Small businesses have been adopting cloud systems at a faster rate, making a good cloud backup and disaster recovery plan more essential than ever. All the security measures today will be the foundation of the future protection of your small or medium-sized enterprise.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. CommVault Systems provides consumers with data management software applications and other associated services.
EMC was established in the year of 1979 and has placed its operational headquarters in Hopkinton within the nation of the United States of America.
With Cloud dominating the foremost topics of discussion, I have been having a lot of conversations with customers about idea of integrating cloud into their infrastructure.
I would like to touch on the top three solutions that can be incorporated with little effort and come with many little-known, important benefits. If you currently are not using NetBackup, one the next best easiest thing that I like to use is Alta Vault by NetApp. Configuring this will take you under an hour to complete (it took us at DLT about 20 minutes to do).
Another solution that I like to use that will not only archive your unstructured data, but will migrate or put a copy on to the cloud, is Quantum’s Artico Appliance.  It is powered by Quantum’s state of the art StorNext 5. What this will allow you to do is archive your data via policies from your primary storage and offload it to the Artico Appliance. About Technically SpeakingTechnically Speaking is a blog dedicated to providing the latest public sector IT industry news. During the event, participants will be introduced to our subscription-based, secure off-site backup technology with a live, technical demo of the product. A Q&A session will follow to address FAQ’s such as upload bandwidth requirements, the security aspect as well as Disaster Recovery. Cloud backup services built for today’s business, with a focus on addressing Disaster Recovery issues in a secure cost-effective way for the local SMB market. Business owners and executives have a responsibility to invest in a secure and resilient system to ensure their company’s data is safe, secure and recoverable.
ImplementationOnce the assessment is complete, our team implements the strategies we’ve defined for your business. Cloud computing provides chances for businesses to implement data recovery for the first time or level up an existing backup plan.
A good cloud backup plan will assure all security loopholes to business assets are dispelled. Performing in the cloud is associated with some risks, thereby the real need for disaster recovery plans. Developing adequate backup mechanisms is an insurance to a fast recovery when a disaster strikes in the future.
So this article presents information about the top five backup and recovery software vendors revealed. It is presently based with its headquarters in New York in the nation of the United States of America.

This company plays a key role in developing, selling and marketing a wide spectrum of data management software applications in order to manage and protect data during the entire life cycle of the data. This company is responsible for marketing a massive selection of products to the nations of China, Brazil, Israel, France, Russia, Ireland, Singapore, India and even the United States of America.
It is stationed with a headquarters in New York in the nation of the United States of America.
Most are not ready for the full blown cloud or even the hybrid cloud, they still have a lot of questions and concerns.  Most customers want to utilize cloud as a disaster recovery or as a backup location.
All you need to do is sign up with the cloud provider and follow a few simple steps to configure the storage for NetBackup.
It was so simple that pretty much anyone with little to no understanding of cloud can accomplish it in no time. One of the best features is that you can get this with encrypted drives and when you archive, you can recover space on your tier 1 storage. There you can either send it to tape or even to a Latus Object Storage, but mainly to the Q-cloud from Quantum.
He has been working in the technology field for over 20 years with a primary focus on high availability and disaster recovery. Written by leading industry professionals, this blog is designed to stimulate discussion, drive thought, and suggest best practices to help readers better navigate the complex maze of federal business. Epic Tech understands this and has developed a backup & disaster recovery (BDR) solution to accommodate the needs of small businesses.
It’s vital to have a disaster recovery plan in place as well as multiple copies of company data, stored on-site and off-site in case of critical failure. We will provide you with a plan to ensure that your strategy is bulletproof moving forward. We develop a BDR Plan document that is agreed on by your executive team, then proceed with installing backup software and hardware to execute the plan.
Resources which are available from cloud service providers aid companies in cutting the costs of running huge data centers.
Data backup appears to be an insurance policy and a great investment for any small businesses. Cloud professionals can help you in configuring your security options; as a result, you can have your own operating system, previously established standardized software, governance and administrative policies, leading to the improvement of flexibility and management. It appears to be that on demand cloud service providers will have a major influence in relation to significantly boosting the cloud backup and recovery software market on an impressive global scale. This company was established in the year of 1996, but previously had commenced as a development group that was associated with Bell Labs in the year of 1988.
This company is able to provide information security, data storage, analytics, virtualization, cloud computing, along with other products and services that empower businesses to be able to manage, store, protect and analyze all their pertinent data.
This company has established its headquarters in Washington in the nation of the United States of America. This company provides a vast array of hardware, software, consulting services and even infrastructure services. They do not want to spend a lot of money and effort to train their IT staff and to re-architect their IT environments.

Il Cloud Backup di Rackone e la soluzione per proteggere il business aziendale dalla perdita dei dati dovuti da eventi imprevedibili. In addition to this, the entire plan needs to monitored and tested regularly to ensure that you’ll be ready if disaster strikes.
Once initial backups are completed, you can begin to rest easy knowing that your data is safe.
We also perform test restores of your data on a regular basis to ensure that in the event of a real disaster, your data can be brought back to life quickly and effectively.
Therefore, smaller businesses continue to adopt cloud systems at a faster rate, making a good cloud backup and disaster recovery plan more essential than ever. Rules and regulations are established to determine and manage how users, devices and networks get access and use data. A cloud backup and disaster recovery plan will help protect a business against several security threats, including hackers, data loss, mischievous insiders and so on.
This company has formed strategic liasons with high industry companies such as Microsoft, Hitachi Data Systems, VMware and even HP. Its primary function is to develop, license and support a wide scope of software products and related services. This company provides employment for more than three hundred seventy nine thousand and five hundred employees over the span of one hundred and seventy five nations across the world. They want a simple solution that will allow them to do backups to the cloud and be able to access that in the time of need. It is a proven solution and pre-integrated among 16 SaaS-based solutions and pretested to work with each other.
It is also FIPS 140-2 level 1-compliant encryption and it will support multiple backup applications with multi-tenancy.
Quantum will give you the solution costs upfront rather than consumption base billing, allowing for easier budgeting.
Highly-valuable assets are identified and accorded extra security, encryption and round-the-clock management. This company has five thousand one hundred employees across the globe and has a revenue of approximately $4.26 billion in USD. The company is able to offer solutions to the industry market that include server applications for distributed computing, business application devices, servers, phones, productivity solutions, desktop management tools and even server management tools. IBM functions in serving multiple varied industries, which include the automotive industry, banking, chemicals and petroleum industries, communications, insurance, life sciences, media, entertainment, metal industries, mining and even retail. Accesso diretto ai propri dati e assistenza completa in caso di disastro.Il Backup a 2 livelli locale e remoto e affidabile e confidenziale con la crittografia client-side, per tutti i sistemi operativi (anche virtuali). It achieved the impressive accomplishment of being able to invest $600 million USD into the development of software per year. Il servizio Disaster Recovery dei server aziendali nel data center RackOne, permette il ripristino rapido dell’operativita per la continuita del business aziendale.

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