We are a professional IT solutions and service firm providing Omnichannel customer engagements with Big Data Insights to our client. Windows Azure Based Cloud Solutions - Cloud Service, Storage, SQL Azure, Service Bus, Virtual Machine and Mobile Service. Re-Engineering, Migration,Maintainence to reduce Downtime helping business to work for better strategic initiatives.
We provide IT Solutions and Services to enable Omnichannel Customer Engagement, Gain Single view of the customer and Speed time to big data insights with contextual structured data. We use our proprietary technologies in Real-time Responsive Digital Design, Mobile, Social, Web Design and Dynamic Integration.
Consulace Business Solutions believes in empowering creative approach to the business solutions. Our highly experienced software development team provides its customers with products and services focussed on delivering against exacting requirements, for any type of application of any complexity.
We recognize and place a huge emphasis on the importance of fully understanding our client's businesses and processes as the single most essential factor in delivering software that is unique, effective and that truly adds value to the client’s operations. Through listening carefully to, and working closely with, the customer, and by adopting a leading yet flexible approach, we are able to deliver software that has all the functionality the customer needs without compromise. Software development is what makes us tick as people – and we are always looking to deliver software that provides what it should - reduced costs through improved performance with clear, streamlined and measurable processes.
We collaborate with your team to discuss the learning from the design phase, and also reviewing your expectations, goals, deliverables and timelines. Our developers provide the latest cutting-edge expertise to implement any opportunity presented in the Discover and Design phases. Our Quality Control process insures the success of each client relationship by the execution of test plans which adhere to the design phases of each project. Lifestyle Electronics supplies mood lighting systems that are LED based and energy efficient.
Tag Cloudaudiovisual sustems home automation home automation ireland home energy monitoring device ireland home theater lighting period houses philips hue remote control systems ireland savant systems savent smart control 12. With Veeam’s ‘Cloud Connect’ recovery platform, you will never have to worry about your offsite data repositories again!
Veeam Cloud Connect, part of the new Veeam Availability Suite v8, gives Veeam partners a fully integrated, secure and efficient means to move VM backups to a cloud repository managed service providers within the Server Cloud Canada cloud infrastructure; which enables a scalable environment that allows them to grow and avoid upfront capital investments in their own offsite infrastructure for greater margin realization. Through Veeam Cloud Connect, Server Cloud Canada partners get a simple, powerful platform to deliver fast and secure VM backups to the Server Cloud Canada 100% Canadian Cloud based infrastructure. What Does the Extended Partnership Mean for Server Cloud Canada’s Partners and Customers?
Revenue generation for SCC Partners looking to offer Veeam cloud backups as a simplified managed product to their customers. Disaster recovery and business continuity for organizations looking for high availability and ubiquitous access to their data in the event of disruption.
As one of the largest Canadian cloud based infrastructures, Server Cloud Canada (SCC) is a leader in the enterprise and service provider virtual datacentre environment.  Specializing in standard and custom based solutions that help companies of all sizes effectively and efficiently transition to a private cloud-based infrastructure.
We’re one of the biggest geographically redundant deployments of HP Matrix infrastructure in the country, and we’re 100% owned and operated within Canada. Looking for more information on Server Cloud Canada’s ‘Cloud Connect’ recovery platform?
Sign up for Server Cloud Canada's newsletter and receive updates about new and improved services, blog posts, and events you might be interested in. The details of Google’s long-rumored music service are starting to leak out, setting the scene for the launch of a cloud-based storage locker that users could keep their music in and stream it from anywhere. When users buy tracks in the download store, they’re given the option to copy their purchase over to the  storage locker automatically, meaning no download-then-upload hassles.

However, the search giant could run into trouble when it comes to deals with the record labels. So in short, it seems like there’s still a very long way to go before agreements can be signed. That’s one of the conclusions of a recent survey of 1,300 corporate IT users, which sought to better understand employee habits regarding shadow IT. The survey zeroed in on adoption of Dropbox, the cloud-based storage and file-sharing provider. It’s no surprise that the survey sponsor, Nasuni, has a self interest in publishing these results, as the vendor is a provider of enterprise storage to large organizations. The Nasuni survey finds that across the board, at least half of the respondents use Dropbox in their organizations.
The report cautions that in many cases, corporate information is stored within personal Dropbox accounts. In fact, the survey also found that half of employees use these cloud file-sharing and storage services — even though they are aware that their employer has a policy against it.
The problem likely won’t go away anytime soon, as it is being fueled by mobile technology. As the number of devices grows, the use of Dropbox and shadow IT will simultaneously increase to meet the demands of new users. If humans are ever to gain control of runaway greenhouse gases, we will need to do it on a variety of fronts.
Industry is adopting many of the above alternative energy resources, already reducing its carbon footprint. Molten oxide electrolysis (MOE) is an electrometallurgical technique that enables the direct production of metal in the liquid state from oxide feedstock1, 2, and compared with traditional methods of extractive metallurgy offers both a substantial simplification of the process and a significant reduction in energy consumption3.
As noted above, the following charts show our current state of affairs with respect to greenhouse gases including: concentration, origin, and location. David enjoys research and writing about cutting edge technologies that hold the promise of improving conditions for all life on planet earth. We represent a team of bright experienced professionals moving towards a common goal of achieving excellence and beyond. Our rapid development tools deliver easy deployable,scalable, reliable and secure solutions. Consulace Business Solutions provides you the Consultation and IT Services based on the need for your business organization with the cutting edge technology, which can reduce the costs and increase the productivity.
After the appropriate research has been done, we devise a strategy, brain storm concepts and write a creative brief that we can use throughout the process.
We then discuss the overall design which is highly flexible and can accommodate changes that may come up during the later phases. Our engineers create and customize the technology platforms and applications with many successful implementations. Superior quality service is all that we offer, so with continual improvement we provide the very best customer service available in our industry. With digital controls of home automation system you can choose any colour light to suit your mood and situation. Alongside would sit a locker that songs and albums could be stored in, and then streamed or downloaded to any internet-connected device, likely including Android phones and the forthcoming Google TV.
Meanwhile, a desktop app would scan the user’s hard drive, quietly uploading any tracks recognized as music in the background, whatever their source.
The same industry sources claim that the subscription fee for such a service would be around $25 (about ?16) per year, and that revenues would be split 50:50 with the rights holders. If they do acquiesce, it’ll no doubt be in exchange for concessions from Google, like removing sites associated with piracy from search results.

Especially as Google will undoubtedly want to start in the USA where the major labels are at their most fuddy-duddy. The fact that the CFO is doing his or her own thing with Dropbox doesn’t make it any easier. Dropbox usage is partcularly strong within universities, service firms, and manufacturers. About 58% of respondents with a personal mobile device say they resort to using their own device to access work files because the company does not provide the tools they require.
Twenty-five percent of survey respondents plan to have an additional smart phone or tablet before the . Charts below from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tell an interesting tale: the world must cooperate and all major sectors of the world economy reformed if sustainability is to be achieved. Transport now has a new electric vehicle industry and smarter mass transit systems like electric monorails that will significantly curb emissions.
Now there are a series of new technologies being adopted by industry that will squeeze emissions even further. Elliott, Professor of Materials Chemistry, and colleagues who recently published a breakthrough paper in Nature. MOE is also considered a promising route for mitigation of CO2 emissions in steelmaking3, 4, 5, production of metals free of carbon6, and generation of oxygen for extra-terrestrial exploration7, 8. The only reasonable conclusion is that concerted collective effort is needed for any hope at making progress. If the world is to get control over greenhouse gas emissions, multilateral cooperation is essential.
A similar streaming service proposed by Spotify hasn’t managed to get off the ground there, despite gathering nearly 10 million users in Europe, supposedly due to objections from the labels. So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED. Dropbox usage is prevalent in the mobile world as well; after e-mail, it is the most common tool used for accessing work files on a mobile device.
The burning of fossil fuels is the biggest culprit and much is being done to reduce it as a percentage of overall energy supply: the adoption of solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric and others will go a long way toward reigning in this piece of the pie.
Until now, MOE has been demonstrated using anode materials that are consumable (graphite for use with ferro-alloys and titanium6, 9) or unaffordable for terrestrial applications (iridium for use with iron10, 11). The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. To enable metal production without process carbon, MOE requires an anode material that resists depletion while sustaining oxygen evolution. Second, under anodic polarization most metals inevitably corrode in such conditions11, 12, 13. Third, iron oxide undergoes spontaneous reduction on contact with most refractory metals14 and even carbon.
Here we show that anodes comprising chromium-based alloys exhibit limited consumption during iron extraction and oxygen evolution by MOE. The anode stability is due to the formation of an electronically conductive solid solution of chromium(III) and aluminium oxides in the corundum structure. These findings make practicable larger-scale evaluation of MOE for the production of steel, and potentially provide a key material component enabling mitigation of greenhouse-gas emissions while producing metal of superior metallurgical quality.

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