WhatsApp und Google machen seit Januar gemeinsame Sache: Alle Nutzer des beliebten Messengers mit einem Android-Smartphone haben Moglichkeit, ihre Chatverlaufe, Sprachnachrichten, Fotos und mehr im Cloudspeicher Google Drive ablegen zu konnen und so ihre Daten bei Verlust oder Neukauf eines Smartphones nicht zu verlieren.
Die Backup-Funktion von WhatsApp per Google Drive ist schon vor der offiziellen Ankundigung in der einen oder anderen Vorab-Version des Messengers gesichtet worden. Um die neue Backup-Funktion zu aktivieren, offnet ihr die Einstellungen und wahlt den Button „Chats und Anrufe“.
Vor der ersten Sicherung in der Cloud muss ein Google-Konto gewahlt werden, auf dem das Backup abgelegt werden soll. Ist das Backup angelegt, muss man sich nie wieder um Datenverlust bei WhatsApp Sorgen machen. Falls ihr ein iPhone besitzt, guckt ihr leider in die Rohre – die Backup-Funktion per Google Drive steht euch nicht zur Verfugung.
Darunter findet ihr au?erdem noch die Moglichkeit, den Backup-Zyklus zu justieren und zu bestimmen, ob Videos auch gesichert werden sollen. Can i sign into google accounts on the kindle fire?, Askville question: can i sign into google accounts on the kindle fire?
How to install google apps on kindle fire hd or hdx, Hello, thank you for writing this article.
Kindle fire hdx vs ipad mini 2 vs google nexus 7, The amazon kindle fire hd heats up the 7-inch tablet wars, but with the google nexus 7 and the soon-to-be-announced ipad mini, which is the best 7-inch tablet for the. As cloud storage and SSDs threaten to make hard drives an afterthought, Seagate's LaCie division has decided to make storage an art form. The $280 LaCie Mirror takes a 1 terabyte external hard drive and encases it in Gorilla Glass 3, more commonly found in smartphones. As consumers increasingly back up their data to local SSDs and to cloud storage located elsewhere, one might wonder why consumers should continue investing in hard drives. Why this matters: We've recommended you rip out your hard drive and replace it with a flash-based SSD for a year or more now.
And the Seagate Seven: a steel-encased $100 500GB external drive designed to mimic a bare drive.
Seagate has found itself overtaken in recent years by Western Digital in terms of revenue and market share; WD now ships about 45 percent of the world's hard drives. Seagate's wireless drives also recognize the fact that more and more people are storing their files in the clouda€”and yet, when it comes time to stream a large file to a local PC, most balk at the time and effort to do so.
And at one time, we might have called a product like the new Seagate Personal Cloud a NAS drive and been done with it; as more and more devices are becoming connected, however, wirelessly connected drives are gaining acceptance.
Like the existing WD MyCloud line, Seagate's Personal Cloud uses a free Seagate Media app to securely access music, videos, and documents from the drive. You can also set the drive to backup its contents to Amazon S3, Box, Baidu, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more; or else take what you've uploaded to that drive and store a local copy. The hard drive industry has seen a shift from local drives tucked inside a PC to massive amounts of storage whirring away anonymously insider servers. As PCWorld's senior editor, Mark focuses on Microsoft news and chip technology, among other beats.

PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. This is an interesting and subtle shift by Microsoft to address a new world in which Windows is overshadowed by iOS and Android devices.
About Bruceb ConsultingBruceb Consulting is one of the leading IT consulting firms in the North Bay, providing computer consulting, network consulting, and IT support to law firms, small businesses, and individuals - onsite in Sonoma County (Santa Rosa, Sebastopol), Marin County (San Rafael), and the Bay Area (San Francisco, Oakland), and remotely for clients all over California.
Bruceb News provides daily computer tips, shopping suggestions, support information, security updates, and much more - written in plain English. Bruceb Favorites is a simple directory of obvious places, with links to five hundred web sites and online services. Hier versteckt sich die Einstellung „Chat-Backup“, in der sich zum einen das regulare lokale Backup durchfuhren lasst, mit dem ihr all eure Daten auf dem intern Speicher eures Smartphones sichern konnt. Selbst wenn ihr euch ein neues Smartphone zulegt, konnt ihr per Restore-Funktion alle Gesprache, Fotos und Videos wiederherstellen. Aber ganz leer ausgehen, musst auch ihr nicht, denn anstelle der Google-Cloud durft ihr eure Daten in Apples Alternative iCloud ablegen. Fur Plattform-Wechsler - egal ob von Android zu iOS oder umgekehrt - sind die unterschiedlichen Cloudspeicher fur das Backup leider au?erst argerlich, denn das Ubertragen der Daten ist damit nicht ohne Weiteres moglich. Durch einen Langdruck auf eine bestimmte Chatnachricht kann sie nicht nur weitergeleitet oder kopiert, sondern auch als Favorit gesetzt werden. Seagate's answer is to make its external hard drives conversation pieces, while trying to replace cloud storage with a local product.
But Seagate would still like you to remember that uploading a few dozen gigabytes of photos and movies to a cloud services takes time.
Seagate already ships a 500GB Wireless Plus drive for $150; at $130, the new one's just a trifle cheaper, and the wireless performance has improved. Seagate hasn't what it will charge for the Personal Cloud, with single-drive configurations from 3 to 5 terabytes, and dual-drive (RAID 0, 1) configs from 4, 6, and 8 terabytes. But Seagate is hoping to make hard drives sexy again by giving local storage all the bells and whistles of cloud storage, while simultaneously placing control of your data back into your own hands..
Current SkyDrive users got an email today offering 20Gb of additional storage space for one year free, which is nice, but that’s about it. An update for the Android app today allows it to upload photos from Android phones automatically, as it already does for Windows phones and iPhones.
If you have Office 2013 installed on your computer, OneDrive is also integrated as the default storage location for your files in those programs.
Expect to see more Microsoft services promoted across all platforms, including the Office programs themselves when tablet-sized versions are introduced later this year. Once you become accustomed to having files available everywhere, it’s impossible to imagine going back to local file storage. Seit Januar 2016 konnen Besitzer von Android-Smartphones das Google-Drive-Backup endlich benutzen.
Zum anderen findet ihr aber auch direkt darunter die entsprechenden Settings fur die Google-Drive-Sicherung.

Diese Funktion haben WhatsApp und Google vermutlich separat gesetzt, da Videodateien mehr Speicher verbrauchen als Fotos. Ob die iPhone-Version noch Support fur Google-Drive erhalt, ist unsicher – fur Plattform-Wechsler ware eine solche Option aber au?erst wunschenswert.
Is that a compelling enough argument, or as venture capitalist Fred Wilson argued, did we truly "kill off the file" in 2014, replacing it with social networks and streaming services?
They are more secure, reliable and Free of course.Windows Live Sky DriveWindows Live Sky drive is the most popular cloud based data backup service provided by Microsoft.
Google Docs has an online file viewer and permits simultaneous editing but using it on files created in Office programs – you know, the ones you use to get work done – is an exercise in frustration. Der Google-Drive-Cloudspeicher besitzt schlie?lich eine begrenzte Kapazitat – standardma?ig stehen Nutzern nur 15 Gigabyte zur Verfugung, die auch fur die gespeicherten Fotos in Google Fotos und Dokumente beansprucht werden. Install the OneDrive app on your phone and tablet and go look for the files, or check them out from the OneDrive web site on another computer. Jeder Nutzer kann nach eigenem Gusto aussuchen, in welchem Intervall das Backup erstellt werden soll – sofern es uberhaupt gewunscht ist.
Windows Live Sky Drive provides a unique web link to each folder so that you can mail that link to anyone you wish to.The files and folders can be accessed from any web connected device like a Home PC or a Smartphone.
You can avail this feature by creating an account in Windows Live Sky Drive.Did you read my Article on How to Get 25GB Storage for Free on SkyDrive? Google DriveGoogle Drive is the latest entrant in this field and we must say that Google Drive is one competitor that is here to stay in Online data backup an storage services. The premium storage is quite cost-effective and should encourage the users to go for it.In fact, Google Docs now redirects to Google Drive as all those Google users who have already applied for Google Drive service have got their Docs section, transformed into Drive section. All their existing Google documents are now stored in Google Drive.DropboxDrop Box is another popular web service that has been in the business of online data storage and backup for quite some time now. It also provides free remote data backups for users up to 2GB [Up to 18 GB if you refer new users to Dropbox, 500 MB extra per referral] and it also provides file syncing between your PC, Mac or Mobile.
With the arrival of Google Drive, they are surely going to have to bump up their free storage quota up to 5GB.IDrive ClassicIDrive Classic is another web services that provides online backup solutions to end users. You can try this service by visiting the iDrive Classic website.HumyoHumyo is another online storage and backup service, tough less popular compared to its BIG rivals. Humyo divides the storage space into two partitions each of 5GB; one partition is for storing media files like pictures, music, videos and another partition for storing files of non-media types such as documents. To avail their services, visit Humyo website.BinfireBinfire also provides fast and secure online data backup facility. It also provides the feature to create folders and share with their friends and family like Windows Live Sky Drive.Local Internet Service Providers (ISP)Many of the United States and United Kingdom internet service providers (ISP) are also providing a facility to have remote data backups, many of them offering free storage up to 2GB, as a part of internet package to their customers.
Now am using Google Drive, Dropbox and will surely try out the other services.Reply Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.

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