Security – Though there is no such thing as flawless security, you can greatly reduce security by opting for cloud solution. Flexibility – Cloud-based solutions puts important information on the fingertips of employees at any given time.
Mara Mentor in partnership with Microsoft and Fate Foundation recently launched the Cloudpreneurs Project, which aims to train, support and mentor young entrepreneurs in building sustainable cloud-based business. It took longer than expected, but businesses around the world are beginning to embrace the potential in cloud technologies and are taking full advantage of the savings these technologies offer their businesses.
Cloud-based solutions act as external hard drives for all of a business’s software and documentation. When you consider that having everything available in cloud enables your business to function and expand anywhere in the world, with access available any time, anywhere, it quickly becomes obvious why these solutions are fast becoming an integral part of small to medium businesses everywhere.
Aside from the obvious savings associated with never losing data and always having your most important files and documents close at hand, cloud is of most value to a business when it helps that business quickly and efficiently roll out its software and systems across new territories.
No longer does a company have to pay out for a team of IT professionals, use their own expensive hardware or draft pricey tech support contracts with third parties. Essentially, VIPedge gives users all the advantages of a Toshiba business telephone system without having to buy it up-front. Businesses that start with the VIPedge service can easily migrate to on-premise IPedge systems in the future as their needs change. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
If you haven’t already noticed, although we very much doubt that is the case, there are an increasing number of both businesses and consumers adopting cloud-based applications.
This cloud movement has been recently substantiated in a CloudReady Report conducted by Kronos, a workforce management firm.
What is more is that all aspects of your business will improve as a result of implementing cloud-based applications. Having recently chosen to make the switch to a cloud-based business phone setup, Mims Bledsoe, Pie Shop owner, explained how it has improved her business’ efficiencies stating, “You don’t have to be sitting at your office desk. While convenience and accessibility are definite benefits of switching to a cloud-based business phone system, Bledsoe asserts that the other reason that she chose a BroadConnect business phone solution was because of the reduction in telephone costs that it provided. For instance, the BroadConnect business phone system that Gibraltar Solutions switched to will save her business a minimum of 30%, when compared to the costs of traditional business phone system offerings. Aside from cloud-based Hosted PBX solution offering more convenience, control and efficiencies, such as the one that the IT consultants converted to from BroadConnect, they also provide a drastic reduction in purchasing and maintenance costs. So, with these realities in mind, it is no wonder that the number of businesses and consumers switching to cloud-based applications continues to grow. Although it is often used for everyday business activities, the benefits of incorporating cloud technology into your company’s phone system are expansive.
A cloud based BPM offers a wide array of business transformational capabilities, not just internally, but also extends to customers, shareholders, and partners.

Due to its inherent ability to test and deploy multiple BPM environments on a single cloud environment, the initial economic investment is minimal. Due to its flexible and agile nature, a cloud based BPM model encourages a faster time to market for a company’s strategic technical products and services. A cloud based BPM model fosters greater collaboration and adds value into the entire supply chain from ideation to implementation.
Pilot projects and a Proof of Concept (PoC) must be created so that when creating the infrastructure for a full-fledged deployment, production risks are minimized and shortcomings are easily identified at the beginning. Package your business applications so you can reuse them across product lines and other LoBs without recreating an entire template multiple times.
The decentralized nature of cloud-based system makes it attractive to business owners as the odds of data being compromised, corrupted, lost or manipulated in some form due to power outage, theft; hacking or other means is greatly reduced. By enabling information retrieval across multiple devices, such as business cell phones, tablets and laptops, cloud-based storage allows for quick, easy and universal access to documents and information – perfect for the business person on the go.
Recent research shows that the uptake of cloud services in small to medium business has more than doubled in the last 12 months.
Files and programs are uploaded to the cloud and can then be accessed at any time, by any person, in any location, provided that person has been granted access. Not only can you now avoid the all-too-common scenario of vital documents and files going missing when an individual’s laptop is lost, stolen or damaged, but today almost all cloud solutions come with highly developed security features that will encrypt your data several times and make it impossible for important materials to be lost or compromised.
Cloud isn’t just growing itself; it’s a tool that is currently helping countless businesses grow in a lean and economical way. A simple, cost-effective contract can be drawn up with a cloud-based service provider which will usually charge based on the number of staff and the number of devices accessing the data. Based upon the feature-rich Toshiba IPedge on-premise business telephone system, VIPedge allows companies to pay a monthly service fee scalable to meet system size and usage needs. This enables businesses to retain their investments in Toshiba telephones and endpoints and to continue to use the same familiar features and applications. The reasons for this movement are straightforward: it is more cost effective and promotes productivity.
In this report, it was discovered that a whopping 83% of workers would choose to employ cloud-based applications instead of those utilized in-house. For example, you can ensure that invoicing, email, business phone services and customer relations management are accessible at any time or place. Well, quite simply, there are no hardware purchasing or maintenance costs, like you would encounter with an on-premise PBX phone system. Cloud-based VoIP systems can not only ease the workload on your IT employees, but also ensure that your business achieves the level of scalability that is unattainable with traditional phone systems.
Every other moment we witness the emergence of the next path-breaking product that promises to break all technological barriers. A cloud based BPM model can transform the operating model of an enterprise in a number of ways.

Over time, an organization starts getting a healthy ROI due to minimal technological constraints at the time of implementation. BPM in the cloud drastically reduces the time of implementation of a BPM model from months to days, thereby restoring investor confidence. If all parties reach a common goal and consensus, project risks are greatly minimized and bottlenecks become easier to mitigate. And as more and more businesses adopt cloud-based storage and software solutions, the market for cloud solutions is growing rapidly. One of the most popular and well-known cloud-based storage systems is Dropbox, a solution that is used by thousands of businesses across the globe without them necessarily even realizing they are using a cloud-based service.
Additionally, 64% of workers stated that they consider cloud-based applications to play a significant part in their everyday roles and responsibilities.
On the contrary, Gibraltar Solutions hands the reins over to the experts at BroadConnect and they handle all of the “dirty work”.
Such a program can also take the guesswork out of emergency response plans, removing a large weight from the shoulders of business leaders. Cloud computing, for one, has emerged as a leading disruptor of technology in the recent past, and has bridged the ever-widening gap between adoption and innovation. Firstly, there are no capital expenses and a pay-as-you-go model enables an organization to upgrade or downgrade resources as needed.
In fact, it is estimated that by 2015 spending on cloud storage solutions could reach $180 billion.
Crucially, businesses will be able to scale up and down these services, allowing them to cut back or grow as necessary. With these findings, it is not surprising to hear that 79% of these workers also believe that cloud-based applications will continue to grow throughout the next couple of years, due to the direct impact that they have on work place efficiencies.
In the meantime, Gibraltar Solutions and her team only need to concern themselves with logging into the web-based control panel to make service changes, if required, or adjust settings. Additionally, cloud-based systems can be updated automatically, eliminating the need for off-site employees to tend to these tedious tasks. The growth of cloud computing has also affected Business Process Management (BPM) and enterprises globally have adopted this platform to streamline their business processes and help in making decisions rapidly.
Secondly, there is a uniform architecture that disparate systems and processes can provision simultaneously without straining local resources.
Furthermore, implementing this new system would allow workers to embrace flexibility and make efficient decisions whether they are inside or outside of the office. Finally, a BPM solution for the cloud is a strategic investment for an enterprise as it can focus more on its core competencies, while delegating non-essential tasks to outsourced partners.

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