As a Microsoft Online Services Partner SOS can advise you on the best cloud based solution for your organisation.
If you are looking at implementing or just investigating cloud based solutions then do not hesitate to contact us for a no obligation proposal. With services from Lindentech and Microsoft Office 365, working on the go has never been simpler – so you can effectively communicate, collaborate and stay up-to-date, no matter where your business takes you. With its powerful, industry-standard applications, cloud-based integration and online storage, Microsoft Office 365 is the world’s most popular business productivity software. We can set your business up with Microsoft Office 365 from scratch, integrating it with all other aspects of your business IT, or we can migrate your entire current system over to a new software framework.
As Microsoft Gold Partners, we are second-to-none when it comes to software like Windows and Microsoft Office 365. Lindentech NewsletterSign up for the Lindentech newsletter for the latest news and exclusive content.
The change from a traditional software business model to Cloud App business model will require a re-assessment of your long term vision, mission and go-to-market model.
TELLUS Transformation Workshop is a highly interactive three-stage workshop model starting with a baseline situational assessment.
Do you want to ensure that your channel partner’s business model is in alignment with your business model in the future?
Do you want to define roles and responsibilities for your organization and the channel as well as end user organization? Education of best practices and approaches employed by other organizations and adjacent industries. We conduct ongoing ecosystem research for our clients to validate software product development plans and to ensure marketing and sales efforts are targeted to the right market segment.
Our business execution packages are built based on TELLUS long experience in brining success to its clients in different go-to-market execution phases. As an excellent communicator, Juha Harkonen conveys cloud knowledge efficiently and makes this information applicable to Itron operations. This entry was posted in Icon Design and tagged Cloud computing icons psd free, Communication computing PSD Icon, free psd icons, Icon set. ServiceNow is an enterprise application that provides a robust suite of applications to automate and streamline IT and business unit operations. As companies across the state finish up their 2011 fiscal plans a new project has crept into their technology investment budgets. Drupal is a registered trademark of Dries Buytaert.The owner of all software and 3rd party services mentioned on this site retain their copyright and trademarks. Depending on your circumstances Cloud Computing can be a highly beneficial technology to either replace or complement solutions in your existing network. SOS is renowned for its professional technical experience, reliable services and first-class support. We can get your business fully Office 365 integrated, allowing all of your applications to be up-to-date and ready to use at all times, whether work is being done from the office or remotely.
If your business has its own IT department, we can even do a migration to Microsoft Office 365 without getting in their way.

We are fully qualified to carry out any work on Microsoft products, and are upgrade and migration experts. The Green Seven Technology team is here to answer any of our questions no matter how large or small.
Questions such as change in cash-flow, sales model and channel structure will require the management to create a new business model that supports this business model change. Based on our experience, many organizations lack a well-articulated and seamless next generation vision and as such are only scratching the surface of the potential that Cloud, Big Data and the proliferation of new device form factors presents. The workshop will cover vision articulation, operational flow mapping, financial model, product platform strategy and a go-to-market gap analysis.
Our long experience in working with hundreds of organizations and developing tens of solutions provides a solid background for our advisory services. Besides Microsoft, we work with independent software vendors (ISVs), system integrators, managed service providers delivering different types of educational solutions. ServiceNow is offered under a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model and is accessed through a web-based interface that can be easily configured to adapt to a variety of workflow and processes. Each application contributes to IET's overall IT Service Management strategy to improve our efficiency and align our offerings with the campus needs. We pride ourselves on utilising our extensive technical knowledge to constantly improve the level of service provided to our clients. This greatly increases productivity, particularly on collaborative projects where team members need to share resources. We will be able to liaise with your IT department and train them on the new software and system, so that they will be your own in-house Microsoft Office 365 experts. While the Cloud creates new opportunities the operational changes can be significant and thus need to be planned well in advance. Equally companies are challenged with how to operationalize this new vision on a short term basis and how to lay the foundation transformation. ServiceNow is a leading provider of cloud-based services that automate enterprise IT operations and is used nationwide by Fortune 100 and 500 companies and leading universities, including many in the University of California system. The Service Management team will provide you with a complete overview of the services, the ServiceNow platform, our team's role in meeting your service needs and what you need to do to join. The Service Management team collaborates with you to collect the detailed information needed get you on board.
In this final step you will use your newfound knowledge and training to “test drive” the tool, fix any last minute issues, and finalize your processes before going live. Bob Clark, President of Technology Staffing Services at Robert Half International opened the event with some positive sounding industry projections, such as continued investing in IT projects. A survey of regional CIO puts cloud computing among the top in their list of investments.Cloud computing is the new terminology for Internet-based computing. It is most commonly seen in the form of web-based tools or applications accessed through a user’s web browser as if it were a program installed locally on their own computer.
Our current IT support system is definitely meeting our needs, and we would recommend SOS March 2016Medical Services, Newcastle NSWOur client manager is brilliant and very likeable.
Typically providers of these applications store their software and data on a server, and businesses can choose to purchase access to them.

Some of the major providers of cloud computing are Amazon, Salesforce, Microsoft, and Google. 2015 SeptemberCommunity Service Provider, Newcastle NSWOur Client Manager's product knowledge is unreal and he is very clever.
2015 SeptemberCommunity Service Provider, Maitland NSWOur Client Manager is knowledgeable and very patient with me.
We feel we are receiving value for money with the great service and we go through our Client Manager for everything we need. We deal with our Client Manager for everything and he always offers a resolution for anything that comes up.
August 2015Fire & Rescue Equipment Supplier, Newcastle NSWOur Client Manager is a fantastic representative for SOS! The most important thing is response time and we are definitely getting a great response whenever we need it from him.
August 2015Manufacturing Industry, Cardiff NSWOur Client Manager is great and very helpful. He fixes any issues straight away, has really good knowledge and calls out to see us regularly.
The monthly reports are great and we are receiving value for money, especially if something breaks down. August 2015Community Transport Provider, Northmead NSWOur Client Manager is excellent with his service, he is on the ball, listens to our needs and is quick to resolve any problems. SOS did a great job when we were expanding and needed additional equipment and the system works very well. May 2015Transport Industry, Heatherbrae NSWWe are very happy with the service and our Client Manager always responds quickly to any problems we might encounter; we wouldn't have anyone else!
Our Client Manager makes sure we have the right equipment for our needs and he understands our requirements. May 2015Renewable Energy Industry, Newcastle NSWOur Client Manager is by far the best person we have worked with from SOS. We have total trust in our Client Manager to make sure we have everything we need for the business and we are receiving value for money from the service.
April 2015Mechanical Contractor, Hunter Valley NSWOur Client Manager’s service and support is wonderful and he's slowly but surely teaching me some tricks. The system is great and everything works as it should.  SOS are one of the companies I have no issues with, I don't know what I'd do without you!
February 2015Electrical Contractor, Newcastle NSWOur Client Manager is wonderful with his support, product knowledge and problem resolution skills.

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