Cloud Data Backup Solutions are becoming a mainstream solution to protect your critical data. Cloud based solutions provide for some unique benefits over on-premise based backup.
Cloud Data Backup Solutions that fit into this category are services such as Carbonite, Mozy, or CrashPlan. If you have a home computer and don’t have the ability or dependability to regularly rotate your backup media, these solutions can make alot of sense to save your important data from destruction. If you need to restore all your data, such as when a hard drive crashes (it will, its just a matter of when), most of these services don’t offer a reliable or speedy way to get your data back beyond downloading again from the cloud.
They usually can only backup simple files such as Microsoft Office documents, pictures, videos etc. Take all the advantages of Cloud Data Backup Solutions, then take away most of the disadvantages such as slow backup & Restore times, add in the ability to spin up ready tested clones of your servers, both on-premise and in the cloud and you have true Business Continuity Perfection along with the best Disaster Recovery Solution.
The Business Doctor's virtual storage space is highly secure and easily accessible to those authorised with high internet speed access.

We at Enbake are committed to provide efficient solutions to our clients by delivering state of art technology at competitive prices. Utlizing the Amazon’s state of Art Cloud technology(Amazon EC2), our Servers are enriched with Amazing infrastructure from Amazon.
All the instances come with accompanying iOS and Android applications making it easier to access the data on the go !!
Web Application Development Portfolio Capbeast Ruby on Rails 3.x, SpreeCommerce and jQuery based ecommerce apps running a full blown Store customizer. If you have a terabyte of data (which is not unrealistic today with photos and videos), it can take weeks, or even months to get your initial backup completed. Within this virtual space, the data can be accessed, edited, saved and deleted in real time by authorised parties. The Cloud can store almost any sized system for less than purchasing large storage computers.

We therefore bring you an array of Hosted CRM Servers which are managed by our expert team of Engineers. Apart from that, our instances are equipped with Latest Stable versions on the Open Source Applications to give you the unmatched performance and the latest functionality. Your data is secure with us and you can just relax while we continuously tighten our servers with more and more security applications. The Mobile Applications and basic customizations(custom branding, Splash Screen) come for free if you purchase our Managed Servers. Click2Sell Click2sell is an email marketing automation application with a CRM Built in and Extensive Dashboards and Reports Apnic Detail of Apnic will go here!

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