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Our reputation is based on the service, professionalism, and expertise we give to more than 120 customers and the long-term relationships that we build with them.
Ease of Use: Is important otherwise people go back to manually copying important files and not using a backup when its needed.
Versioning: We also wanted something that would backup individual files and keep versions of them. Local Backups – We could always use a specialized backup software and use our Network Attached Storage (NAS) device to do backups.
Ultimately we went with a software called Vembu Backup and Disaster Recovery. There were several reasons we chose this over the other options. Heterogeneous: Not only could we backup our Mac and Windows Desktops, we could also backup our Virtual Machines, Linux and Windows Servers. We also use a cloud based backup as our secondary off-site backup and we selected Amazon S3 file storage for this.
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These are some of the images that we found within the public domain for your "Red Particles Effect Transparent" keyword. We have provided the original source link for you to also credit the image(s) owner as we have done here. One of Windows 8’s most useful but less-discussed features is File History, which automatically backs up files and lets you restore them from a simple, time-based interface. File History clearly takes some inspiration from the Time Machine backup feature in Mac OS X, but delivers it within the new Windows 8 interface. Windows 7 File Recovery backs up your computer on a schedule you set — for example, once a week on Sunday at 2am (the default is once a month). If you accidentally delete a file and need to restore it , or if you change a file and decide you want the old version back, you can restore that file very simply from the main File History window. You can search through your documents using the search at the top, or navigate to the file you want to restore.
In relation to windows 8 libraries, do the files have to actually reside there or can you place a shortcut to folders in another HDD? I know questions on older articles don't often get answered, but is it possible to have more than one backup (separate drives)?

I installed an SSD in my laptop, and moved the original HDD into the optical bay using a caddy, meaning I didn't lost my storage space for non-system files. I believe both working at once is obtainable, as i seem to have it, and there are other reports.
I've installed SlimImage, and it could possibly be responsible for both types being available at once. I see that windows 8 file backup has the ability to delete old files after a day or two or week or two. Google has been synonymous with search for years, and Bing -- poor Bing -- quickly became synonymous with sarcasm about why anyone would ever use Bing. This is a cloud-based service that brings together the familiar Microsoft Office desktop applications with business-class email, shared calendars, instant messaging (IM), video conferencing, and file sharing. With a subscription-based approach you can predict your monthly expense to cover all of your basic computing needs. Everyone can benefit from collaborative document management, message tracking and archiving services, keeping the virtual team together for the most productive working environment. So for example, that important Powerpoint presentation that was in perfect shape last week, but somehow is not looking as good any more, could be reverted back to a previous version. Backups should happen in the background while you are working and be just as easy to restore. The Mac has an excellent solution with Time Machine and the new Windows releases has something called the File History. Regardless, having a simple built-in backup option increases the chances that people will actually remember to back up their personal files.
You can also choose which files you want to back up, whether that’s personal files, program installations or a full system image. It only backs up the files in your Libraries — essentially, your personal documents, files and media.
I personally prefer Windows 8 File History, because I’m able to restore files from much more specific periods in time. Neither of the posters in the linked thread mention having slimimage installed, so it could be completely irrelevant. Believe it or not, though, the two search engines aren't as different as the jokes would have you believe. This is delivered with the latest security tools for a fixed monthly cost and no upfront infrastructure investments. You can also reduce costs by substituting Cloud-based services such as email for technically more complex and management-hungry on-premise servers. You can have access to your email, contacts and core information, even having the ability to view, edit and share both existing and new documents using Cloud versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

And the plan is backed by Compatibility’s UK-based technical support operation to give you ultimate peace of mind. These are great if you have staff that travels a lot or works from several different locations. All the solutions above are individual based, where the individual staff member is managing their own backups. It can also be a useful extra layer in your backup strategy when you want to do a fast, immediate backup. You can add any folders you want to a library, of course, but it won’t back up your entire installation the way Windows 7 File Recovery does.
As well, my personal files are really what matter — if my entire system started having problems, I can reinstall Windows and restore my files and applications.
You can change how long it keeps files and how frequently it takes a snapshot of your files. When you find the file you want to restore, click on it, then press the big green Restore orb at the bottom of the window. I ask this because my windows 8 is installed on an SSD and I don't have a lot of space, not for all my pics and vids anyway. Whenever you're on the highway with a thousand other cars crawling along at a snail's pace, you may feel helpless, but there are things you can do to help ease congestion.
And you get peace of mind with our local support team, available to you when you need them.
A local backup solution software would provide a hybrid approach – where our systems administrator could manage the backup for the entire network, but the client software that would be installed on each desktop would enable end users to manage their backups and perform small restores without having to go to the  administrator. And rather than running complete backups on a user-defined schedule, it takes a snapshot of your files every hour, meaning you can restore your files in a much more fine-grained fashion. Alternatively, you can plug in an external drive and Windows will ask you if you want to use it for backup.
You can also exclude folders from your backup if you want, which is useful if (for example) you have a folder of large video files that you don’t want wasting space on your backup drive. The initial backup of the system would have taken days and a full restore of a desktop would also be extremely slow.
If you’re restoring an old version of a file that already exists, Windows will ask you if you want to overwrite the file (which you usually will want to do).

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