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Desenvolva e Integre com o Oracle Cloud Aproveite o Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS) para desenvolver, implementar e dimensionar seus aplicativos na nuvem. Even the most sophisticated business intelligence solutions can be deployed to the cloud, such as this configuration, which uses WebFOCUS as a full-featured business intelligence platform.
Cloud BI or cloud business intelligence is a means of delivering reporting and analysis capabilities, and related content, via the internet. Industry experts and businesses of all sizes consider cloud BI to be a far more cost-effective option than traditional or on-premise business intelligence solutions.
The cloud BI approach can also dramatically accelerate start up and time-to-value, since - in most cases - all components are already installed at the hosting service provider's location. As cloud solutions mature, more and more companies are seeking to take advantage of this delivery model to address a variety of critical technology needs, including BI and business analytics. Information Builders Cloud Hosting Services provides a fully secure architecture for cloud-based reporting and analysis. Chamber Members now have an exclusive opportunity to learn, hands-on, how to maximize their marketing efforts through their Chamber membership!
The Business Builder class will walk you through the steps of using your online Chamber account to enhance the aesthetics and “search-ability” of your online directory listing, as well as how to create online coupons, job listings and special events! This course is designed for students who want to take advantage of the cloud service reporting features of Power BI.
Alem disso, saiba como sua empresa pode publicar aplicativos inovadores que ampliam os Aplicativos do Oracle Cloud no Oracle Cloud Marketplace, permitindo que voce alcance mais de 400 mil clientes da Oracle em todo o mundo. Also commonly referred to as software as a service (SaaS) BI or on-demand BI, cloud BI calls for all required components to be deployed and administered off-site, usually by a third-party hosting service provider.

Since organisations don't need to make large initial investments in software licenses and related hardware, capital expenditures are minimized.
Now with Information Builders Cloud Hosting Services, moving business intelligence to the cloud is faster and easier than ever before.
Annual certifications for HIPAA, PCI, SAS 70, and other standards help to keep the environment protected at all times. Information Builders: Business Intelligence and Integration - Transforming Data into Business Value. You’ll also learn about how these activities get boosted by The Chamber’s social media!
Power BI Report Builders will learn everything they need to create highly effective stand-alone and multi-page narrative reports using data sources that are created by Power BI Data Model Designers. Users then access all the features and functionality of the cloud BI application via the web, through either public or private clouds. Instead, all infrastructure is purchased, installed, and tested by the hosting service provider, who oversees and maintains all hardware and software at their own facility. Organisations can add new users and new capabilities more rapidly than they could if the business intelligence application was deployed and administered on-site. A secure and scalable infrastructure makes robust, feature-rich cloud business intelligence, using the WebFOCUS business intelligence platform, readily available through a shared public-cloud environment or dedicated private-cloud resources. Additionally, comprehensive, frequently-tested disaster recovery procedures ensure that data is not lost or compromised in the event of a power outage, hardware failure, or other disaster. You’ll learn about the additional tools available through enhanced listings and get a refresher about all of the other benefits available to you through your membership!
This course covers the use of both the Power BI Desktop application as well as the Power BI Service.

There are different purchasing options with cloud BI, including paying a monthly subscription fee, based on usage.
The environment can be immediately expanded as needed, at any time, without the need to add more IT staff for support.
With our Cloud Hosting Services, even the most sophisticated reporting and analysis applications can be seamlessly deployed in the cloud. This security, combined with outstanding support services, makes Information Builders the ideal partner for any cloud business intelligence need. O Oracle Marketing AppCloud oferece a plataforma de marketing digital mais abrangente e robusta para ISVs e empresas de tecnologia. Faca sua empresa crescer, alcancando uma grande base global de clientes, formada por empresas de medio e grande porte que englobam mercados de B2B e B2C em varios segmentos.
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Nosso ecossistema de lideres apaixonados esta impulsionando a inovacao e a transformacao do Marketing, para fornecer as melhores solucoes de marketing digital para nossos clientes! O Oracle Cloud Marketplace e uma loja on-line dedicada a comercializar aplicativos de negocio de valor agregado e servicos profissionais para Aplicativos do Oracle Cloud e oferecidos por parceiros do OPN.
Membros do OPN a partir do nivel Silver podem publicar no Oracle Cloud Marketplace e aproveitar um dedicado canal de distribuicao, que oferece uma exclusiva oportunidade para comercializar diretamente solucoes inovadoras para nossa base mundial de clientes.

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