Once upon a time, we backed up our computers with hard, flash, and floppy drives, magnetic tapes and even RAID setups. While this website is here to help you weed through the jungle of cloud options, it’s also important for a cloud shopper to know what he or she is looking for. Where an online backup service stores copies of your files in an off-site cloud server as a backup, a cloud storage service gives you an online box to store whatever you want. Many of these services are also supported by apps, allowing you to access your files from any internet-connected device including TVs, game consoles, and tablets. Many of these services, like Dropbox, Syncplicity, and OneDrive will integrate with your computer so you can access and work out of your cloud drive just like any other folder in your computer.
But, unlike most online backup services, most cloud storage services have a free starter plan that gives you a limited amount of space that may be enough for the average person. When considering which type of service best fits you, it’s best to consider how you work with files. On the other hand, a cloud storage service is best for those who are constantly on the go and opening their files with multiple computers, smartphones, and tablets. Mike has nurtured a passion for all things tech for over ten years as a hobbyist, retailer, tech supporter, and spreadsheet jockey.
Though it is a relatively new service, Cloud Backup Robot is widely considered one of the easiest to use cloud backup services. Once you complete all of the steps in the wizard, the program presents you with a list of the tasks in the main window.
Another key feature of Cloud Backup Robot are the extensive and flexible options for automatic backup scheduling for files, folders, and SQL databases.
Naturally, pricing is an important factor to consider when purchasing any product or service. Did You Know?* Did you know that Domain registration was free until an announcement by the NAtional Science Foundation on 14th September, 1995, changed it?
Iperius Backup e un software di backup potente, leggero e flessibile per piattaforme Windows.
Il programma e disponibile sia in versione gratuita (anche per Server) che in versione commerciale e permette di fare backup incrementali su numerose periferiche. Iperius e compatibile anche con Windows 8 e Server 2012, e puo fare backup su dischi esterni USB, NAS, unita RDX, computer in rete, unita nastro DAT, LTO, ecc.. Grazie infine alle sue potenti funzioni di drive imaging, Iperius puo fare il backup immagine dell'intero disco, per ripristinare un computer o un server in pochi click (disaster recovery e bare-metal restore), anche su hardware differente. Esegui il backup su Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Microsoft Azure Storage e Amazon S3 con le semplicissime funzioni di backup online, con compressione automatica e protezione dei dati con cifratura AES.
Crea immagini complete dei dischi del tuo computer (Drive Image) e ti consente il ripristino bare-metal di tutto il sistema senza dover reinstallare i programmi o rifare configurazioni.
Compatibile con qualsiasi unita nastro, dalle piu comuni HP DAT 72, 160, 320 USB o SCSI, alle unita AIT, DLT e SDLT, fino ad arrivare ai piu potenti device LTO 4, LTO 5 e 6. Iperius puo fare backup FTP in upload e download, anche con il protocollo sicuro FTPS e anche con compressione zip e criptazione AES. Consente di sincronizzare un numero illimitato di file e cartelle dal computer locale a dispositivi esterni o in rete, e anche via FTP, mantenendo anche diverse copie incrementali del backup. Iperius esegue backup su qualsiasi dispositivo di storage locale: NAS, unita tape LTO o DAT, dischi esterni USB, SAN. Seguici su LinkedIn, Twitter per rimanere informato sulle novita, gli aggiornamenti e le offerte. However, as there are many backup solution vendors, they always try to drives down the prices of their products, while adding new usability features. The Cloud Backup for Hyper-V by 5nine Software developed with hosting companies and service providers in mind, and it is completely scriptable with PowerShell.
While there is a free version that can be used to backup two virtual machines, the commercial version is priced at $345 per host.
This is the backup tool offered for free by Microsoft to backup Windows Server Hyper-V VMs.
Since not every backup software is the same and the cost of the software for servers, is higher than the counterpart desktop backup for windows or Linux. Microsoft release Windows Server 2012 formerly code name ‘Windows Server 8’ as generally available to customers starting on September 4, 2012 and worldwide through multiple channels in September 2012. Where you work for a large company running its own IT department or a small business owner like me, than you need backup software for your server. Here are some of the windows backup software for  ms windows server 2012  that is available to you free or have to buy online to backup your server .  I have done some reviews on different products that is available in the market. The flexibly of the backup software to store the data on your choose the device or backup to the cloud is a feature in its own.
Network-attached storage (NAS) is a device you use to back up your data that happen to be on the local network.
Most Windows server backup software can cover the basics such as scheduling backups to be done in daily or weekly intervals. Reports can include information such as what was backed up, the time it was backed up and the location of the data that was backed up. The software should give you different types of restores can do, including bare metal restore, personal file recovery, remote restore and more. This software is often used by small business owners, or you have to setup the software for other people who may not have extensive IT or systems administration experience, so you need to looked at how easy it is to configure this software for scheduled backups. Windows server backup software may be a bit challenging to configure at first, so excellent help and support, especially during the installation process, is critical. What support the company offers as well as whether the support offered was free or part of a service subscription. This may need a setup fee, but it is a useful service to have available for those that do not use a full-time IT person.

Als u een (nieuwe) Mac heeft gekocht wilt u deze natuurlijk zo goed mogelijk beschermen tegen kwaadwillende zoals hackers, virussen en overige malware. Bijna iedere computer gebruiker heeft wel belangrijke of zelfs persoonsgegevens op een computer of laptop staan. TopReviews.NL is een vergelijking site wat zich vooral richt op internet en beveiligingssoftware zoals virusscanner, antivirus. But now we have networks of servers and administrators with a singular purpose, to securely receive your data and to keep it safe in case of the inevitable computer crash.
These days, the chaos of the cloud frontier has coalesced into two disparate categories: online backup and cloud storage. A program makes a backup copy of your files, and then saves them on a secure online server. Dropbox, one of the most popular and well-known of these services, was created by a college student who got tired of losing flash drives with his valuable school files. These apps will let you download and play media files, but you can also share a secured link to a file to your friends, family, and co-workers rather than dealing with e-mail file size limits or the security issues of sending a full-sized file.
In the background, the service automatically syncs any changes made to the files in that folder to the online server. Most cloud drives are limited to being a small amount of extra storage, and upgraded storage isn’t all that cheap. Dropbox offers 2 GB of free storage, Google Drive and OneDrive offer 14 GB, and MEGA offers a whopping 50 GB of free storage.
For instance, an online backup service is best for those who don’t need their data everywhere they go. If you find yourself constantly e-mailing files to yourself or to others, or loading up your flash drives with pictures, movies, and slideshows, you probably want a Cloud Storage drive. An online backup service is a great way to protect an archive of work files or the family computer’s treasured memories, but a cloud storage drive gives you the flexibility to take what’s important to you right now to wherever you are going. He’s been an optimistic evangelist for the power of the cloud since the days of server-aided file sharing. The service provides a user-friendly and intuitive solution to computer data backup (including files, folders, and MSSQL Server databases) in the form of comprehensive and reliable software. If one of them does happen, you can rest assured knowing that your information is safely secured in one of several cloud storage services (including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Amazon S3). Sure, this might be slightly annoying to those experienced with such software, but it is a great help to those that are unfamiliar with the included tools. It then gives you the option to run backups on demand and edit the parameters for future backups. You can swiftly schedule backup tasks and select which cloud storage service you would like the files sent to.
Each of these is a one-time purchase that allows you to use the service without an expiration. Puo inoltre fare backup su tutti i maggiori servizi di backup online: Azure Storage, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Iperius Online Storage e qualsiasi server FTP. However, there are many tools in today’s market that could help an IT administrator to protect his virtual infrastructures.
So any IT administrator can find a decent Hyper-V backup solution under a low price tag, with some vendors also offering free versions of their products.
The Cloud Backup from 5nine Software works at the Hyper-V host level of the VMs (virtual machines). Hyperoo will take a scheduled snapshot of the operating Windows Hyper-V virtual machines, encrypt the information, and then transfer the changes to the Hyperoo cloud.
This is specially for your server like mine that is running one of hypervisors from the most common of either Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware.
That is reliable to whatever media you choose to store the data on or upload to the cloud with ease of use added in to it.
NAS systems are a networked appliance which contains one or more hard drives, often arranged into logical, redundant storage containers or RAID and is an option for any size business.
Most software should be able to do incremental and differential backup functions, as well as selected files to backup. However, more advanced server backup software can handle complex scheduling , including the ability to handle multiple backup scenarios, such as setting one sever to one backup media and certain files to another while managing a complex backup schedule that performs tasks all at different times.
Can the software support multiple server to a single backup device like an external hard drive. Notifications by email or posted to the main dashboard can help ensure that the backups you want to occur taken place. How well can you restored from  bootable devices, such as the ability to create bootable CDs or DVDs and the ability to boot from an external USB device? Note that if you want to backup to tape you will need to look for accommodating server backup software since Windows Server 2008 and windows 2012 will not backup to tape. When things fail on you or, there is an unknown error in the software, you rely on the company’s tech support.
The best providers offer good support documentation as well as responsive technical support via telephone, email or chat. TopReviews geeft enkele tips om uw Mac zo goed als mogelijk te beschermen tegen deze dagelijkse dreigingen. Voordat u een nieuwe virusscanner installeert is het verstandig uw computer goed op te schonen.
And while this new era of “the cloud” made backup as simple as a push of a button, it also created hundreds of different cloud services. Neither category fits everyone, as each type of service offers a very different feature set, but knowing the difference can help you to understand what to expect and what to look for in a cloud service.
If something happens to your computer, you just load up that program again on your new computer, hit the restore button, and all your data goes back to where it was in the first place.

The backups are computer specific and will not sync your files across your computers and other devices. Cloud storage drives follow that same example by being like a flash drive that won’t get lost and can be accessed from any internet connected computer.
So, when you login to another computer, your smartphone, or a tablet, all your files are exactly how you left them. If you only have one computer, or you have multiple computers that don’t need to have the same stuff, like a work and a home computer, an online backup will keep each set of data separate and keep everything organized the way you like. Having both will allow you to fully take advantage of both the flexibility and power of the cloud. In his spare time he loves reading and writing about faraway lands, playing games within them, and has a slightly unhealthy obsession for Star Wars. Several affordable options are available, each with a number of efficient and easy-to-use features.
Hackers and information thieves have been on the rise compromising the data we store in our computers.Again, there is a rise in computer thieves who want to make a quick buck selling your hardware to unscrupulous and unknowing clients. As there are so many backup options in the market, it could be hard for an admin to choose a tool, which would actually meet his needs, and also do it at a fair price. And majority of the Hyper-V backup solution vendors offer a free trial period for the clients to check their products. With it you are able to restore complete virtual machines at the image level, which is identical to bare-metal restores. Depending on the company tape drives (DAT Drives) can a good solution to your company’s disaster recovery plan. Look for products that can do disk imaging for complete restoration of files and applications.
For example, a notification may let you know if an external drive is not attached or if the software could not connect to an online storage service.
For example, the best applications will let you back up your server to another server or to a network-attached storage device.
Some software companies also offer services to help you install and configure the software. In deze twee blogs geven we u enkele tips voor het goed en volledige verwijderen van uw oude virusscanner.
You may not even be able to get to your backup files from another computer outside of a lengthy restore process. Though many might be able to get by fine with the Lite license, we recommend a Professional license for the most thorough and effective service possible.
It is simply a user-friendly and intuitive backup application for making sure that your computer files, data, and information are kept safe and sound. Anyhow, below are some of the best backup solutions for virtual servers or virtual machines, and their features. And most importantly, the data is off-site, secured by redundant backups, encrypted with enterprise-level security and maintained by teams of well-trained IT administrators.
Also, while online backup services quote “unlimited storage,” since these backups copy files instead of taking them off your computer, you’re still limited to the storage available on your computer.
Baptized the Cloud Backup Robot, this Windows-based data backup software, is just awesome to say the least. Compare the features offered by each product and choose the best option for your organization. There is also a free version, which doesn’t offer the API (application programming interface).
Alle testen zijn door ons zelf uitgevoerd, daarnaast maken wij ook gebruik van onafhankelijke bronnen.
While some cloud storage services like OneDrive and Amazon Cloud will offer unlimited storage, they come with caveats like a smaller feature set or a higher price tag. With Hyperoo you have to you pay per virtual machine, and the price ranges from $79 to $65, depending on the number of license youpurchase.
So why live with the risk of your valuable data being lost forever if one of these disasters happens to you.
Besides being easy to use, it also increases your backed up data security greatly making your life relying on your computer easier. Below are some awesome features of this software product:Automated Backup ProcessThe Backup Robot software is an awesome tool to help you create an automated process of backing up all your important data. This software has features that allow you to either go manual with your backups or set a schedule where your backup processes will be initiated automatically at specific times.
Once you install the software in your computer, then you can set and forget the backup process.
In the case where you wish to do a manual backup, all you need to do is just click a button and it gets done. You can choose to have this backup saved on your hard drive, on a network or even in the cloud. What this means is that you can choose to have your backed up files stored in a more secure and remote place that is the cloud, which also allows you to access the same data easily when you need to carry out a data restore. Again, during the backup process, this software intelligently scans through your files and excludes the unnecessary files from the backup. At Just Web World he Writes about Blogging, WordPress, SEO, Business, Technology and Computer Tips and Tricks.
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