These beautiful copper beer steins have arrived just in time for Oktoberfest, football season and fall! This Abstract Metal Wall Art & Sculpture captures the interplay of the highlights and shadows and creates a new three dimensional sense of movement as your view it from different angles. I hand polish and grind the textures into the metal to create dramatic illusions of depth and dimension. Each piece is meticulously fabricated when the order is placed and will vary slightly from the photos shown (the new pieces always look better than the photos). Any artwork hung on a wall can potentially become a dangerous falling object if dislodged from mounting. When you create your own avatar here, you will be able to make it your own and enjoy the possibilities immensely.
The silver reflections will be especially appreciated in person as you and your guests marvel as the brilliant glimmering light seems to interact with the metal as you move around it. I use the highest grade materials to bring many years of enjoyment and mounting brackets are installed to allow hanging on any surface.

If you are looking for a dynamic, three-dimensional piece of art that will energize your home, office, or garden- this is IT!. We are not responsible for personal death, injury or property damage due to falling or handling of artwork either mounted or unmounted. Start by designing your avatar to your personal desires and then go have fun.There are a lot of activities waiting for you here, and you can take advantage of them all. Your purchase, hanging, handling,or installation of artwork constitutes of acceptance of these terms.
My original creations are designed using metal, wood, tile, water and whatever else inspires me to evoke feelings of calm and tranquility into this crazy, non-stop, chaotic world we love. Enjoy everything from decorating and customizing to dancing and partying, whatever you want. There is a lot of excitement awaiting you in Avataria.As you might guess from the name, Avataria is all about having fun with your avatar. The hair, skin color, and other important basics will all be decided the moment that you begin playing the game.You will be able to make the avatar your own, allowing you to bring some of your personality and style into it.

This is going to give you plenty of options for customizing that will give you your desired look.You can also play with the home that you have. By using these items and making the most out of this space, you will be able to make it feel like home for your avatar. It is going to have luxury, comfort, and everything else that you could want.With the selection of items and how easy it is to place everything, doing the design work is incredibly simple. You will be able to party like a socialite and enjoy the glamorous life that few people have in reality.Since this is a social game, doing this with friends is possible.

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