This is a landmark agreement between two leading industry players.  PTCL, using the IBM cloud platform, will be offering cutting edge services such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Disaster Recovery Site (DRS), Backup and Storage as a Service along with Webhosting Solutions and Compute on Demand to customers in Pakistan. Over the years, PTCL has invested in the data center business and today hosts several large and mid-size enterprise customers. How will it be of any benefit to developers or entrepreneurs when they can already buy a cloud service from the international companies?

The IBM cloud platform, equipped with the latest technologies, is an important step forward in developing a viable information technology infrastructure and a natural progression of PTCL’s successful datacenter business in Pakistan. This serves as a solid foundation to launch the IaaS service which will serve the IT needs of the Enterprise and SME segments of the Pakistani market. The agreement would enable both PTCL and IBM to leverage each others’ capabilities and expertise in connectivity and IT infrastructure, respectively, and cater to the growing demand of cloud computing, which is gaining traction in Pakistan.

What are some reasons to consider this service and not buy a cloud service directly from IBM (Bluemix) or some other service provider?

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