Leading Edge Computers Port Macquarie offers class leading Cloud Computing services in the form of Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a Service and Traditional Web Hosting, including Web, Email and DNS services.
Leading Edge Computers Port Macquarie have over 20 years of experience in designing, implementing and supporting network solutions for the small to medium business sectors. Reduced Capital Expenditure assisting your Company’s cash flow by removing the need to invest in expensive network and server infrastructure within your business, and moving to a monthly subscription payment model.
Increased Efficiency of your business with the ability to scale and increase resources available to your applications within minutes. Harness the power of Microsoft Exchange email, messaging and collaboration in your business from as little as $4.95 per mailbox.
Microsoft Sharepoint is the industry leading document management system allowing access to your companies documents, calendars and other resources all via your web browser.
Sharepoint will provide your company with the power and flexibility to access corporate documents anywhere, anytime.
Do you have Windows applications that you require to share information whilst maintaining complete control of your data and security? Do you have applications that you require to be provided to your staff that can be accessed anywhere and any time?
RemoteApp also provides High Availability unlike in the typical small to medium business environment where you are dependant on a single server, your hosted RemoteApp is located on a High Availability cluster of servers, meaning that should a server fail within the cluster, your applications and data remain available to your business. SugarCRM is an open source, industry leading CRM package available as a hosted solution from as little as $20 per month. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the best known and most powerful CRM packages on the market. With our Cloud backup solution we can synchronize your data to our secure data centre providing an offsite backup on a fault tolerant, high availability cluster. Secondo gli intervistati in un recente studio di Harris Poll commissionato da Microsoft, il 66% degli utenti che hanno familiarita con il cloud ha archiviato contenuti sul proprio dispositivo senza creare copie di backup altrove, mentre il 69% di tali utenti preferirebbe perdere il dispositivo stesso piuttosto che i contenuti in esso memorizzati. Tra le nuove funzionalita che accompagnano la disponibilita di OneDrive sono inclusi il backup automatico della fotocamera per Android, che semplifica piu che mai l’accesso da altri dispositivi alle foto memorizzate sul telefono Android, la possibilita di collaborare in tempo reale sui documenti con amici, familiari o colleghi tramite la creazione condivisa con Office Web Apps, la transcodifica video, che consente di archiviare, visualizzare e condividere video altrettanto facilmente delle foto, e molto altro ancora. OneDrive e gratuito per i clienti fino ai primi 7 GB di spazio di archiviazione, sufficiente per archiviare oltre 7.000 foto, quindi e possibile scegliere di acquistare altro spazio in incrementi di 50, 100 e 200 GB. Webmail – access your Exchange mailbox from any web browser thanks to Outlook Web Access.

Access your email, calendar, and contacts from any device (including compatible mobile phones) and you can choose to share with colleagues. Full support for Windows Mobile including the latest push technology – read your emails and update your calendar on your mobile device. Instantly access historical messages anywhere – built-in message indexing capabilities make locating messages quick and easy.
This experience in combination with certifications from leading Cloud vendors including Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, D-Link, EMC and VMWare has us placed perfectly to advise on the suitability of Cloud services for your business, and to facilitate its migration. Hosted services are located on High Availability clusters, allowing for hardware failures to occur whilst still maintaining access to your businesses critical applications. Microsoft Exchange provides industry leading messaging and collaboration features from a web browser, Microsoft Outlook or your mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android & Windows Phone.
This portability coupled with intrinsic security rights sees many company’s internal documentation being moved to an online, searchable and most importantly, completely customizable vault of information, all whilst removing the need for internal file servers, backups, and disaster recovery plans. This powerful package combines power and a low cost to be a very popular choice amongst businesses. And how would your business survive should you have a combined server and backup failure resulting in the loss of critical data including company financials such as debtors and creditors information?
This solution combines the features of our Cloud Backup and RemoteApp hosting solutions and allows for your critical data and applications to be replicated onto our Cloud infrastructure in preparation for that dreaded day your company’s servers fail.
Remote Desktop Services for SMBs HOMEWHO WE ARETESTIMONIALSBLOGINDUSTRIES CloseSERVICESMANAGED CLOUDMANAGED ITIT CONSULTING CloseGET IN TOUCH Blog Virtual Desktop vs. Noto in precedenza con il nome di SkyDrive, OneDrive rappresenta un posto unico in cui archiviare foto, video e documenti importanti, per accedervi dai dispositivi utilizzati ogni giorno.
Gli attuali clienti potranno usare le credenziali di SkyDrive esistenti per accedere ai propri file in OneDrive. This brings the full power of MS Exchange to all our clients without the need for a local server or IT management. As your organisation grows, we accommodate anyone from sole traders, SMEs, charities and arts organisations through to major companies that require a dedicated exchange infrastructure. It provides your organisation with a robust platform for professional communication and allows your team to keep working and talking no matter where they are. I had a new hard drive, folders on the cloud, my laptop all sorted and my iPhone perfectly synchronised!

Never be late for a meeting, never forget a task and keep on top of your internal and external communications for less than $5 per month. Cloud Backup with RemoteApp Failover greatly reduces the cost of downtime by providing a scalable Cloud solution for a fast recovery. Il nuovo OneDrive offre una serie di nuove funzionalita, come la condivisione di video migliorata e nuove app aggiornate per Windows Phone, iOS, Android e Xbox.
Inoltre, gli attuali clienti che segnalano il servizio ad altri amici possono ricevere fino a 5 GB di spazio di archiviazione gratuito (in incrementi di 500 MB) per ogni amico che accetta un invito a utilizzare OneDrive.
Microsoft Exchange is the industry-standard communication platform for business and it combines email, calendaring, meetings, task scheduling, mobile syncing and more. Remote Desktop Services for SMBs Does your small business require secure remote network access for contractors, partners, satellite offices or remote employees? E anche possibile ricevere 3 GB di spazio di archiviazione gratuito se si utilizza la funzionalita di backup della fotocamera.
Remote Desktop Services, formerly known as terminal services, is a Microsoft thin client solution that comes with Windows 2008 R2. A virtual desktop is an interface in a virtualized environment hosted on a server rather than the local desktop.
Centralized Backup: As the remote desktop is hosted on the server, the virtual desktop can easily be backed up and restored using snap-shots.
Enhanced and Easy Deployment: With the capability to clone and create templates a virtual machines can be deployed in a few minutes. We serve small to medium sized businesses in Vancouver and Toronto with IT consulting, and business IT support.
Our staff consists of professional certified technicians and engineers that strive to help you maximize your IT investment, while streamlining your business. Our clients benefit from having a trusted team of IT experts working for them full time at a fraction of the cost of in-house staff. Our specialists offer tech support and computer technical support to company's throughout Vancouver and Toronto.

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