The Microsoft BI world is buzzing about Microsoft's recent announcement made at their annual Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) conference on Mobile BI and Power BI, a new Cloud Business Intelligence offering for Office 365 customers. The new native Mobile BI app will render hosted Office 365 Excel documents, PowerPivot, and Power View. Power BI for Office 365 is a new self-service business intelligence (BI) solution delivered through Excel and Office 365.
The current Office 365 Enterprise E Plan offerings already support Excel with embedded Power Pivot and Power View for files up to 10 MB in size. To wrap up, Microsoft Office 365 Mobile BI and Power BI is fantastic news for Microsoft Office 365 customers. Derek Comingore’s, Mark Kromer's, and Jen Underwood's candid look at SQL Server’s Business Intelligence features.
With SharePoint 2013 and Office Web App, it is so easy to turn some of the powerful features of Excel to do simple “BI” – that is, Business Intelligence in lower case.
The cool thing about Office Web App is that to view the files, there is no need for any licenses – it is free. I help clients with their new technology initiatives, help with their software development and QA needs across a variety of technologies, including Microsoft, Java, opensource, cloud and mobile. Centre of Excellence can help you achieve business goals using Java technology to build applications that solve business goals and free your time to focus on strategic issues.

Notably the Office 365 Excel Power View version Silverlight rendering will be replaced with HTML5. On-premise customers will need to continue to look to the broader Microsoft third-party vendor ecosystem to get native Mobile BI applications. IT professionals may hate the proliferation of Excel documents containing important information, floating around the corporate file servers.
We recently helped one of our clients to share some vital information to their partners via SharePoint based extranet. This and other improved implementation of the extranet tremendously increased their partner participation compared to their previous extranet implementation.
Trigent has helped more than 100+ independent Software Vendors ISVs and Enterprises in all segments across the U.S. The long awaited native Mobile BI app that was shown today will only be available for Office 365 customers at an undisclosed date later this summer. With the new Power BI, direct connectivity to on-premise data sources will be supported making it a more serious contender in the Cloud BI space.
Project GeoFlow is now called Power Maps and believe it or not, PowerPivot is now officially Power Pivot with a space. Users love them – the familiar interface and ease of doing simple calculations and filtering has made Excel tremendously popular with people who work with numbers.

We used Excel 2013’s PowerView feature to create great looking visualizations with ability to filter and drill through the data. The first version of the native Mobile BI will be available on Windows 8 and Windows RT devices. However, in the Windows 8 devices it is possible to save and view the Excel documents locally on the device. Power BI consists of base Excel, Power Pivot, Power Query (formerly project Data Explorer), Power View, and Power Map (formerly project GeoFlow).
And with Office Web App, the extranet user is able to view and interact with these powerful charts right in their browser.
In the Microsoft related blogs, it is becoming quite clear that Excel is the go-to tool for all things Microsoft BI going forward. The technical Microsoft BI community has already started the transition to Excel authoring with Power Pivot, Power BI is the next phase in that process.
Microsoft says that it is betting on Excel to provide basic BI for everyone and removing specialist tools from the equation.

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