The cloud is an increasingly viable (and inexpensive) storage and backup option for small businesses. Growing acceptance of the bring your own device (BYOD) trend and increasing maturity of cloud services has opened the door for businesses to store data online. CrashPlan got its start as a software development company that offers onsite, offsite and cloud backup solutions.
A relative latecomer to cloud storage, the Google Drive service offers an edge with its integrated file sharing and collaborative editing with Google Docs.
Dropbox is probably one of the most well-known cloud storage service today, thanks to its ease of use and free 2GB account.
Unlike most of the services on the list, Amazon Glacier is a niche storage service designed to offer durable and low-cost storage solely to meet data archival and backup needs. Mozy, acquired by VMware in 2011, is a cloud backup service that gives users the option of scheduling regular or manual updates, or having their data backed up continuously. Microsoft SkyDrive lets users upload files that can be accessed from a Web browser or a local drive on Windows. Livedrive is an online backup service that also offers collaboration and sync capabilities. SpiderOak is an online backup provider designed with a strong focus on privacy and security. SugarSync was created to continuously keep data files in sync across multiple platforms, both for ease of access and backup purposes.
2Gen Cloud Backup is easy to setup, easy on the wallet and comes with built in file retention, it is configured to keep deleted files and revisions of files for months, even years.
If you would like us to come and review your backup strategy or install 2Gen Cloud Backup, please contact us. You can give a try free version of Carbonite for 15 days and if you want to go ahead then you can choose Home Plan for $60 per year to back up one computer, Home Plus plan for $100 per year to back up one computer and Home Premium Plan for $150 per year to back up one computer. You will get 50% discount on Bullguard cloud backup, if you buy through this discounted link. You will get 50% discount on Bullguard mobile backup, if you buy through this discounted link. CrashPlan is said to be the best cloud backup service as it allows you to back up required folders, files or even a drive as well. You can use the free version of CrashPlan for 30 days which allows you for only local backups and you can go for premium versions like online backup storage of 10 GB for one computer at $2 per month, unlimited online storage for one computer at $4 per month to unlimited storage for entire house at $9 per month. About Sridhar BelideSridhar is a Software Engineer who loves to stay updated with developments in the world of technology. Before Moving to the list of best cloud backup services online, we need to understand what’s really the meaning of Cloud Backup.
A cloud backup can also be referred to online backup which let you upload or send your data to an online server via public network or proprietary. Generally all the online backups have similar working, which is through an application which is on the user end, where data can be sent over back and forth. Saying this, let us now hover onto the huge list of backup solutions, from which we have selected the best three for your convenience.
From the list of more than 20 backup services, we have picked up the three best cloud backup services which are chosen due to many factors like – features, reliability, ease of use and compatibility. We have tried and tested all the best services on cloud servers and ran some rigorous test to ensure the best cloud backups. With a wide range of backup features, like – automatic, selective backup and incremental backups and ability to schedule your backups with ease.
Open Drive is another great tool which has good syncing capacity with computers and iOS devices, although the pricing is a bit on higher side, but it’s worth the cost of losing your data.
SugarSync has one of best set of sharing tools, with fantastic mobile compatibility and at cheap rate, but the service is really fulfilling.
In the end we will be listing all other services with their pricing and some features which are essential while choosing a backup service.
Company has also announced a big bug bounty program for security researchers to get vulnerability soon and get those patched.
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Arguably, this is the only thing that most users look for when seeking out the best cloud backup options, but the like said, the best cloud backup services offer more. Another appealing factor is that huge volumes of space are at your disposal even when you are using the stock services, which can be availed for free.
For a business looking to find the best possible cloud storage option out there, there are many things to consider.
Also, it should be easy to upload and download files, and there should be provisions for sharing this with other parties.
Of course, not every cloud service is optimized for multiple platforms or supports important capabilities that small businesses and highly savvy power users require. The service allows for work documents to be accessed and viewed from various mobile platforms. Advanced features include versioning, the creation of backup sets, and continuous online backup.

The service is accessible from desktop platforms such as the PC and Mac, the Chrome OS and mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.
Do note that uploaded files are not encrypted, though the company added optional two-factor authentication after Dropbox accounts were hacked last summer.
Modeled after Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) offering, Amazon Glacier differs in that it's optimized for data that is infrequently accessed, making Glacier suitable only for data where retrieval time of a few hours is acceptable.
With an eye toward business-centric requirements, Mozy offers features such as incremental backups and the option of using a personal encryption key to protect data even prior to uploading. SkyDrive client apps have also been released for Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and the Xbox 360. Uploaded files are accessible from a variety of services, including a personalized Web portal and traditional file transfer protocols such as FTP, SFTP and WebDAV. Its combination encryption system means that file contents, filenames and even folder names cannot be deciphered by SpiderOak, even under government subpoena.
Copies are synchronized across multiple desktops, with an additional copy maintained on SugarSync's servers. No more transferring tapes or remembering to take your removable hard drive home once a week. This is known to many of us, but the real question is to what extent we are keeping it safe?
It might be data of your mobile or desktop, we should save our data from any crash happen to our smart device and desktop. You can back up all your files and folders to it’s online storage same as other cloud based services, but the unique things in iDrive is that, you can share the backup up files and folders with others.
By default it will backup files or folders less than 4GB and rest can also be backed up if you want. It provides cloud backup desktop client which allows you to back up your files, folders, music, documents, emails, videos, movies including your network drives and external hard drives. You can find the archive of deselected files in your SpiderOak account during the backup process. This cloud server backup service has many features and will give you 2 GB for free for signing in up and 10 GB for free if you refer a friend. He is fond of writing everything related to Internet, Computers and Mobile and Desktop Operating Systems. This backup is placed on a third party server which may or may not charge a fee according to the – bandwidth, capacity and the count of users. It also has compatibility with smartphones and the all the data is highly secured which is the backbone of this service.
All the plans are similar on this website, all share the same features except the size of backups.
Exponential data growth and constantly changing technologies can also make it difficult to get the job done on time. Few months back, only professions persons used the services to backup their official important documents.
Most of the services are secure enough but data storage capacity limit is the main thing that you must check before going to select the service.
Also called ‘cloud’ storage, this is popular for various reasons; not the least of which are the convenience and security it affords. As far as accessibility goes, you can use different types of devices to access the data stored on their server, including desktop and laptop computers, smartphones, and tablets. By paying extra, you get premium storage with a much higher bar on the space you get to use, while some subscriptions cost based on time, without any limits on storage space. This is the best cloud backup option for companies that need to put away heaps of data, any of which they might need to later access on short notice.
Different devices should be able to access it, and any changes made using one device must be instantly updated, and reflected in the data viewed from other devices. To help you navigate the rapidly changing cloudscape, we outline 10 cloud storage and backup services worth exploring for your business.Paul Mah is a freelance writer and blogger who lives in Singapore. Box offers a range of business-centric features, such as the capability to exchange documents online, track changes with version history, and tracking of file activities.
The primary advantage of Google Drive, though, is its close integration with Gmail and Google+, as well as powerful search that extends to text in scanned documents and even objects in images. For small businesses, Dropbox comes in a Pro for individuals that require more storage and a Teams version that adds dedicated support and various administrative and management tools. The cost of storing data at Amazon Glacier is $0.01 for 1GB per month, which works out to about $10 per month for 1TB. In addition, a Data Shuttle service lets small businesses without a fast Internet connection physically ship the initial full backup via hard disk drives. SkyDrive users can view as well as perform limited editing of office documents with the free Office Web Apps.
SpiderOak supports desktop environments such as Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. SugarSync also saves the five latest versions of all files to protect against mistakes when editing work documents. Storing data in external devices, hard disks or in any device does not guarantee the availability of such important data. In this article, I will introduce you 5 Best cloud backup services or online backup services to use.

You can manually trigger the back up as and when you want or you can schedule the backup at regular intervals of time.
You can prefer scheduled backups or manual backups and backed up data is encrypted and you can only access it. SpiderOak pricing will be like 100 GB free cloud back up storage at $10 per month and it is not restricted to only one computer.
It provides you facility to back up your data to an external hard drive or a computer in a network or to the cloud (CrashPlan servers).
Think about how much time and money you have invested in managing your backup systems without cloud backup service.Why you require Shadik’s cloud backup service?Business continuity is essential. In this post, we are adding 5 cloud storage services that you can use to save your data on cloud. Box also has an app for all popular mobile clients so that users can access their files on the go. The best cloud backup services offer more than this though, and some of them can be of huge benefit to the person or enterprise using them. You also get the provision of being able to edit this online, and for the changes to be updated into the stored copy of the data. In addition, full-text search lets users search documents, presentation, spreadsheets and PDFs based on their content. For example, CrashPlan+ comes with free unlimited backup for individual PCs at just $5 per month. Mozy offers 2GB for free, while 50GB of storage is available for $5.99 per month with Mozy Home. Livedrive is offered to individuals, businesses and resellers looking to rebrand it as part of a portfolio. Your information is safe with us as we store it on highly secure and redundant storage that we manage. So, there should be a way to store this data seamlessly at one place where there is no chance of losing it whatever may be the situation.
It works with Windows and MAC Desktops and backed up data is encrypted, so that only you have the access to your data.
Whenever your data is backing up, you can see the preview of the space taken by your file or folder and the space you are left with.
The most popular aspect of cloud storage is that it makes the data accessible from almost anywhere.
Users can get 5GB free; Box Business, which offers 1TB of storage and additional features, is $15 per user per month. Meanwhile, the mid-tier CashPlan PRO plans are designed for small and mid-sized businesses with administrative capabilities, while CrashPlan PROe targets larger businesses with Active Directory or LDAP support as well as API integration.
The MozyPro plan adds the ability to protect server environments and starts at $9.99 per month for 10GB.
Livedrive differentiates itself with an unlimited backup plan for just $6 per month for a standalone PC. Businesses can get 1TB of storage for $600 per month, while a Private Cloud offering gives unlimited on-premises data storage for $5 per month per user.Blog: Ditching DropBox? Your data is not offloaded to some unknown 3rd party provider that we “rent” storage space from.
If you like my articles, you can Follow me on Google,Twitter, Facebook.You can also Subscribe to Whatvwant by Email for updates. This decides how much data can be stored online, and should be a deciding factor in whether or not to settle for the cloud service.
I will let you know about 7 best Cloud Backup Services to use to back up each and everything you want. It follows incremental backups, so you can have the 30 versions of the same file and it is very helpful when you want to use the older version of the file. You can specify the multiple destinations for back up and back up happens in the incremental way.
You need all of your mission critical data to be safe and secure with cloud backup service as that growth occurs. If you use your system’s hard drive to store your data, there may be possibility of hard drive failure.
With SkyDrive, you can share your files with friends and access your files from any where in the world. It restores the data without any problem and works well with Windows, Linux and MAC Desktops. Your IT infrastructure is complex, with competing technologies running at the same time, virtualized servers and computers working from remote locations. You need your data to be safe and secure with cloud backup service across all locations.The risks inherent with IT infrastructureAs it becomes more and more important to make sure your IT infrastructure runs without any loss, data backup and protection is also becoming more and more complex.
You need cloud backup service protection from all forms of disasters, as well as other unforeseen circumstances.

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