmap for transformation and to align the people, process and technology in support of the Mission.
TomTom Telematics has announced a collaboration with Sage, makers of cloud accounting software. By combining TomTom Webfleet and Sage Live, the collaboration will deliver real-time accounting for companies with fleets of vehicles. gives small and medium sized fleet owners more control and oversight of their complete fleet via a web-based dashboard.
For drivers, has a companion driver mobile app that provides routing and schedule information, helps drivers establish a reliability track record and gives drivers details on when they can expect to pick up additional shipments or when they will be home next. Overall, helps carriers reduce inefficiencies, helps shippers find and have visibility into better, more reliable spot market capacity and helps drivers have more of a sense of control over their lives. Founded in 2015, FR8 Revolution builds data-driven, cloud-based tools aimed at reducing inefficiencies in the $700B US trucking market that result in lost revenue, more pollution and traffic, and poor working conditions for the 3.5 million drivers it employs.
At FR8, we have a passion to lead the digital revolution driving change in the industry that drives our economy. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 11th January, 2012: – Canon, world-leader in imaging solutions, has today launched the imageFORMULA P-215, the industry’s fastest USB powered scanner for small or home office environments and for professionals who work remotely. Powered by a single USB cable, the imageFORMULA P-215 can scan up to 15 pages per minute and capture both sides of a document in a single pass. Workers can use the P-215 instantly without the need to install additional drivers or software thanks to its unique, built-in CaptureOnTouch Lite software. The versatile P-215 incorporates a special card feeder slot for scanning thick plastic ID and embossed cards, which is particularly useful for industries such as insurance and financial services where proof of ID is required when registering new client accounts or closing deals.
Sean Suematsu, European Document Scanning Solutions Director, Canon Europe says, “Remote and flexible working has been fuelling demand for scan and access anywhere solutions.
High quality scanning is ensured with an optical resolution up to 600dpi and advanced image processing features such as auto page size detection, de-skew, auto text orientation and colour detection.
The Dell Latitude D610 strikes a good balance by offering the latest technology within a very luggable 5.4-pound frame.
The D610 looks just like its predecessor, the D600, but now incorporates a sturdy metal frame. Security is an important aspect that Dell focuses on, so having TPM 1.1 (Trusted Platform Module) standard across the Latitude line is very comforting.

As a result, most organizations have migrated their archival data to the cloud while keeping the operational data at hand through a combination of private and hybrid clouds.Employing the cloud is a sound decision, as it brings many benefits not only for large organizations but also for small and medium sized businesses. A The burdens of making capital expenditures, owning equipment and technology refresh cycles allow the customer to focus on their Mission objectives.A  ActioNet has the ITSM expertise and industry partnerships to tie together all of the critical components in this model into a single service offering with one accountable and responsible party.
Webfleet, TomTom Telematics’ fleet management service, is used by small to large businesses to help improve vehicle performance, save fuel, support drivers and increase overall fleet efficiency. provides a simple and powerful way to help carriers to schedule, route and load their trucks, shippers to track loads in real-time and drivers to gain more visibility into their ever-changing schedules. The software tracks a fleet of up to 500 trucks, providing carriers and their shipper customers real-time notification of estimated arrival dates and time. By giving drivers input and visibility into their schedule and an easy and anonymous way to rate their experience with docks and shippers, aims to improve their lives on the road.
FR8’s free tools help carriers manage their fleet schedules, identify available capacity on freight truck routes, and sell this capacity to shippers that need it. The new ultra-compact portable scanner is compatible with both Mac and PC operating systems and supports mobile working with the ability to scan directly to cloud-hosted applications such as GoogleDocs™, Evernote and SharePoint. The scanner incorporates an automatic document feeder that is capable of handling up to 20 sheets, saving valuable time when scanning documents containing multiple pages. Whether you’re working in the office, from home or on the road, there is a growing need for fast, accurate and easy digitisation of documents. We also like that it comes with four USB ports (up from two in the previous model) and a host of other features. This mainstream business notebook is built for serious mobile performance, incorporating Intel's latest-generation Centrino platform.
Docking solutions are compatible across the entire D family, with a port replicator ($199 direct), full docking station ($359), and a viewing stand ($69) that elevates your notebook to a comfortable viewing position for desktop use. The new Pentium M 760 (2.0 GHz), 512MB DDR2 memory, and ATI Radeon X300 helped it achieve a chart-topping 171 on SYSmark 2004 Internet Content Creation. Although OpenManage offers myriad applications, there's a lack of integration with all the different pieces. He’s a one-man wrecking crew who tests and writes about anything considered a laptop (yes, even netbooks). Adopting the cloud helps reduce operational costs and improves the overall IT efficiency of an organization.
The combined solution will allow Sage Live customers to automatically view fleet data from connected vehicles, including trucks, light commercial vehicles and passenger cars. When fleets have excess capacity or backhauls to fill, automatically finds freight to fill it, helping carriers keep their utilization and profitability high, and reducing wasted fuel and excess carbon emissions from driving empty miles. The platform allows shippers to manage and track their spot loads in real time and the FR8 mobile app provides truck drivers with tools to manage their life on the road. A complete set of mobile workforce management and communication tools gives you a 360-degree view of your workforce. The other good news is that Dell has added two more USB ports to the D610 than the outgoing model had, for a total of four. The D610 also comes with a built in Smart Card Reader and Intel's Execute Disable Bit hardware antivirus support.

He’s been with PC Mag for over 10 years and gets occasional headaches from all the technical knowledge he has absorbed during that time. Additionally, the cloud supports critical business tasks by providing robust performance and improved security.Cloud Adoption StatisticsGartner and RightScale have recently released cloud adoption findings acquired through various surveys (one of which involved 45 decision makers and 300 companies). He’d still be snowboarding and playing basketball had he not been through multiple knee surgeries (well, two). These findings revealed that almost 29% of the organizations are using public cloud, 58% are using a combination of public and private clouds, and only 7% are using private clouds. Still, the Dell Latitude D610 is a solid buy, thanks to its very good battery life and performance.
Furthermore, the survey results indicated that either more than half of the organizations in the survey are experimenting with hybrid cloud or they have the intention to do so.
Simple and intuitive time-keeping of your workforce with our completely paper-free, federally-approved ELD. When an organization has more than typical bandwidth requirements, cloud computing can step in to fulfill that need. Coming Soon: Engineering innovative ways to improve the safety of our children while they travel to school. The remote servers of cloud service providers offer extensive bandwidth that many organizations are not able to obtain internally.Cost EffectivenessOne of the most cited reasons for adopting the cloud is cost effectiveness.
Cloud promises more for less, which is the basic motivation for many budget conscious organizations to make the transition. There are several reasons why opting for a cloud setup can be less costly than having on-site datacenters and similar solutions. The most obvious of them being that large cloud providers are able to leverage the power of huge economies of scale and are therefore able to provide more for a lower price.Pay for What You UseAnother key aspect of cloud deployment is that you only pay for the services you use.
Cloud service providers offer the flexibility to opt out of services you do not plan to use in the near future and you always have flexible opt-in options based on your changing business requirements.Disaster RecoveryWhen an organization moves to the cloud, they hedge off the majority of the disaster related concerns. The service provider takes care of all such issues, and reports have found that their turnaround time is less than that of traditional disaster recovery processes.
Aberdeen Group reports reveal that organizations using cloud are able to resolve recovery related issues about four times faster than those who do not use the cloud.Remote AccessAs long as your employees have access to the Internet, the cloud enables them to work remotely. When you employ a cloud computing service, it is up to the service provider to handle the security and software updates. CloseEducationEducation and Public Transport RFID tags are the most cost effective solution to alleviate the worry many parents face. It is therefore often recommended to have an external entity complete a thorough analysis for your organization to provide you with a detailed report explaining specific benefits to your organization that may warrant cloud migration.Always start any cloud initiative with a detailed cost benefit analysis and assessment of your needs. You can think of using cloud services for making your business better, if you are an internet-savvy person.

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