The cloud is an increasingly viable (and inexpensive) storage and backup option for small businesses. Growing acceptance of the bring your own device (BYOD) trend and increasing maturity of cloud services has opened the door for businesses to store data online.
CrashPlan got its start as a software development company that offers onsite, offsite and cloud backup solutions. A relative latecomer to cloud storage, the Google Drive service offers an edge with its integrated file sharing and collaborative editing with Google Docs. Dropbox is probably one of the most well-known cloud storage service today, thanks to its ease of use and free 2GB account.
Unlike most of the services on the list, Amazon Glacier is a niche storage service designed to offer durable and low-cost storage solely to meet data archival and backup needs. Mozy, acquired by VMware in 2011, is a cloud backup service that gives users the option of scheduling regular or manual updates, or having their data backed up continuously. Microsoft SkyDrive lets users upload files that can be accessed from a Web browser or a local drive on Windows. Livedrive is an online backup service that also offers collaboration and sync capabilities.
SpiderOak is an online backup provider designed with a strong focus on privacy and security. SugarSync was created to continuously keep data files in sync across multiple platforms, both for ease of access and backup purposes. If you have a small number of servers to protect and you currently have no backup solution, you are using the in box Windows Server backup tool on these servers, or use a third party backup solution, Windows Azure Back may be a viable option for you.
Windows Azure Backup helps protect server data against loss and corruption by enabling backup to offsite cloud storage in Windows Azure. The amount of storage for which you are billed is determined by the compression ratio and the number of backups retained. If you’re already using System Center Data Protection Manager, you can start using Windows Azure Backup today – it integrates with System Center Data Protection Manager.
Let’s now look at how Windows Azure Backup works in an environment where you are using System Center Data Protection Manager. The first stage in the transfer process is the encryption of your data on premise using your key. Windows Azure Backup is deployed by configuring or enabling the services on Windows Azure then installing an agent on the server that communicates with the service.In this Step-By-Step post we will go through the entire process Step By Step so you can easily deploy in your environment.
After your server has been successfully registered, you have to configure the Windows Azure Backup Agent to be able to test the backup function. Do you need to pay a friend back for buying your movie ticket, but won’t see them for a while? The first time you use Snapcash, it will prompt you to link a debit card to your account through Square, which means you will automatically become a Square user in the process. One of the disadvantages with Snapcash is that there’s no way to cancel a transaction after you send it. The only security feature that Snapchat has is a setting that requires you to enter your card’s security code before each payment. We should also note that since Snapcash requires you to use a debit card instead of credit, you may be more financially vulnerable if Square is ever breached. Snapcash is currently only available to Snapchat users in the United States, who are at least 18 years old and who have a Visa or Mastercard debit card.
The Snapcash feature is only available for peer-to-peer payments, which means that you cannot use it to make purchases from vendors. With Snapcash, the money is sent directly to your debit card and deposited in your account, regardless of which bank the other party uses, and at no charge on either end.
As with most services online, you should always be wary of adding people you don’t know to further protect yourself from identity fraud, and monitor your bank transactions daily. Simply attach the Adapter to your HP ElitePad Docking Station (sold separately) and then set your tablet in the dock. Of course, not every cloud service is optimized for multiple platforms or supports important capabilities that small businesses and highly savvy power users require. The service allows for work documents to be accessed and viewed from various mobile platforms. Advanced features include versioning, the creation of backup sets, and continuous online backup.
The service is accessible from desktop platforms such as the PC and Mac, the Chrome OS and mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. Do note that uploaded files are not encrypted, though the company added optional two-factor authentication after Dropbox accounts were hacked last summer.
Modeled after Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) offering, Amazon Glacier differs in that it's optimized for data that is infrequently accessed, making Glacier suitable only for data where retrieval time of a few hours is acceptable. With an eye toward business-centric requirements, Mozy offers features such as incremental backups and the option of using a personal encryption key to protect data even prior to uploading. SkyDrive client apps have also been released for Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and the Xbox 360. Uploaded files are accessible from a variety of services, including a personalized Web portal and traditional file transfer protocols such as FTP, SFTP and WebDAV. Its combination encryption system means that file contents, filenames and even folder names cannot be deciphered by SpiderOak, even under government subpoena. Copies are synchronized across multiple desktops, with an additional copy maintained on SugarSync's servers.
If you have a larger infrastructure and already using System Center 2012 and using DPM for protection and you want to keep replicas offsite, Windows Azure backup is a brilliant solution. It provides a consistent experience configuring, monitoring, and recovering backups across local disk and cloud storage, integrating with the in-box backup program in Microsoft Windows Server or System Center Data Protection Manager. We do not charge additionally for bandwidth, storage, storage transactions, compute, or other resources associated with providing the Backup service.
If you’re a small business or branch office and have a small number of servers to protect, Windows Azure Backup integrates with the in-box Windows Server backup tools you may already be using.

The next step involves installing the agent on the DPM server, not, as in the previous example onto the server you want to protect.
Your data stays encrypted with your key while in transit over the wire to Windows Azure storage. Special Thanks to Blain Barton for his work in helping put together this Step-By-Step guide. For either Windows Server or Windows Server Essentials depending on what flavor you are running. After you have installed the Agent, click the Circled Checkmark to close the pop-out window.The Agent installation program will create a Desktop icon and Start Screen tile.
Remote Desktop Services for SMBs HOMEWHO WE ARETESTIMONIALSBLOGINDUSTRIES CloseSERVICESMANAGED CLOUDMANAGED ITIT CONSULTING CloseGET IN TOUCH Blog Virtual Desktop vs. Or maybe you want to send your nephew money for his birthday, but fear the check would be lost in the mail? You must enter your card number, security code and billing zip code before you can send or receive money.
That means if you send it to the wrong person or send the wrong amount, there’s a chance that you may have created a major headache for yourself, especially since you’ll have to go through Square to dispute it. Square is best known for giving small businesses a way to accept credit cards for payments, via a smartphone swiping device or tablets that function as cash registers (as you’ve seen on food trucks or smaller boutiques and stores). This is because you’ll be vulnerable to someone gaining access to all of your bank accounts connected to the card, instead of just one credit card account. There are other options for peer-to-peer payment, like PayPal and the mobile app Venmo, but each has its own drawbacks, with security being the main worry. There is no login or password to remember (as long as you stay logged into Snapchat) and no special software required to use the service. Visit our identity theft protection blog to learn other precautions you can take to protect yourself from identity theft. Her writing has been published by The Huffington Post, Elite Daily, American City Business Journals, Succeed As Your Own Boss, Small Biz Daily and others. We receive advertising revenue from most but not all of the companies whose products and services we review. To help you navigate the rapidly changing cloudscape, we outline 10 cloud storage and backup services worth exploring for your business.Paul Mah is a freelance writer and blogger who lives in Singapore.
Box offers a range of business-centric features, such as the capability to exchange documents online, track changes with version history, and tracking of file activities. The primary advantage of Google Drive, though, is its close integration with Gmail and Google+, as well as powerful search that extends to text in scanned documents and even objects in images. For small businesses, Dropbox comes in a Pro for individuals that require more storage and a Teams version that adds dedicated support and various administrative and management tools. The cost of storing data at Amazon Glacier is $0.01 for 1GB per month, which works out to about $10 per month for 1TB.
In addition, a Data Shuttle service lets small businesses without a fast Internet connection physically ship the initial full backup via hard disk drives. SkyDrive users can view as well as perform limited editing of office documents with the free Office Web Apps.
SpiderOak supports desktop environments such as Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. SugarSync also saves the five latest versions of all files to protect against mistakes when editing work documents. In this post we will look at both of these scenarios and give you the information you need to get started, including a Step-by-Step on how to deploy, configure and manage Windows Azure Backup on Windows Server 2012 R2.  This post is part of the Windows Server 2012 R2 Launch Series. Windows Azure Backup encrypts and protects your backups in offsite cloud storage with Windows Azure, adding a layer of protection in case data loss or disaster impacts your servers. For example, if you consistently utilized 20 GB of storage for the first half of the month and none for the second half of the month, your average daily amount of compressed data stored would be 10GB for that month. Windows Azure Backup is suitable for any workload, file servers, SharePoint®, SQL, Exchange, or others. Snapchat has partnered up with Square for a new feature, Snapcash, which allows its users to send and receive money on the app. However, Snapchat claims to only manage the message itself, leaving Square to control the financial aspect. While the company does have a long-standing history of securely storing information, it’s always best to be skeptical of handing over your financial information.
According to Snapchat, the limit on funds sent can be raised to up to $2,500 per week, and $1,000 per month for funds received. Most of these peer-to-peer payment apps and services like this store all of your information, so anyone who might gain access to your phone or computer could use your card to send themselves money and take you for everything you’ve got.
But since Square and most of the other payment apps store your information, you may want to download a separate Internet security mobile app for security purposes.
Jessa has been interviewed by Intuit QuickBooks for her email marketing expertise and cited on Fashionista Chicago for her reviews on fashion clubs.
For credit cards, we review cards from all of the top 10 US issuers by purchase volume (according to Issue 1035 of The Nilson Report, Feb 2014) excluding issuers that require additional accounts to be a cardholder and private label issuers.
In addition, full-text search lets users search documents, presentation, spreadsheets and PDFs based on their content. For example, CrashPlan+ comes with free unlimited backup for individual PCs at just $5 per month. Mozy offers 2GB for free, while 50GB of storage is available for $5.99 per month with Mozy Home. Livedrive is offered to individuals, businesses and resellers looking to rebrand it as part of a portfolio. It can integrate with the backup tools in Windows Server or System Center Data Protection Manager as well as being driven by PowerShell scripting.  You can manage cloud backups from these familiar tools to configure, monitor, and recover backups across local disk and cloud storage with ease.
From there, you can select the Recovery services option and add the Windows Azure Backup service to your account. When you restart DPM after the tool has been installed, you register this server using your certificate.

Remote Desktop Services for SMBs Does your small business require secure remote network access for contractors, partners, satellite offices or remote employees? The recipient will get a notification, and must also link a debit card to their Snapcash account in order to receive the money.
This means Snapchat will not store any of your debit card information, as Square will encrypt it and submit it to their servers. She is a graduate of Temple University, where she earned a bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism and Mass Media, and currently resides in San Francisco. Users can get 5GB free; Box Business, which offers 1TB of storage and additional features, is $15 per user per month. Meanwhile, the mid-tier CashPlan PRO plans are designed for small and mid-sized businesses with administrative capabilities, while CrashPlan PROe targets larger businesses with Active Directory or LDAP support as well as API integration. The MozyPro plan adds the ability to protect server environments and starts at $9.99 per month for 10GB. Livedrive differentiates itself with an unlimited backup plan for just $6 per month for a standalone PC. Businesses can get 1TB of storage for $600 per month, while a Private Cloud offering gives unlimited on-premises data storage for $5 per month per user.Blog: Ditching DropBox? The good news is the cost per terabyte is falling year on year, but unfortunately not at the same rate as data growth. Windows Azure Backup delivers efficient data protection.  It minimizes network bandwidth use, provides flexible data retention policies, and provides a cost-effective data protection solution that can be Geo replicated with ease. This may not be the type of information you want posted online for anyone to potentially see.
BitDefender even has a feature you can activate which will prompt you to enter a PIN each time you access an app like Snapchat, giving you an additional layer of protection since no one can get into the app without the PIN. The cost of backup is also rising, from purchasing a solution, running it, and training people to use it.
Data stored in Windows Azure is geo-replicated among Windows Azure data centers, for additional protection. We’ll cover the certificate part later on in the security section, but for now the important part is the installation of the agent on the server or servers that you want to register to use the Windows Azure Backup service.
The DPM server will continue to protect the existing server as it did before the agent was installed, but the server will now back up data from servers you have configured. Unlike regular messages, money transaction messages will not disappear from your chat history in Snapchat. We are independently owned and operated and all opinions expressed on this site are our own. The cost and complexity of managing the storage is a factor – you have to manage all the backup media, store it, and test it in case you need it. Your data is encrypted before it leaves your premises, and remains encrypted in Windows Azure – only you have the key.
As mentioned, the Windows Azure Backup agent integrates with the existing Windows Server backup tool.
If you need to recover data at any time, for example a server failure, or even an accidental deletion of a file or folder from a location being protected, you can use DPM to recover that data, while still continuing to monitor and protect the other servers. Once you send the cash, the recipient has 24 hours to link their debit card to claim the money. All this leads to the possibility that important data may go unprotected, either entirely or for longer periods than is ideal. Incremental backups provide multiple versions of data for point-in-time recovery.  Plus, you can recover just what you need with file-level recovery. When you start the tool after the agent installation, you register this server using your certificate.
Remote Desktop Services, formerly known as terminal services, is a Microsoft thin client solution that comes with Windows 2008 R2. In the event of key loss, Microsoft cannot help you as Microsoft does not keep a copy of your key and has no access to it. You can monitor it from the backup tool, to see when the backup ran, when the next one will run, and view any issues. Simply create a new key upload it to Windows Azure and tell Windows Azure Backup to use the new key. If you need to recover data at any time, for example a server failure, or even an accidental deletion of a file or folder from a location being protected, you can use the backup tool to recover that data. Windows Azure Backup provides very granular recovery options, either to the original server or a different one. Recovering data to an alternative server is a good practice for testing recovery procedures.  If you don’t have a physical server to restore to, create one on Windows Azure . A virtual desktop is an interface in a virtualized environment hosted on a server rather than the local desktop.
Centralized Backup: As the remote desktop is hosted on the server, the virtual desktop can easily be backed up and restored using snap-shots.
Enhanced and Easy Deployment: With the capability to clone and create templates a virtual machines can be deployed in a few minutes. We serve small to medium sized businesses in Vancouver and Toronto with IT consulting, and business IT support. Our staff consists of professional certified technicians and engineers that strive to help you maximize your IT investment, while streamlining your business.
Our clients benefit from having a trusted team of IT experts working for them full time at a fraction of the cost of in-house staff. Our specialists offer tech support and computer technical support to company's throughout Vancouver and Toronto.

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