OpenDrive combines powerful cloud storage, online backup, file synchronization, and file sharing features into an affordable package. Like most cloud storage services, OpenDrive lets you manage your files from a web interface. You can restore previous versions of files with OpenDrive, but you’ll need to turn on file versioning in your account first. Deleted files are kept for 90 days, which is 3x as long as most other online backup services. NAS devices can be backed up, as long as they’re mounted as network drives in Windows. This entry was posted in Cloud Backup Reviews and tagged Cloud Storage, File Sharing, OpenDrive. As cloud-based storage continues to dominate the way we use and save our files, more and more companies spring up offering automated backup services – and with them, peace of mind.
CrashPlan has a lot going for it, not least of which is its multiplatform support; you can use it for Windows, Mac or Linux.
We tested the CrashPlan+ Family Unlimited plan, which costs $10 per month if you pay for one year upfront (or $12 month-to-month).
Once your initial backup is complete, though, CrashPlan runs quietly in the background, monitoring any changes and uploading them accordingly.
To give you an idea of how we use the service, we created three different backup sets: one for our personal documents and photos, one for our music, and one to act as a real-time backup of other website projects.
Personally, I’m happy to shell out $3 a month for peace of mind – especially unlimited peace of mind! Mac users have traditionally used Time Machine to backup their data, but this has limitations. With an online backup service, your data is backed up effortlessly and automatically to a secure, offsite location. Backblaze is easy to use and will backup your data automatically in the background, so you don’t even have to think about it. CrashPlan is an unlimited online backup service that can also backup to your local hard drive. IDrive is an online backup service that can backup your Mac computer, as well as mobile devices. SOS Online Backup recently started offering an unlimited amount of storage space, and it works on Mac as well.

Hey thanks for the Post Geoff, i found this company while google searching and gave them a shoot like like there product for the price $0.99 for unlimited backup can’t really beat that!
Keytech are offering businesses the chance to review their security procedures free of charge.
The limited time and availability offer was prompted after a rise in the number of online threats such as phishing emails and ransomware. Phishing is the attempt to trick users into clicking on an infected file or web link for malicious reasons, by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Keytech’s latest offer aims to help people who have concerns about online security threats and who want to know whether their environment is as good as it can be when it comes to protecting their software from both internal and external security threats. The offer of free cyber security check is available to small to medium sized enterprises, on a first come first served basis. Andrew said their free basic security checks are a way for businesses to ensure they have an adequate level of security for their network.
The Seagate Seven comes with the Seagate Dashboard installer pre-loaded onto the drive, so when you use the drive the very first time you can install this handy app from day one.
All of the Seagate Seven drives come formatted in exFAT to ensure the drive is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems. The Seagate Dashboard utility has a very easy to follow user interface and will allow you to backup your data locally and to cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive if you desire to do so. In addition to doing file sharing and data backups, the Seagate Dashboard also allows you to check the firmware version, free space of the drive, the files on the drive and register the drive under the info tab. I occasionally was successful in completing a backup on the Air and NAS, but could never complete a backup on either iMac’s using their MacOS app.
Perhaps the most well-known service is Mozy, but we’ve taken CrashPlan for a spin over the last 6 weeks, and it definitely deserves your attention whether you’re a student needing a “set it and forget it” backup plan, or an entire family with multiple devices. Beyond its availability is the service’s flexibility, enabling anyone from novices to power users to backup and restore an unlimited and customizable amount of data.
Consider that this gives you unlimited cloud storage for up to 10 computers, and you begin to see the value. It didn’t miss a beat, backing up more than 50GB of music, documents, videos and photos to CrashPlan Central. At that point, you can duplicate the backup to another computer, a USB drive, or restore the entire thing from the service’s web interface in the event of a PC meltdown. Then, we set the software to automatically send an email with backup alerts, and tweaked the actual backup settings to give us maximum horsepower when in front of our PC.

If you’re not sure whether you should choose CrashPlan or Backblaze, you can check out my comparison of the two.
Generally, they look like legitimate emails from within the company or well-known retailers and often have the addressees first name.
The more time that passes, the more files the programme will have infected, and the harder it will be to resolve. It’s not just what comes through the gateway, but also the users and how they are educated on the threats that are online – such as password hygiene and security. The main threat is a user opening a phishing email that is designed to look like something legitimate.
We want to educate users on what to look for and what to do if they suspect an email was suspicious.
Once Seagate Dashboard is installed though you’ll want to check for updates with the built-in update check to ensure you have the most recent build.
More advanced users can check out the manage tab where you’ll be able to control the LED light, run a test to ensure the drive is functioning normal and you can enable when the drive will be put into a power saving mode!
You can tell CrashPlan that a user is “away” after, for example, 10 minutes of no activity. The CrashPlan website has a good amount of documentation and help, and overall, it was a very seamless experience getting things up and running as well as restoring our data. You can also download the Seagate Mobile Backup app if you have a smartphone or tablet running iOS 6 or Android 2.3 and higher. We found this feature especially useful for our parents, allowing them to use our beefy hard drive to quietly backup their laptop without worry. And since we can have CrashPlan subsequently backup their content in a separate set of files, there’s no mess to clean up.
When you’re trying to game, browse or get work done, you can tell it to only use a certain percentage of your CPU.

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